The two stations of the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District in Division 3 were posted last year sometime but there were several blank placeholders representing missing apparatus. In the meantime, they received a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT engine. All of the images for Station 20 have now been updated representing the current status for the apparatus. Station 20 has two ambulances, two engines, a truck, a squad, a battalion chief and a utility (not pictured). At the present time, the unit shown for Engine 20R is a 1991 Pierce Arrow. This rig is currently the backup engine while the department is having paint repairs done to the pair of 2002 Pierce Dash engines over the summer. Engine 19 and the unit which will become Engine 20R are sister units which will go out for body work one at a time. When both are back in town, the  1991 Pierce Arrow will be sold off and the 2002 Pierce Dash which was assigned as Engine 20 will become Engine 20R.

Deerfield Engine 20 2009 Pierce Arrow XT

Deerfield's newest engine is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Engine 20 2002 Pierce Dash

This 2002 Pierce Dash which is currently out for body work will become Engine 20R. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Engine 20 1991 Pierce Arrow

This 1991 Pierce Arrow is currently assigned as Engine 20R until the two 2002 units are both back in service. Then this engine will be sold off. Larry Shapiro photo

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