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CFD apparatus photos updated

Bill Friedrich submitted several photos of Chicago Fire Department apparatus that was missing from the site or in need of an update.

Chicago Fire Department Dry Chemical Unit 624

Chicago Fire Department Communication Van 2-7-1



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CFD Swap Meet and Muster

The swap meet and fire muster was co-sponsored by the 5-11 Club and Fire Buffs of Illinois on Saturday, June 16th at the Quinn Fire Academy. Here are a few images from the event.

Chicago Fire Department Haz Mat Unit Hazardous Incident Team

Several CFD companies came by including 5-1-1. Larry Shapiro photo

antique Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief Dodge Monaco

Radioman’s Dave Weaver brought his CFD Dodge Monaco for Division 7. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department MAB 8-8-12 Medical Ambulance Bus

The new CFD (8-8-12) was open and on display in the yard. Bill Friedrich photo

Ahrens Fox engine pumping water at a muster

An Ahrens Fox was pumping in the street. Carl Misek photo

Chicago Fire Department muster

Where there are fire trucks posed, there will be photographers snapping photos. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Training Academy Crimson engine

The new engine for the training academy was positioned for photos. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Training Academy Crimson engine

A view showing the rear of the new training academy engine. Larry Shapiro photo

Wadsworth Ohio Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80 engine belonging to Doug Reno

The Wadsworth Ohio Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80 engine belonging to Doug Reno (of Wadsworth, IL) was one of several on display. Larry Shapiro photo


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CFD showcases new mobile ambulance bus

An article in the Chicago Tribune introduces the new CFD (Medical Ambulance Bus) 8-8-12 to the city.

 A bus-sized ambulance that allows treatment of 13 patients at a time was unveiled today by the Chicago Fire Department, along with new heart monitors for all fire ambulances.

A custom-built CFD EMS patient transport bus was purchased with about $500,000 grant funds from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, allowing emergency treatment and transport for 13 patients, according to a CFD news release.

It has an onboard staff of four and is equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators and pulmonary support equipment including oxygen and emergency care drugs.

“The Chicago Fire Department’s EMS patient transport bus is the first of its kind in Illinois and will be used for any incident where multiple patient transports can be consolidated for delivery of more efficient care and resource management,” said Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago.

The CFD also announced 12-Lead ECG monitors are now in all advanced life support ambulances, which will allow paramedics to more quickly diagnose heart attacks.

“With the 12-Lead ECG monitors in place in all of the CFD’s 60 ALS ambulances, we have upgraded to the most advanced mobile cardiac diagnostic tool currently available for heart attack patients,” Santiago said in the release.

The complete article is HERE.

thanks Ron

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CFD Mobile Ambulance Bus 8-8-12

The Chicago Fire Department mobile ambulance bus has been spotted. Unit 8-8-12, carrying shop #S-144, was at the Quinn Fire Academy yesterday.

Chicago 8-8-12 Mobile Ambulance Bus

Chicago Mobile Ambulance Bus 8-8-12


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