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New Lenox Fire Protection District news

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The New Lenox Fire Protection District was able to buy new radios with a $144,208 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The district’s current portable radios are 10 to 12 years old.

The new Motorola dual band radios will ensure all NLFPD firefighters will be using the same type of radio. The new radios have larger buttons, which are easier for firefighters to use with a gloved hand and have the most up-to-date safety features. They also will increase the NLFPD’s ability to communicate with law enforcement agencies and other public safety agencies locally and nationally.

The radios also will allow the NLFPD to adapt to an 800 mHz radio system in the future without added costs related to buying or infrastructure.

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Fire departments receive grant for radios

The SouthtownStar has an article about new radios for several area fire departments:

High-tech radios bought with grant money for 10 Southland fire departments are expected to help better coordinate personnel and perhaps save the lives of firefighters.

More than $710,000 awarded from a grant proposal written by former Orland Park Fire Protection District Chief Bryant Krizik helped secure the radios. Each of the departments was expected to chip in 20 percent of the cost, which represents a huge savings for smaller departments that have difficulty upgrading equipment because of the cost.

The state-of-the-art Motorola radios come with computer software that allows commanders on the scene of a fire to better keep tabs on firefighters especially in potentially life-threatening situations. A huge challenge for many fire departments in smaller communities is replacing aging equipment.

“With recent budget restraints, we’ve had to use radios from all over the place,” Midlothian Fire Chief Stephen Hotwagner said.  Before the grant, firefighters from Midlothian were resorting to making purchases from eBay to replace outdated radios. Midlothian kicked in about $16,000 for the new models, which amounts to a fraction of what it would have paid without the grant.

Midlothian is hoping to get $150,000 in grant money to buy an ambulance after recently bringing emergency medical service back in-house.

The APX 7000 XE radios are the first of their kind for Motorola. The electronics company had never built a model specifically for fire departments. Designed for an extreme environment, the new, bright-green radios are outfitted with larger knobs for gloved firefighters and a waterproof case. It also features a large, orange button that, when pushed, signals a “mayday” call to all radios that cuts over any voice communications.

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