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Chicago 2016 budget shortfall …

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A preliminary budget released by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel shows a gaping budget shortfall for 2016 that could grow to $754 million and beyond — a total that is so high that the mayor might be forced to raise property taxes.

The budget estimates released Friday by the mayor’s office paints a bleak picture for Chicago that will get even worse if the struggle over police and fire pension funds don’t go the city’s way. While the mayor projects a $426 million budget shortfall, that figure doesn’t include the $328 million that would cover payments to the police and fire pension funds that were left out of this year’s budget.

Now, after a Cook County judge about a week ago threw out a law aimed at reducing multibillion-dollar shortfalls in the two pension funds, Emanuel is pinning his hopes on the state Supreme Court to reverse that decision. At the same time, that $328 million could grow to well over a half-billion dollars if Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner does not sign legislation to give the city more time to increase contributions to the funds.

“It is very difficult to see how the city could come up with $328 million increased contribution to the pensions without a significant increase in the property tax and/or the sales tax,” said Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, a budget watchdog group.

Emanuel has not ruled out a property tax increase. At the same time, the city is scrambling to find ways to bring in more money, with aldermen making suggestions that include adding a tax to sugary beverages, extending the cigarette tax to smokeless tobacco and charging for garbage pickup.

And Emanuel has dispatched his budget director, Alexandra Holt, to meet with the city’s inspector general who in the past has recommended a host of ideas to cut costs, including reducing firetruck staffing and requiring all city documents be printed on two sides.

Msall said for Emanuel and the City Council it is “also a reality that they are going to need new tax revenue” even if the city follows all the recommendations of the aldermen — a few of whom have even wondered about legalizing and taxing the recreational use of marijuana.

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CFD Captain Herbie Johnson Funeral part 3

A few more images from Tim Olk that he took Thursday at the funeral services for Chicago Captain Herbie Johnson.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at CFD Captain Herbie Johnson's funeral

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks with fire department officials after prior to paying respects for CFD Captain Herbie Johnson. Tim Olk photo

cast of Chicago Fire pays their respect to Chicago Captain Herbie Johnson

The reel firefighters portraying real firefighters arrive at the church to honor CFD Captain Herbie Johnson. Tim Olk photo

young boys honor CFD Captain Herbie Johnson

Two young boys, the children of a CFD firefighter show their respect for fallen CFD Captain Herbie Johnson. Tim Olk photo

Tim has a full gallery of images HERE.


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Chicago rehires four fired firefighters

The Chicago Tribune has an article about the city rehiring four firefighters that were fired for padding mileage records:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel does not plan to appeal an arbitrator’s order to rehire four firefighters who were fired for padding mileage reports, but he continued his tough talk on employee misconduct.

“I give no quarter to anyone who does anything wrong or violates the public trust,” Emanuel said at an unrelated news conference Friday. “When it comes to a culture and atmosphere, we condone no violation of the public trust. None. Zero tolerance.”

The mayor was responding to a ruling by arbitrator Edwin Benn, who on Thursday reversed the firings of three Chicago Fire Department lieutenants and a firefighter who were among 54 Fire Prevention Bureau personnel who padded their mileage reports.

Benn ordered that the four instead should be suspended without pay for 40 days. Emanuel said the arbitrator concluded the firings were “out of sync with what happened here,” and the mayor gave no indication he disagreed with that assessment.

It was the second time Benn ordered the same four firefighters be returned to work after they were fired for misconduct. Four years ago, the city fired them for accepting and not reporting pay from private companies to do weekend pump inspections at high-rises, but Benn ruled suspensions were more appropriate.

In his recent ruling, Benn also ordered the city to rehire a captain and lieutenant who the city refused to rehire after they resigned in the face of mileage-padding allegations. They will be docked 40 and 25 days’ pay, respectively.

Forty-four other firefighters will have their 30- to 60-day suspensions reduced to a range of 20 to 40 days. Four who resigned with allegations pending are unaffected by Benn’s ruling.

The complete article can be found HERE.

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Emanuel keeps Hoff as Fire Commissioner

An article in the Chicago Tribune HERE mentions several appointments by incoming Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, among them is the retention of Fire Commissioner Hoff.

The incoming mayor also announced the rest of his public safety team. Emanuel is keeping Robert Hoff as fire commissioner. The 33-year Fire Department veteran was appointed by Mayor Richard Daley nearly a year ago. He’s a two-time winner of the department’s top award for bravery and was the incident commander of the department’s deployment to New York City after the Sept. 11 attacks


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