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Fire Department Personnel Photography

Contributors Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro are currently working together to provide fire departments with the opportunity to have professional photos of their personnel. For many years, departments have been documenting officers, firefighters, and staff for historical purposes as well as maintaining current photos for a host of other reasons.

Additionally, in the unlikely event that a department member is lost, having access to a professional portrait helps to insure that their memory can be preserved with honor and dignity.

  • One offering is formal portraits with Class A uniforms.
Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Terrance Vavra

Individual portrait. Larry Shapiro photo

  • Each individual portrait can be combined to display the entire department in a single composite.
Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Department Personnel

Full department composite of each individual portrait. Larry Shapiro photo

  • All members of the department featured as a group with the station or apparatus is another option.
Wheeling Fire Department personnel

Large group shot with everyone in front of a rig. Larry Shapiro photo

  • Also available is a full-length portrait with turn-out gear that can be reproduced with any one of a number of different backgrounds. Multiple images can be combined to include a company, a full shift, or the entire department.
firefighter photography fire department shift photo

An example of a full shift. Larry Shapiro photo

For further information, contact Tim of Larry.


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Local apparatus photos

Scott Peterson submitted a few images he recently took of Palatine Rural Tender 36 and Rolling Meadows Engine 16.

Palatine Rural Fire Protection District Tender 36

Palatine Rural Tender 36 was built by US Tank in 1988 on an HME 1871 chassis. It carries 3,200 gallons of water and has a 1,250-GPM pump. Scott Peterson photo

Rolling Meadows Fire Department Engine 16 American LaFrance

Rolling Meadows Engine 16 is a 2004 American LaFrance Eagle with a 1,500-GPM pump, 750 gallons of water and two 30-gallon foam tanks. Scott Peterson photo

Rolling Meadows Fire Department Engine 16 American LaFrance

The officer's side of Rolling Meadows Engine 16. Scott Peterson photo

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Vintage CFD Fire Photos

A few vintage images of the City Hall fires in Chicago.

Historic photo of Chicago Fire Department City Hall Fire 1961

Bill Friedich collection

Historic photo of Chicago Fire Department City Hall Fire 1957

Bill Freidrich collection

Historic photo of Chicago Fire Department City Hall Fire 1961

from Kevin

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Bad news for Eastman Kodak sent us a link to an article which will cause photographers to pause and reflect on the past. The article states among other things that:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Shares of Eastman Kodak dropped almost 60% Friday, with trading halted several times amid rumors that the camera maker has hired a law firm for advice on a major restructuring or bankruptcy filing.

The Wall Street Journal said Friday that Kodak had hired law firm Jones Day for restructuring. Bloomberg said the company hasn’t officially hired a firm yet, but that bankruptcy is among the options being considered.

Kodak: Death of an American icon?

IPAM said in its letter to Kodak’s board that the company’s “long-term performance is simply unacceptable, and as such it has not earned the right to remain an independent company.” It urged Kodak to find a buyer that “has resources to commercialize the company’s intellectual property more efficiently.”

Kodak has been increasingly relying on licensing for revenue. In July, The company also announced it’s exploring the sale of more than 1,100 patents tied to digital imaging. Analysts say that deal could generate as much as $3 billion.

Find the complete article HERE.

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updated personal photo gallery

Jeff Rudolph, a regular contributor to the website and blog, has update his Flickr photo gallery with many photos.  Jeff has images from recent fire scenes that he has covered as well as an abundance of apparatus shots. The rig photos show current fleets in addition to those that have been replaced over the years. The older images will be included in the historic galleries that are being added to each fire department listing on the website.

There are photos of department decals and a comprehensive showing of MABAS apparatus from several divisions.

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Goodbye to an icon of photography – Kodachrome 1935-2010 has an article describing the final days of the legendary slide film Kodachrome. The last roll will be processed next week. Check out the article HERE about Dwayne’s Photo, in Parsons, Kansas, which was the last lab to offer processing for Kodachrome having purchased enough chemicals from Kodak to allow them to continue processing the film through the end of 2010.

During the past week Dwayne’s employees kept the last Kodachrome processing machine operating 24 hours a day filling orders as the announced deadline for accepting orders of December 30 approached.  On Thursday Dwayne’s received 18 bags of U. S. mail and 500 packages via FedEx, enough work to keep them processing around the clock until sometime next week.

… a railroad worker who had driven from Arkansas to pick up 1,580 rolls of film that he had just paid $15,798 to develop

… an artist who had driven directly here after flying from London to Wichita, Kan., on her first trip to the United States to turn in three rolls of film and shoot five more before the processing deadline

The story is well worth the read!

Been there, done that, get the t-shirt to prove it!

Kodachrome t-shirtKodachrome t-shirt

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