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Naperville Fire Department news

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The recent retirements and turnover in the Naperville Police and Fire Departments are a ripple effect from the building boom three and four decades ago when the city hired additional police officers and firefighters to match the growing population.

Since 2016, the police department has hired 79 new officers as a result of retirements or resignations. The department is authorized for 169 sworn officers. In the last five years, the fire department has hired 50 to 70 new firefighters. The department has 193 full-time firefighter positions.

In the fire department, the turnover of fire retirees should be finished in three to five years. Once that happens, staffing levels should remain stable for another 20 years until the retirement cycle begins again. In the meantime, the department expects to hire 15 to 20 personnel over the next two years. About 30 firefighters have enough service time to retire or have reached the age to retire. The department has filled the vacated retiree positions, and is currently only short one person.

Before being considered by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, an applicant must take a written exam, provide a valid paramedic license and show proof of a valid Candidate Physical Ability Test, or CPAT, card with ladder certification.

Because Naperville is recognized as a high-caliber and destination department, the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners does not have trouble maintaining a list of candidates.

A $1.3 million federal grant is helping pay for the city’s fire recruitment efforts.


Morton Grove Fire Department history

This from Larry Shapiro for #TBT:

For #TBT, here are some shots of vintage Morton Grove fire apparatus as I was going up on the north shore. I was unable to get my hands on the specs when I submitted these.

vintage conventional Pirsch fire engine

Larry Shapiro photo

vintage Morton Grove FD Ford squad truck

Larry Shapiro photo

vintage custom Pirsch fire engine

Larry Shapiro photo

custom Pirsch 85' mid-mount quint

Larry Shapiro photo

vintage Hendrickson 1871C/E-ONE fire engine

Larry Shapiro photo

Hendrickson 1871S chassis fire engine from E-ONE

Larry Shapiro photo

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Fire Muster and Flea Market in Chicago

2019 Chicago Fire Muster and Swap Meet held at the Quinn Fire Academy

click on the flyer to download a larger copy

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Frankfort FPD history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT- Here is Frankfort Tanker 717, a Ford L of unknown age, make and size.  The second photo is Tanker 727, a 1992 IHC/Monroe.  Please feel free to add information concerning these two.
Mike Summa
Frankfort FPD Tanker 717

Mike Summa photo

Frankfort FPD Tanker 727

Mike Summa photo

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