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New ambulance for CFD

This from Drew Gresik:

Here’s a shot of new Ambulance Co. 23 assigned shop number C165. It’s a 2013/14 Ford E-350E-450/Wheeled Coach Type III. Other companies soon to receive their new rigs are Ambulances 5, 9, 15, 22, 33,and 36.
Wheeled Coach ambulance for Chicago

Ambulance 23 is a 2013 Ford E450/2014 Wheeled Coach Type III with shop #C165. Drew Gresik photo

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Palos FPD apparatus updates (more)

Images from Karl Klotz of the new truck and ambulance for the Palos FPD.

ambulance photo

Palos Ambulance 6302 is a 2013 Ford F450/Marque Type I. Karl Klotz photo

Pierce Velocity ladder truck

The new Truck 6304 is a 2014 Pierce Velocity 0/0 105′ rear mount. Karl Klotz photo

The truck was featured HERE.


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Lombard adopts DuComm numbering

This from Andy Russell:

Lombard has officially switched over to the DuComm/Dupage County numbering system.  This leaves only Elmhurst left on The DuComm Fire East Channel that hasn’t switched yet.

Station 45 (Station 1) 50 E St. Charles Rd

(Districts 45X)

E45 Engine

M45 Medic

M47 Medic (3rd Medic when staffed)

C45 Chief

A45 Assistant Chief

B45 Battalion Chief

B46 Battalion Chief

B47 Battalion Chief

E47 Engine (reserve)

T47 Tower (reserve)

W45 Boat

U45 Car

U47 Car

Station 44 (Station 2) 2020 S Highland Ave

(Districts 44X)

E44 Engine

T44 Tower Ladder

M44 Medic

B44 Duty Battalion Chief

M46 Medic (reserve)

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