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Several CFD firefighters injured over the weekend

ABC7News Chicago has an article about CFD firefighters injured at two fire scenes:

Firefighters were injured in two separate fires in Chicago.

Two firefighters, including a battalion chief, suffered minor injuries during a fire overnight Saturday in the Bucktown neighborhood.  It started on the second floor of a three-story home in the 2300 block of West Lyndale.

A fire on the Southwest Side also injured two firefighters. Once again, the injuries are not life threatening. This fire started in the basement of a home in the 6200 block of South Keeler. It spread through the roof of the home. The residents were not hurt.

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Chicago 3-11 Alarm fire, 6-1-14

This from Eric Haak:

Chicago had a 3-11 alarm fire on their Southeast side early Sunday morning.  The fire was reported shortly before 0430 hrs.  The original fire building at 8719 S. Commercial Ave was a 2.5-story vacant frame with an old TV repair shop on the first and apartments above.  This was apparently well-involved on arrival and was already communicating to a 1-story, ordinary laundrymat at 8723.
Companies made an interior attack at first but the condition of both buildings was compromised and companies were pulled out of both structures just before 0500 hrs.  8725 Commercial was a former restaurant that was a 1-story ordinary with a second story frame addition.  This frame addition became fully involved as fire vented through the roof of the Laundromat.  There was slight communication to 8727 which was part of the same building as the restaurant.
Seven engines were pumping at this incident.  Engine 46 was in a spare and used its deck gun on the attic space of the original fire building.  Engine 72 was on Commercial south of the fire buildings.  Engines 81 & 82 were at the intersection of 87th and Commercial.  Engine 104 was at the intersection of 87th and Exchange.  Engine 126 was  at the intersection of 87th & Houston.  Engine 122 was at the south entrance of the alley on 88th Street.
Various media outlets reported that a civilian jumped from a second-story window and was transported from the scene.  The 3-11 was struck out at 0610.
night fire scene photo

The scene as I arrived about 30 minutes in. Eric Haak photo

Eric Haak photo

Eric Haak photo

Chicago fire trucks at large fire scene

Eric Haak photo

fireman operating deck gun on fire engine

Eric Haak photo

commercial fire scene in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

fire trucks at fire scene in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

ierce fire truck at fire scene in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

Chicago fire engines pumping at fire scene

Engines 81 and 82 lined up next to each other. Eric Haak photo

HME fire engine in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

leaking fire hydrant

Eric Haak photo

diamond diamonds on Chicago fire engine

Eric Haak photo

aftermath of building fire

The original fire building after things had wound down. Eric Haak photo

custom hose bed cover on fire engine

Engine 82 has a nice new hand-painted hose tarp. Eric Haak photo

Some additional images are at fire

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New ambulance for Berwyn

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a shot of the New Berwyn 906. It is a 2013 Ford E-450/Wheeled Coach Type lll Ambulance.


New ambulance for Berwyn Ambulance 906. This is a 2013 Ford E-450/Wheeled Coach Type III. Josh Boyajian photo

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