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New squad for Morris – update

Hi guys:

I thought you might like to post this short video clip. This is the new Genesis Rescue Systems C-236 NXTgen cutter operating through what is called a Bulkhead Fitting on the new Squad Company in Morris. It is one of the 1st rigs in Northern Illinois to feature this innovative design on a Pierce rig. The power unit for the tools is recessed in a coffin compartment in the rear of the vehicle. The hydraulic lines are run through the frame rail to (2) access doors in the front bumper. Inside is a Genesis Rescue Systems OSC, Hot-Swappable coupling. When the Company arrives on scene, they activate their PTO generator and actuate the power unit. The firefighter grabs a 50′ extension hose, plugs into the port and they are ready to operate. This is versatile and allows the guys to operate within the protection of the vehicle It also eliminates the need for 100′ reels which are pricey and take up much needed space.

Here is the video clip: Morris video

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Fire apparatus photos

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Updated Photos. East Dundee Ambulance 451 Medtec Ambulance (Not sure on year) , Rutland Dundee FPD Engine 541 ,2011 Arrow XT engine, Carpentersville Truck 981 2000 Pierce and Carpentersville Ambulance 951 2010 or 2011


Carpentersville Fire Protection District

Tyler Tobolt photo

East Dundee Fire Protection District

Tyler Tobolt photo

Rutland Dundee Fire Protection District

Tyler Tobolt photo

Carpentersville Fire Protection District

Tyler Tobolt photo

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A visit to Engine 87’s old house

This from Dan McInerney:

With the announcements recently of the city selling old firehouses, here is an example of the unusual – an old firehouse that became a private residence many years ago. There are but a handful of old firehouses that have been converted into residential occupancies.
This is Engine 87’s old house located on 87th street at Escanaba (SE corner). It was built in 1907 and was in service until 1980. It looks to be in pretty good shape for a 106 year old building. It still has red apparatus doors and the “Fire Department” stone inscription is still very much intact. The neighborhood has declined over the years and is not a great place to be after dark, and many of the neighboring buildings haven’t fared as well….
old Chicago firehouse

Old CFD house of Engine 87. Dan McInerney photo

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