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Highland Park ambulance in production

An updated image of the new ambulance being built by Horton for Highland Park.

Highland Park ambulance being built

Production photo of Highland Park Ambulance 32 at Horton. Ron Wolkoff photo

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New truck coming to Tinley Park

We mentioned HERE that the Tinley Park Fire Department has placed an order for a new aerial.

The TribLocal has an article which discussed funding of the new truck.

 Regular donations from Tinley Park residents are still proving indispensable to the fire department more than a century after the town’s first fundraiser for firefighters.

The Village Board recently agreed to purchase a ladder truck for the fire department for $850,000, but thanks to the Tinley Park Fire Department Association, only half of the funds will come from village tax coffers.

The association will pay for $425,000 of the purchase with money raised through its annual dinner dance and fundraising drive, a tradition that started in 1902.

“It’s helped us keep costs to the taxpayers down, so we certainly appreciate all the individual contributions towards that,” said Trustee Brian Maher, who chairs the Public Safety Committee.

While the village’s municipal fire department currently employs more than 100 part-time firefighters, it started out as a volunteer operation that relied on residents for financial support. The department has seen many changes since it was chartered in 1901, but the support it gets from the community has seemingly remained the same.

“It kind of goes back, I think, to when they were running a true volunteer fire department and they had to raise money to buy equipment,” said firefighter and association president Mike Hughes.

The first Annual Firefighters Dance, held in 1902, raised $15.15 for the department, he said, and 110 years later, the dance is still held every January and is one of the association’s biggest fundraisers.

“We’re a very blessed organization,” he said. “It’s a great town and it’s got a lot of pride. What the community does for us, it’s kind of amazing. It really is.”

The group regularly purchases equipment for the department to use, including ladder trucks and fire engines. The last big purchase was made in 2007 when the association spent $401,000 on a fire engine. Because of the expense, the village generally split some of the larger purchases. Without the association’s fundraising, Maher said the village would have to rely entirely on tax dollars.

The entire article can be found HERE.

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Glenview FD apparatus updates

The Glenview Fire Department has two new units on order.

  • a Type I ambulance from Medtec (M-170) on an IHC 4300 chassis is expected in early November. The body will be slightly larger than the current units and the paint scheme will vary somewhat as well. This will be assigned to Ambulance 6. The current unit running as Ambulance 6 will go into reserve, and the Freightliner/Road Rescue will be disposed of.
  • In February, Truck 14 is scheduled to receive a 2013 Pierce Arrow XT 100′ rear mount quint. It will have roll-up doors similar to the current (2003 Pierce Dash) with a 1,500-GPM pump, 400 gallons of water, and two 25-gallon foam cells. The cab though will have the same configuration as the engines. The extended front bumper will house hydraulic extrication tools.

New photos have been added to Station 6. A new image of ambulance 6 and a photo of the new Engine 6 (that had not yet been added to the site).

Glenview Fire Department Ambulance 6

Glenview Ambulance 6 is a 2007 IHC 4300/Medtec Type I. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Fire Department Engine 6

Glenview Engine 6 is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/400/10/40 rescue pumper. The design is virtually identical to Engine 8 (2009). Larry Shapiro photo

Additionally, Glenview Squad 6 has been decommissioned and is for sale.

Glenview Fire Department Squad 6

Squad 6 has been decommissioned and is for sale.

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Evergreen Park added to the site

The Evergreen Park Fire Department in MABAS Division 21 has been added to the site. They have one station at 9000 S. Kedzie Ave. and a tremendous amount of vehicles. Matt Schumann submitted the images representing the department and also the following information: Evergreen Park Fire Department patch

-Village established in 1893, fire department created by ordinance in 1926
– Protects approximately 23,000 people on a daily basis and 3.2 square miles
-Dispatched by Oak Lawn Central Dispatch on 155.55 Mhz
-1 full-time chief, 1 part-time deputy chief, and a roster of approximately 100 POC members
-ISO Class 3
-10 personnel per shift consisting of a battalion chief, engine, ambulance and truck company manned at all times
-Automatic-Aid agreements with the Village of Oak Lawn and Hometown FPD.
-Village bordered by the City of Chicago to the North, East and South, Hometown and Oak Lawn to the west
Evergreen Park Fire Department station

Evergreen Park Fire Station at 9000 S. Kedzie Avenue. Matt Schumann photo

Evergreen Park Fire Department Snorkel 3 Wilmette

Matt Schumann photo

Wilmette Fire Department Seagrave Snorkel

Wilmette was the original owner of Evergreen Park Snorkel Squad 3. It originally had a 1,250-GPM pump and 300 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro photo

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