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New Wauconda engine at first major fire

Last year The Wauconda Fire District received a new Ferrara engine that was mentioned HERE.  Wauconda had a 2-alarm fire this morning at 255 Indian Trail Road in North Barrington and the new engine was first-in. HERE is a link to a gallery of images from the fire scene.

Wauconda Fire District Ferrara Engine

Wauconda Engine 3410 is a 2009 HME/Ferrara 1500/750. The light tower on the cab roof lights the scene. Photo by Larry Shapiro

McHenry Township FPD Pierce Velocity Tower Truck 12

Another new rig at this scene is McHenry Township's 2009 Pierce Velocity Tower Ladder (Truck 12). Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Troy FPD ushers in apparatus change

Karl Klotz recently visited the Troy FPD in Shorewood, IL and reports that this department which has long been known for lime green apparatus is changing their color scheme. New apparatus and those that are repainted will boast a black roof over a dark red (maroon).

Troy FPD, Shorewood, IL Pierce Arrow XT pumper

Troy engine 2211 is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/1000 in their new color scheme. Photo by Karl Klotz

Troy FPD, Shorewood, IL 2010 Ford Medtec MICU

Ambulance 2214 is a 2010 Ford/Medtec MICU showing the new color scheme and striping. Photo by Karl Klotz

Troy FPD, Shorewood, IL Brush 2228

Brush 2228 utilizes a 2010 4dr Ford pickup. Photo by Karl Klotz.

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