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Wilmette’s old ambulance and ladder truck were donated to South America

The City of Las Parejas in Buenos Aires received an ambulance and 110′ EONE RM aerial ladder in recent years, both from Wilmette. The story is interesting and there are several links below which tell part of it.  Wilmette had originally ordered an EONE HP95 mid-mount tower ladder which was delivered and then rejected. The first link below shows a photo of the mid-mount at a ceremony in Station 26 before it was returned to the vendor and eventually replaced with an HP95 rear mount tower ladder.

Wilmette removed the sign plates on the old ladder before sending the truck overseas but otherwise all lettering and decals remained. The Las Parejas Fire Department has added their own custom sings on the ladder but has not removed any of the Wilmette lettering. Instead, they have added Wilmette embroidery to their uniforms in addition to the stitching which shows Las Parejas.

Wilmette Fire Department EONE 110' rear mount

Wilmette Truck 26 an 1985 EONE Hurricane 110' RM quint prior to being removed from service and shipped to Buenos Aires. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Wilmette has sent bunker gear, hose and other surplus equipment to Las Parejas as well to assist this department with no municipal funding.

article 1

article 2

article 3

…  (from the Wilmette Life, Pioneer Press)       A South American city that got a donated ambulance from Wilmette last year is in line to get a major boost to its fire service from the purchase of a surplus 1985 ladder truck — if they can figure out how to get it there.” Wilmette recently acquired a new truck with the help of a $675,000 federal grant. The new truck, called a quint, is a fully modern version of the 1985 model truck it replaces. Wilmette Fire Chief James Dominik said the village was not in a position to simply give the old truck away, but its book value is a mere $30,000, and the department knew of someone who could use it much more than a resale agent.

Las Parejas is a rural community of more than 11,000 …

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New tower in Wilmette goes in service.

The Wilmette Fire Department has recently placed their new EONE tower ladder into service. This is a 2009 Cyclone II HP95 rear mount tower ladder. The pump is 1500 GPM, there is a 500 gallon water tank plus a 20 gallon foam tank. Wilmette no longer runs an engine out of station 26. The tower runs first due along with an ambulance and the battalion chief. If their manning on a daily basis is above their minimum, then Squad 26 will also be staffed. Tower 26R, the 1992 100′ Pierce tower ladder which previously saw service in Hammond, IN is a backup. Tower 26R is fully equipped with a few minor exceptions. An engine and an ambulance run out of Station 27 which is also home to the reserve engine and reserve ambulance.

Wilmette Fire Department tower 26 EONE HP95

Tower 26 is a 2009 EONE Cyclone II HP95 RM 1500/500/20. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Waterman joins the site.

The Waterman Fire Protection District in DeKalb County has been added to the site. Waterman is a small department and belongs to MABAS Division 6. At this point in time, Division 6 as a division is not yet part of the site.

Peterbilt Alexis tanker Waterman FPD

Tanker 3 is the first new piece of apparatus for Waterman. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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MABAS Division 5 has 2 departments on the site

The Cary Fire Protection District in McHenry County (Division 5) has been added to the site. Cary has two stations and runs with a mix of apparatus.

Sutphen pumper Cary FPD

The newest engine in Cary. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Also in Division 5, the Fox River Grove Fire Protection District has been added. They also have two stations although they run all the apparatus out of station 1. Fox River Grove recently received a 2010 Ford/Horton MICU which is soon to enter service as Ambulance 657.

Pierce Velocity engine Fox River Grove FPD

The newest engine in Fox River Grove. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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