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Chicago new apparatus assignments – update

The fifth new Spartan/Crimson 103′ rear mount aerial in Chicago will be assigned to Truck 59. That makes Truck Companies 9, 31, 51, 56, & 59 the recipients of the five aerials that have been delivered to date. Each of these companies currently runs with a 1996 Seagrave except Truck 51, which has a 1995 Seagrave, the oldest ladder in front line service in Chicago. After these new rigs go into service, there will be two remaining 1996 Seagrave trucks that are assigned to Trucks 61 and 62.

As a side note, there are three 1996 HME 1871/Simon-LTI 100′ tower ladders currently assigned to Tower 21, Tower 37, and Tower 39. Due to an accident with their 2002 Pierce Dash Tower Ladder, Tower 34 is running again with their 1988 E-ONE Hurricane 95′ tower ladder.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 59 1996 Seagrave

Chicago Truck 59 and Truck 31 at the Quinn Fire Academy yesterday. All three shifts of the five companies receiving the new Spartan/Crimson aerials are rotating through the academy to receive training on the new apparatus before getting the rigs. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 31 2010 Spartan Crimson

The rear of Truck 31 shows that all ground ladder storage is within the center of the truck. A first for Chicago is full compartmentation on both sides of the rigs. Steve Redick photo

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Libertyville Box Alarm 1-19-11

The Libertyville Fire Department in Lake County received calls about a house fire at 516 Wrightwood Terrace just after 9PM Wednesday evening. An off-duty firefighter reported fire in the unoccupied home. Libertyville companies were met with heavy fire originating at the rear of the house and called for mutual aid. As fire vented through the roof and engulfed the entire rear porch area, firefighters went defensive. Libertyville Quint 462 and Engine 461 setup in the ‘A’ Sector in front of the house. Both units are equipped with Wil-Burt telescoping light towers and provided a bright and safe working environment for firefighters confronted with snow and icy conditions. The 75′ aerial was extended over the house to provide additional lighting from the flood lights positioned at the tip of the ladder. The Metropolitan Emergency Support Services (MESS) was at the scene with a canteen plus a warming bus. The fire was brought under control in about an hour’s time. The house was completely gutted and required extensive overhaul.

Larry Shapiro took in this fire … and arrived after the bulk of the fire suppression had been completed. Nevertheless, here are some images from the scene and a complete gallery can be viewed HERE.

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

The house on Wrightwood Terrace with light smoke and steam escaping after the fire was knocked down. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

Libertyville Quint 462, a 2008 Pierce Velocity 75' quint was designed with a mid-ship mounted Wil-Burt telescoping light tower. This is extremely useful for night events since the quint is often positioned directly in front of the structure. Larry Shapiro photo

MESS Canteen Metropolitan Emergency Support Services

The MESS canteen was setup next to the rehab ambulance providing snacks and hot beverages for firefighters. Behind the canteen is the MESS warming bus. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

Libertyville's Quint 462 in the foreground and Engine 461 in the background both have deployed their light towers to illuminate the fire scene. The American flag graphic on the grille is attractive. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

Libertyville Engine 461 is on a Dash chassis with everything, including the pump panel, behind roll-up doors. Libertyville has Pierce apparatus featuring the Dash, Velocity, and Quantum chassis in the fleet. Larry Shapiro photo

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New Pierce for Chicago Ridge

The Chicago Ridge Fire Department in MABAS Division 21 will receive a new Pierce Dash pumper for Engine 6513. A pre-delivery image was posted today on the Pierce Flickr site.

Chicago Ridge Fire Department Pierce Dash Engine 6513

A new Pierce Dash for Chicago Ridge Engine 6513. Pierce photo

Thanks to Josh Boyajian for the heads up!

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New engine in Midlothian

Midlothian is poised to take delivery of a new engine from Pierce. This image was posted today on Pierce’s Flickr site,¬†where the most up to date images of Pierce deliveries are posted, before they make it on the Pierce web site. These images do not have any technical data other than the job number like the more thorough postings which appear in the New Deliveries section of Pierce’s site.

Pierce Dash engine Midlothian Fire Department

A new Pierce Dash engine for Midlothian Engine 4 was just photographed at the Pierce factory. Pierce photo

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Buffalo Grove house fire 12/7

Buffalo Grove initially received a call for a smoking outdoor light fixture before an additional call came in reporting a possible house fire last night on Buckthorn Terrace. When the first engine arrived, they reported smoke and then the incident was upgraded to a working fire response (Code 4). The homeowner had arrived home shortly before the fire department arrived. The house was charged with smoke and there was a small amount of visible fire in the rear. Upon making entry, firefighters encountered heavy smoke and then fire in the ‘C-D’ corner of the house. The fire eventually vented itself through a second story ¬†window as interior crews advanced their lines. There was one minor injury to a firefighter who was transported to the hospital and then released shortly thereafter. Arlington Heights, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, and Long Grove, assisted Buffalo Grove. Barrington provided an ambulance for rehab and a Wauconda ambulance transported the injured firefighter.

Larry Shapiro submitted the following images, and has a complete gallery HERE.

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010

Buffalo Grove firefighters make entry through the front door with heavy smoke conditions inside. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010

A firefighter works off the bucket of Buffalo Grove's new Ferrara tower ladder to take out the second floor windows for ventilation. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010

Fire self vents through a second floor rear window as interior companies down the hall advance. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010 Ferrara engine

Buffalo Grove Engine 26 (217) was the first unit on the scene and tool a hydrant just past the house. Three hand lines were used off this rig to fight the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010 Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD squad 51

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD Squad 51, a Pierce Dash HDR, setup just past the tower ladder and deployed a Wil-Burt light tower to illuminate the scene in addition to running several small lights around the house for supplemental lighting. Larry Shapiro photo

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Chicago High-Rise Still & Box 12/7

Dam McInerney took in the Still & Box/EMS Plan I in the high-rise at 4800 S. Lake Park yesterday. There was a fire in one apartment on the 9th floor of a 25-story building that measured 50×250. Engine 45 laid two lines to charge the standpipe system. One line off the interior standpipe was used to fight the fire.

Chicago Fire 4800 S. Dolton house fire 2-11 140th street Park

Broken windows on the 9th floor of this 25-story building show the location of the fire unit. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 4800 S. Lake Park

Engine 63 is a 2005 Spartan/Crimson engine staged at the scene. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 63

The high-rise hose packs from the engine consist of 50' lengths of 2-1/2" hose with a smoothbore nozzle at the end. The nozzle has a spin down attachment at the end of it where 1-3/4" hose can be attached. This is the same nozzle that they use on their leader lines. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box at 4800 S Lake Park Engine 16

Engine 16 was on the scene with their 2002 Spartan/Luverne engine (D606). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department truck 16

Truck 16 staged. This is a 2002 Pierce Dash 100' rear mount (E312). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 30

Detail of the graphics on Truck 30. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Tower Ladder 37

The company of Tower 37 stands by their rig which is a 1996, HME/LTI 100' rear mount (EE281). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department standpipe connection

Engine 45 laid two lines to charge the standpipe system of the building. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department hydrant pump

The engineer from Engine 45 uses a hydrant pump to drain the water from the hydrant. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department command van 273 2-7-3

Command Van 2-7-3 responded to the scene as the mobile command post. Dan McInerney photo

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Lake Zurich has been added to the site

Lake Zurich Fire Department patchLake Zurich has now been added to the departments in MABAS Division 4. They have four stations of which one is in Deer Park and another is in North Barrington. This is a 100% Pierce department for suppression apparatus with four Saber engines, a Dash tower ladder, and a squad with a commercial IHC 4400 chassis. The ambulances are a mixture of Road Rescue and Medtec Type I units on IHC chassis.

The four engines are virtually identical though they span being built between 1997-2002. All but one carry 1,000 gallons of water and have foam tanks. The downtown engine has 750 gallons of water on board.

Lake Zurich Fire Department IHC Pierce squad

Lake Zurich Fire Department Road Rescue ambulance

Lake Zurich Fire Station 4

Lake Zurich Fire Station 4 is located at 21970 Field Parkway in Deer Park. This two-bay house is similar to the other outlying stations. Larry Shapiro photo

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Countryside shows off new engine … and entertains many

The Countryside Fire Protection District has been conducting various training scenarios for several weeks now at 27693 Chevy Chase Road, in Mundelein. The homeowner donated the house for fire training in return for having it burned to the ground making way for the construction of a new home. We posted images from Dan McInerney HERE showing the new Rosenbauer engine and tender from US Tanker working.

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Centurion engine

Countryside's new Engine 415 has a rear pump, hydraulic ladder rack, and is on a 4x4 IHC Workstar chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Centurion engine

Engine 415 carries 750 gallons of water and has a 1,250-GPM pump. Tools are mounted for easy access at the scene of an emergency. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD structure fire

As fire consumes the detached garage, the structure finally collapses. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside invited local residents, neighboring fire departments and their families, CERT, and anyone else fascinated by big fires, to come and watch them burn the house and detached garage to the ground this past Sunday.

Larry Shapiro was one of those who attended and took the opportunity to work with the fire department to get some nice images of the new Rosenbauer Centurion engine with fire in the background. There is a gallery HERE with images and there will be an accompanying video as well.

Countryside FPD group fire

What's a traditional burn-down without the traditional group photo! Larry Shapiro phptp

Countryside FPD structure fire

What's not to love about a shot like this? Big fire, extreme radiant heat, and thick black smoke racing skyward. Larry Shapiro photo

Wauconda, Long Grove, and Libertyville sent tankers so that there was a continuous water supply at the scene. The tanker from Libertyville was the 1988, Pierce Dash, 1250/2500 which Countryside recently gave them. It has been re-lettered for Libertyville.

Libertyville Fire Department tender tanker

Libertyville Tender 461 setup to dump water into a portable tank which is being used by Countryside Engine 412. This tender was given to Libertyville by the Countryside FPD earlier this year. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD tender 411

This shows the tender when it was owned by Countryside.

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Box Alarm in Glenview

At the Glenview Box Alarm last week which occurred at a park district storage facility, Steve Redick made his way around the scene and documented the engines that were pumping.

Wilmette Fire Department engine 27 E-ONE

Wilmette Engine 27 was due on the box and laid a supply line to Glenview Truck 14. Wilmette has two stations. One runs an engine and houses the spare engine, while the other station (26) runs a tower ladder and has a spare tower ladder. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Glenview Engine 7 was on a hydrant supplying Engine 6. This is a 2006 Pierce Enforcer. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Engine 8 is Glenview's newest. It is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT rescue pumper with deeper compartments than their other units. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Lance engine

Engine 13 is the oldest frontline engine in Glenview. This is a 1990 Pierce Lance unit which is slated to be replaced next year with a Pierce Arrow XT model similar to Engine 8. Steve Redick photo

Glenview has Pierce apparatus utilizing four different chassis styles; the Enforcer, Lance, Arrow XT, and Dash.

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Schiller Park fire scene

Steve Redick submitted several images from a fire in Schiller Park which occurred at 25th and Lawrence during the last week of October.

Schiller Park Fire Pierce Impel

Schiller Park's newest engine is this Pierce Impel unit that was built in 2007. Steve Redick photo

Schiller Park Fire Pierce tower ladder

Schiller Park's Pierce tower ladder is at work in sector one. Steve Redick photo

Schiller Park Fire Franklin Park Seagrave truck

Franklin Park's Seagrave truck was also in sector one. This truck was designed with a booster reel and a 300-gallon booster tank, similar to the design of trucks for the Detroit Fire Department. Steve Redick photo

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