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New tower ladder for the Lockport Township FPD (more)

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Here is a photo of the brand new Lockport Township FPD Tower Ladder 6

2022 Seagrave Apollo 105′ Tower 300/2000 

Placed in service on 6/2/22; #TylerTobolt; #Seagrave; #Apollo; #FireTruck; #LockportFPD;

Tri State – USFiR Photography

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New tower ladder for the Lockport Township FPD (more)

From SST Emergency Products LLC serving Illinois and Wisconsin Facebook page; #Seagrave; #Apollo; #FireTruck; #LockportFPD

SST Emergency Products LLC photo; #Seagrave; #Apollo; #FireTruck; #LockportFPD

SST Emergency Products LLC photo

thanks Hunter

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Crestwood Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-This was the Crestwood Fire Dept.’s Engine 2303, a 1971 Seagrave 1250/500.  It is shown with a white cab roof, the engine was delivered solid red.  After this the engine had a black cab roof and obtained new graphics.
Mike Summa
1971 Seagrave fire engine from Crestwood Illinois; #Seagrave; #FireTruck; #TBT;

Mike Summa photo

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Berwyn has been added to the site

The Berwyn Fire Department in MABAS Division 11 has been added to the site through the efforts of several individuals. Photos have been assembled from Drew Gresik, Steve Redick, Hank Sajovic, and Larry Shapiro to fill in the stations and apparatus. Berwyn, a career department with 79 personnel runs out of three stations covering just under four square miles. They have a mixture of apparatus including three pieces from Seagrave plus an engine from Pierce and their newest engine from Crimson.

Berwyn Fire Department

Berwyn Station 1, their south station, is at 6434 Windsor Avenue. Hank Sajovic photo

Berwyn Fire Department

The north station, is Station 2 at 6615 16th Street. Larry Shapiro photo

Berwyn Fire Department Engine 903 2009 Spartan Gladiator Crimson

Berwyn Fire Department


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Braceville puts new engine into service

Braceville FPD Engine 3212

Braceville Engine 3212, a 2010 Spartan Metro Star/Darley 1750/1000. Karl Klotz photo

Braceville FPD Engine 3212

The officer's side of Braceville's newest engine. Karl Klotz photo

Karl Klotz visited the Braceville Fire Department in MABAS Division 15 and photographed their newest unit. Engine 3212 was previously featured HERE just after it was delivered. It has been lettered and placed into service replacing two other units. The new engine is a 2010 Spartan Metro Star/Darley 1750/1000 top mount unit. Gone now is the previous Engine 3212, a 1982 Hendrickson 1871-C/Alexis 1250/1000 top mount that was purchased from Braidwood, IL. Also gone is Truck 3219, a 1979 Seagrave/Pierce 1000/500/500 with a 54-foot Squrt. This unit previously was from the Lyondell/Equistar facility in Morris.

Both units went to the Dana Fire Department in Dana, IL, which is in LaSalle County, approximately 50 miles southeast of Braceville.


Braceville FPD Engine 3212

Braceville FPD T3219

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FDIC 2011 highlights

FDIC 2011

An overview of the stadium exhibits. Many of the apparatus exhibitors moved into the new convention center this year. Larry Shapiro photo

The 2011 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) just ended. The convention center was filled with exhibitors who displayed everything from fire apparatus and gear to shirts and trinkets. There were two local area rigs on display this year. A  Medtec Type III ambulance for Algonquin-Lake in the Hills was in the Pierce booth and a Cyclone II 95-foot rear mount tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth.

FDIC 2011 Algonquin Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Algonquin-Lake in the Hills had a Medtec ambulance in the Pierce booth at the FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 University Park Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

This new tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Other interesting apparatus displayed included four pieces for the FDNY including a Wheeled Coach ambulance on a four-door Ford chassis, an engine in the Seagrave booth, plus Rescue 4 and Ladder 137 in the Ferrara booth.

FDIC 2011 Seagrave FDNY

Seagrave displayed FDNY Engine 222. Larry Shapiro

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY R4

Ferrara had FDNY Rescue 4 from Queens in their booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY L137

Ferrara also had FDNY Ladder 137 on dispkay. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson had a tandem axle rescue for Elizabeth, NJ, KME had a tiller for Norwalk, CT, American LaFrance had a tiller for Ventura County, CA and HME had a Type III wildland pumper for CALFIRE.

FDIC 2011 Crimson Elizabeth Fire Department Rescue 1

This tandem axle heavy rescue for Elizabeth, NJ Rescue 1 was in the Crimson booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME TDA Norwalk, CT

A tiller for Norwalk, CT was shown by KME. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance LTI TDA Ventura County, CA

This LTI tiller for Ventura County, CA by American LaFrance was in the Lucas Oil Stadium. Larry Shapiro photo


HME brought a Type III engine from CALFIRE. Larry Shapiro photo

As regards new introductions:

Pierce showed the new Dash CF chassis under a PUC rescue pumper;

FDIC 2011 Pierce Dash CF PUC

One of two Pierce Dash CF units that were unveiled at the show. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Pierce tracked mini pumper

Pierce also showed this mini pumper on rubber tracks BP. Larry Shapiro photo

Rosenbauer introduced their Smart Cab enclosure for adding a crew area to units built on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

Rosenbauer introduced the 'Smart Cab' enclosure for three firefighters on a commercial chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

The Smart Cab has a two-step unit which swings out with the door for easy egress and entrance to the crew enclosure along with an option for a full-lenght glass covered door. Larry Shapiro photo

KME brought out the Predator Pro Series (Pumper Rescue Operations) integrated pumper and a new 79-foot ladder;

FDIC 2011 KME Predator PRO

The KME Predator PRO is a rescue pumper on the new Predator chassis and features a short wheelbase and compact operator's panel. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME 75' Aerial Cat

The new 76-foor Aerial Cat quint on a new Predator chassis was in the KME booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson highlighted their new acquisition of Classic Fire and showed their ‘Transformer’ on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Crimson Fire Classic Series

Crimson had a min pumper in their new Classic Series which originates from their recent purchase of Classic Fire in Ocala, FL. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance announced that they are now offering their Eagle custom chassis to other manufacturers and that the LTI aerials can also be purchased by others;

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance Eagle chassis

A 2010 emissions compliant Eagle cab and chassis was on display by American LaFrance. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE showed the eMAX pumper series with a narrow operator’s panel.


The E-ONE eMAX was shown on a Typhoon chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District update

The Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District is building a new fire department from the ground up. As such, they are buying new apparatus to fill their two new stations. Bill Friedrich has submitted the following information that he received about the new rigs that are on order to get this department up and running.

They have ordered one pumper from Alexis on International crew cab chassis, which will have a 1,250-GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water tank. Also on order are two tankers featuring International chassis with standard two-door cabs that will have 1,000-GPM pumps and 2,000-gallon tanks. The new apparatus fleet will be all white.

On the Alexis website, there are in-progress images of the units being built which can be viewed HERE. The images are labeled ‘FoxRiv’.

Two Medtec ambulances are also on order; a Type I on a F-450 chassis and a Type III on an E-350 chassis.

Bartlett Fire District Seagrave Engine - Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District

This decommissioned 1993, Seagrave engine from Bartlett carrying serial number 78589, was purchased by the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District. It has a 1,000-GPM pump and carries 750 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire district has purchased a used 1993 Seagrave engine from Bartlett. This is currently black over red and will reportedly be repainted white.  They have also purchased a small used squad on a Ford chassis which is being refurbished by Alexis. The squad body on the Alexis site is all diamond plate.

Lakewood Fire Department Engine 1042 X-Arlinton Heights Fire Department

Engine 1042 from the Lakewood Fire Department, (X-Arlington Heights Fire Department), which is owned by American Emergency Services, might become part of the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District. Larry Shapiro photo

There is a possibility that E-1042 (X-Arlington Heights Pierce) from Lakewood might become part of the new fleet as well.


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Grayslake updated photos

Two photos at Station 1 in Grayslake have been updated; Engine 2717 and Brush/Utility 2795.

Grayslake Fire Department Seagrave Maurauder II engine

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Stone Park is added to the site

The Stone Park Fire Department in MABAS Division 20 has been added to the site. Stone Park is a small town surrounded by Melrose Park and Northlake along North Avenue at Mannheim Road with a population just over 5,100 and an area of .3 square miles. They have three pieces of apparatus including an Osage Type III ambulance, one of the few Seagrave Flame engines, and an E-ONE Quest.

Stone Park Fire Department E-ONE Quest engine

Stone Park Fire Department Seagrave Flame engine

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Chicago Still & Box 2-4-11

Chicago firefighters responded to a fire in a mattress store at 6019 N. Lincoln Avenue Friday night and fought a relatively small interior fire. The building had a bow string truss roof but the fire did not extend past the ceiling. The strip center where this fire occurred was the site of a previous fire a number of years ago. Upon checking for extension in the neighboring property, firefighters found charring from a previous fire along the rafters.

Truck 56 had their main to the roof, and since they are due to take delivery of a 2010 Spartan/Crimson 103′ aerial to replace their Seagrave 100′ aerial, this might play out to be the last fire for this rig before it heads to the spare fleet.

Larry Shapiro arrived as the Still & Box was struck out and took a few images of the scene. A small gallery can be viewed HERE.

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box Lincoln Avenue

Chicago Truck 56 was the first truck to the Still & Box on Lincoln Avenue. Since they are due to receive a brand new unit, this may be the last fire for the Seagrave unit. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box Lincoln Avenue

Although not visible from the outside at night, this strip center has a bow string truss roof. The fire was contained to the interior before it was able to weaken the roof supports. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box Lincoln Avenue

Command Van 2-7-1 was running with this spare unit (G513) last night. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box Lincoln Avenue

Most of the visible damage to the interior of the store and the merchandise is from heat and smoke. The fire was located in the rear of the building. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box Lincoln Avenue

The building sustained a previous fire some years ago as indicated by the charring on the rafters that was discovered in the adjoining unit while firefighters were checking for extension. Larry Shapiro photo

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