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13-Alarm Fire in Burlington, WI 1-30-13 (pt3)

From Tim Olk:

Rundown of companies that responded to the 13 Alarm fire in Burlington, WI at Echo Lake Foods. (MABAS Division 102 Box 920-21)

In all, 92 departments responded from Wisconsin and Illinois.

  • City of Burlington
  • Town of Burlington
  • Rochester
  • Raymond
  • Union Grove
  • Kansasville
  • Tichigan
  • Wind Lake
  • Waterford
  • South Shore
  • City of Racine
  • Bristol
  • Town of Salem
  • Silver Lake
  • Wheatland
  • Pleasant Prairie
  • Somers
  • Paris
  • Twin Lakes
  • Town of Waukesha
  • New Berlin
  • Lisbon
  • Lannon
  • Eagle
  • Big Bend
  • Vernon
  • Mukwonago
  • Town of Brookfield
  • Menominee Falls
  • Wales
ROCK COUNTY - MABAS Div 104: (7)
  • Edgerton
  • Evansville
  • Clinton
  • Milton
  • Turtle
  • Beloit
  • Janesville
  • Lauderdale
  • LaGrange
  • Lake Geneva
  • Elkhorn
  • Lyons
  • Sharon
  • East Troy
  • Bloomfield
  • Linn
  • Walworth
  • Fontana
  • Bloomfield
  • City of Delavan
DANE COUNTY - MABAS Div 115: (6)
  • Middleton
  • Blooming Grove
  • Fitchburg
  • Verona
  • Stoughton
  • Deerfield
  • Greendale
  • Greenfield
  • Wauwatosa
  • West Allis
  • South Milwaukee
  • North Shore
  • Hales Corners
  • Jefferson
  • Watertown
  • Palmyra
  • Helenville
  • Fort Atkinson
  • Countryside
  • Antioch
  • Waukegan
  • Long Grove
  • Wauconda
  • Knollwood
  • Newport
  • Huntley
  • McHenry
  • Cary
  • Richmond
  • Woodstock
  • Harvard
  • Marengo
  • Paratech
  • Racine Fire Bells
  • Milwaukee Fire Bells
  • Waterford Fuel
  • S&J Bus Service
  • Racine Haz-Mat
  • Racine Arson Investigation Team
  • Wisconsin State Fire Marshall
  • Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms
  • SE Wisconsin Incident Command Management Team

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13-Alarm Fire in Burlington, WI 1-30-13 (pt2)

Here is a video and some images from Larry Shapiro from the 13-alarm fire in Burlington WI overnight.

Pierce fire engine drafting from lake

Big Bend, WI engine drafting from Echo Lake. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire engine drafting from lake

Another view of the Big Bend, WI engine drafting from Echo Lake. Larry Shapiro photo


Pierce engine pumping at winter fire

Wauconda engine pumping in-line. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce quint with elevated master stream

Wheatland, WI quint working in Sector D. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce tower ladder with elevated master stream

Lake Geneva tower ladder working in Sector A. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE engine drafting from portable tank

Kansasville, WI engine drafting from a portable tank. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE engine drafting from portable tank

Lake Geneva tower ladder visible in the background being supplied by the Kansasville engine. Larry Shapiro photo

fire engines drafting from portable tanks

Kansasville and Burlington engines drafting in Sector A. Larry Shapiro photo

fire tanker dumping water into portable tank

A tanker dumping at the D Sector water supply. Larry Shapiro photo

large chemical storage tanks at industrial fire scene

Several of the chemical storage tanks that were threatened. Larry Shapiro photo

fire tender dumping water into portable tank

Another tanker working in Sector D. Larry Shapiro photo

fire department tanker at fire scene

Lyons Township, WI tanker turning around to access the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

fire chief covered with ice

Kansasville Assistant Chief working Sector D. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce top-mount engine pumping at winter fire

A Burlington engine pumping in-line to supply a master stream. Larry Shapiro photo

HME fire engine drafting from portable tank

Town of Burlington engine drafting from the portable tanks along the southside of the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

Larry Shapiro has a gallery with images from the Echo Lake Foods fire


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13-Alarm Fire in Burlington, WI 1-30-13

A large fire broke out just after 6PM last night at the Echo Lake Foods facility at 33102 South Honey Lake Road in Burlington, WI.

View Larger Map

The fire building was one of a series of six buildings inter-connected at the facility that processes the following according to the company website:

We are passionate in our commitment to producing the best quality egg products and breakfast-style entrees.

As such, the facility has large amount of ammonia and liquid oxygen. As of 5AM Friday, (11 hours into the incident), NBC TMJ4 reported the following:

BURLINGTON – An eight-alarm fire has gone into its 13th hour of burning out of control Thursday morning at the Echo Lake Foods processing plant in Burlington.

“There still is active fire.  It is not contained at this point,” said Fire Chief Richard Lodle during a 5 a.m. news conference Thursday which aired live on TODAY’S TMJ4.

More than 80 fire departments and 200 firefighters have given their assistance to the Burlington Fire Department.

The Burlington Police Department evacuated 10 homes and an apartment building, assisting about 50 people.

The fire broke out just after 6 p.m. Wednesday, and is at 33102 N. Honey Lake Road in Burlington, the site of Echo Lake Foods.

“The fire department discovered a significant fire upon arrival,” said Miller.

“The plant was successfully evacuated.  There were no injuries to employees or, so far, to any firefighters.”

Hazardous materials teams came on scene because of ammonia and liquid oxygen tanks.

Meanwhile, Burlington’s fire chief is rotating in hundreds of firefighters from around southeastern Wisconsin, as far away as Milwaukee County.

“That’s why the large number of departments that we have called in, the large number of personnel that we’ve had…We’re not rotating out and rotating back in.  When you rotate out, you go home.”

He also said they have not have much opportunity to enter the building and fight the fire from inside.

“The majority has been on a defensive mode.  At this point, we’re attempting to do an interior attack, if we can get crews in.”

The company, founded in 1941, produces eggs and egg products, as well as other breakfast products. The factory has a long history in the Burlington area.

“This will affect the city greatly.  We will attempt to help them rebuild and re-open the plant as soon as possible,” said Miller during the news conference.

“One of the largest employers…it’s going to be a loss of 300 jobs for a while.”

The complete article with photos is HERE.

The fire went to a 5th Alarm (as high as MABAS Alarms are rated) and then 8 separate inter-divisional alarms were requested with strike teams or task forces requested from other MABAS Divisions in Wisconsin and Illinois. (some of the MABAS Divisions that responded include 101, 102, 106, 4, 5)

Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro went to the incident roughly four hours after the initial alarm and have a video and images from the scene that will be posted later. The size of the scene, the bitter cold weather, and the hazardous smoke restricted their access to two of the four sectors.

The incident is located in an area that required tankers to shuttle water to portable tanks, where engines drafted to feed the multiple master streams. Some of the streams had to shutdown fairly often as the three or four portable tanks that were inter-connected would be depleted before they could be refilled. There were at least three such water supply sectors being managed at the fire scene. Eventually, a drafting operation was setup from Echo Lake along Milwaukee Avenue. Two engines and a quint worked to complete this task for engines supplying a master stream in Sector D.

The Chicago Tribune has an article HERE.

ABC news has an article HERE. has an article. has an article with video.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online has an article with a great overhead image from this morning.

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New ambulance for Palatine

This from Campbell Hilinger:

Hey guys…just thought I’d drop you a line about Palatine’s new ambulance:

Just found it browsing Horton’s FB page.  Thanks for all the good work.  Have a nice night.
And Tyler Tobolt:
New Palatine Ambulance (Photos on Horton Emergency Vehicle Facebook Page)
Palatine FD ambulance

Horton Emergency Vehicle photo

Palatine FD ambulance

Horton Emergency Vehicle photo

Palatine FD ambulance

Horton Emergency Vehicle photo

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Chicago orders new squads

Rosenbauer posted the following on their Facebook page today:

Rosenbauer Receives Order for Two-Piece Squad Company Apparatus for Chicago Fire Department

WYOMING, MN (January 28, 2013) Rosenbauer has received a five year contract from the Chicago Fire Department for the replacement of the department’s two-piece Squad Companies. The initial order consists of two Rosenbauer 55′ Articulating Cobra Platforms (ACP-55) and two Rosenbauer Walk-In Rescues. Both apparatus will be built on the revolutionary Rosenbauer Commander chassis which was introduced in 2012.

“Rosenbauer is honored to serve the Chicago Fire Department. We are pleased that the CFD has chosen the Commander chassis for the squad companies and feel it will be a great fit for them,” said Harold Boer, President of Rosenbauer America. “We value the trust placed in Rosenbauer by the second largest fire department in the United States, and we are looking forward to growing our relationship with the CFD.”

The ACP-55’s will be built on the Rosenbauer Commander chassis featuring a long two door cab with flat roof. The chassis will include seating for two and a large transverse compartment in the rear of the cab. Rosenbauer’s heavy-duty 3/16″ EXT extruded aluminum body carrying a lifetime transferable warranty will provide the framework for more than 400 cubic feet of compartment space. The ACP-55 includes a 750 pound tip load and has rated flows up to 1250 GPM. Features of the ACP-55 include Rosenbauer’s unmatched Smart Aerial technology that enhance the safety and performance of the aerial, Soft-Touch controls which ensure smooth aerial operations, and a hot dipped galvanized torque box and outriggers which carry a 25 year corrosion warranty.

The walk-in rescues which make up the second piece of the squad companies will be built on the Rosenbauer Commander chassis with a 60″ cab and a 24″ raised roof and include seating for six. The 18′ rescue body will also be constructed utilizing the heavy-duty EXT body and will include in excess of 600 cubic feet of compartment space.

The Chicago Fire Department is the second largest fire department in the United States and the oldest major organized fire department in the nation. The department has nearly 5,000 firefighters and paramedics and operates out of 98 fire stations.

Rosenbauer dealer, Trans-Chicago Truck Group located in Elmhurst, Illinois provides service and support to the Chicago Fire Department.

Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment. In North America, Rosenbauer incorporates the international strength and innovation of a global company with top American manufacturing firms. For more information, please visit the company’s website –

Rosenbauer building new squads for Chicago Fire Rosenbauer building new squads for Chicago Fire

thanks Dennis & Dan

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New Book: Chicago Stockyards Fires

This from Jeff Harkey:

Just found this last night:

New book about fires at the stock yards, appears to be coming out next month.

Says over the years there were nearly 300 extra alarm fires at the Stockyards!


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Chicago Firehouse of Engine 86

This from Martin Nowak:

Drove by Engine 86 house and decided to take a picture. Well turns out that the Members of this house painted their doors and added companies to the door. Also the benches were painted and they also say companies on them. Each one dedicated to the three companies, Engine 86, Truck 57, and Ambulance 20.


Chicago firehouse with red doors

Engine 86’s house with red doors. Also home to Truck 57 and Ambulance 20. Martin Nowak photo

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Fire and CO poisoning in separate Chicago incidents

CFD in the news in Austin and Rogers Park.

The Chicago Tribune has an article about a Still & Box Alarm fire this morning:

A woman jumped from a window and three other people were injured in a fire that broke out in the South Austin neighborhood Tuesday morning, authorities said.

“When they got here, there was one woman who jumped from the second floor,” said Chicago Fire Department District Deputy Chief Don Hroma on the scene.

The 30-year-old woman was taken to John H. troger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County in serious-to-critical condition, according to the fire department. Three other people, two teen-aged girls and a man, were taken to hospitals in fair-to-serious condition.

Find the entire article HERE.

CO2 Poisoning kills two on the north side. The Chicago Tribune provides the following information:

After the first call to a West Rogers Park apartment building where two women had fallen ill, fire officials took a reading with a carbon monoxide detector but found that levels of the gas were too low to be considered dangerous, the Chicago Fire Department said.

About five hours later, shortly before 3:30 p.m. Sunday, firefighters were called again to the building in the 2500 block of West North Shore Avenue because another resident had become ill.

Officials then discovered dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the building’s basement. The two women from the first call, Rasheeda Akhter, 77, and her granddaughter Zanib Ahmed, 18, later died at Swedish Covenant Hospital. The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined Monday the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fire officials and workers from Peoples Gas found that the boilers of the building’s furnace were not burning properly and that there was a leak in the exhaust system, said Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

“Fresh air was coming into the basement, but the bad air was going upstairs into the house,” Langford said.

Find this article HERE.

thanks Chris

Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 Specials 1-22-13 (pt17)

Well … not quite done yet. Martin Nowak submitted the following:

Friday I decided to go the the demolition of the warehouse on 3757 S. Ashland Ave. I had the honor of meeting Larry and Tim. As you can see, the fire was still burning under the debris. Here are some pictures I took and a video of the demo. More of my pictures from this day will be posted to my website


massive warehouse fire in Chicago

Martin Nowak photo

massive warehouse fire in Chicago

Martin Nowak photo

Chicago Engine 39

Martin Nowak photo

Chicago Engine 39

Martin Nowak photo

Chicago Engine 49

Martin Nowak photo

massive warehouse fire in Chicago

Martin Nowak photo

demolition of building destroyed by fire

Martin Nowak photo

demolition of building destroyed by fire

Martin Nowak photo


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Palatine Firefighter Memorial Service

Palatine Firefighter Memorial Service

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