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New tender for the Coal City Fire Protection District (more); #FireTruck; #Alexis; #Tanker; #tender; #Freightliner; #114SD; #CoalCityFPD;

Alexis Fire photo

More on the New tender for the Coal City Fire Protection District from Alexis Fire:

Thank you to the Coal City Fire Protection District in Coal City, Illinois, on the purchase of their 3500-gallon Tanker #2523. We appreciate your business and would like to congratulate your department on your new Alexis apparatus.

  • Freightliner 114 SD Chassis
  • Cummins 500 HP X12 Engine
  • Allison 4500 EVS Automatic Transmission
  • Heavy Duty Stainless-Steel Body and Sub-Frame
  • Two (2) Person Cab
  • Stainless-Steel Side Mount Pump Module
  • Waterous CSU 150 1500 GPM Single Stage Split Shaft Pump
  • Trident Air Prime System
  • FRC Pump Boss Pressure Governor & Monitoring System
  • Two (2) 6” Intakes, One (1) Each Left and Right Side
  • One (1) 2½” Gated Intake, Left Side
  • Two (2) 2½” Discharges, Left Side
  • One (1) 2½” Discharge, Right Side
  • Two (2) 2½” Discharges, Rear
  • One (1) 3” Discharge Adapted to 5” Storz, Right Side
  • Two (2) 1½” and One (1) 2½” Mattydale Preconnects
  • One (1) Dual Wheel Well Air Bottle Compartment, Left Side Ahead of Rear Wheels
  • Two (2) SCBA Complete Air Pack Wheel Well Compartments, One (1) Each Side Between Rear Tandem Wheels
  • One (1) Fire Extinguisher Compartment Right Side Ahead of Wheel Well
  • ROM Painted Roll-Up Doors
  • One (1) 500# Roll Out Tray, L1 Compartment
  • 3500 Gallon Poly Tank
  • One (1) 4? Adapted to 5” Storz and One (1) 2½” FirePrograms Valve Tank Fill
  • One (1) 10” Newton Stainless-Steel Manual Swivel Dump, Rear
  • Hose Bed w/ Two (2) Dividers, Hypalon Cover
  • One (1) 10” Newton Stainless-Steel Electric Swivel Dump, Rear
  • Progressive Dynamics Battery Charger w/ Kussmaul 120V 20A Super Auto Eject, Left Front Boody Post
  • Tecniq Warning and Scene Light Package
  • Whelen 200W Siren and 100W Speaker
  • Federal Q2B Siren
  • Six (6) Tecniq K90 LED Scene Lights, Two (2) Each Side, Two (2) Rear
  • Whelen TAL65 LED Traffic Advisor
  • Rub Rails w/ Under Carriage Lighting
  • Fire Tech FT-B-46-W 12 Volt LED Brow Light
  • FRC 360 Camera System
  • Zico Hydraulic PTS-HA Folding Tank Bracket, Compartment Top Left Side with Suction Hose Storage and Low Level Strainer
  • Ladder Storage Brackets Right Side
  • AFE Rear Access Ladder
  • 10’ 5” Overall Height
  • 33’ 6” Overall Length
  • 245” Wheelbase
  • 179.4” Cab to Axle
  • 20,000 FAWR
  • 52,000 RAWR
  • 72,000 GVWR



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New tender for the Coal City Fire Protection District

From Coal City FPD FaceBook:

We would like to introduce you to the New 3117. This is a 3500-gallon tender for rural response (without fire hydrants), replacing a 1989 tender. It was built right here in Illinois by Alexis Fire Equipment Company. We thank our salesperson Dan, for a great experience! Our next steps are fitting it with all its equipment and training our members on its usage. We hope to have it in full service soon.; #CoalCityFPD; #Freightliner; #AlexisFireEquipment; #FireTruck; #tender;

Coal City FPD photo; #CoalCityFPD; #Freightliner; #AlexisFireEquipment; #FireTruck; #tender;

Coal City FPD photo

thanks Danny

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East Dundee Fire District news

From Legacy Fire Apparatus Facebook page:

Sometimes the victories follow an unexpected situation, even a negative. For our friends at the East Dundee Fire District, the situation started with a collision that was not their fault. Fortunately none of their personnel were injured but their Alexis custom pumper was down for a bit. In these days of longer production times and intense backlogs, we reached out to our partners at Alexis Fire Equipment and their body shop for assistance. They stood up tall and helped to get this rig back in service. They also provided a loaner fire engine to help East Dundee answer the call. We are very glad to report that East Dundee’s engine is complete and back at home. The customer is everything! Family owned, Family driven!; #EastDundeeFPD; #firetruck; #crash;

East Dundee Fire District photo; #EastDundeeFPD; #firetruck; #crash;

East Dundee Fire District photo; #EastDundeeFPD; #firetruck; #crashrepair; #bodyshop; #AlexisFireEquipment;

Alexis Fire Equipment photo; #EastDundeeFPD; #firetruck; #crashrepair; #bodyshop; #AlexisFireEquipment;

Alexis Fire Equipment photo; #EastDundeeFPD; #firetruck; #crashrepair; #AlexisFireEquipment;;

Alexis Fire Equipment photo

thanks Martin

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Bradley Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

 The 2023 year for the Bradley Fire Department might go on record as one of its most transitional in its history.

The 30-member department — nine of whom are full-time officers — will be moving into its approximate $2.5-million second fire station along Newtown Drive in the northeastern portion of the village. The department had hoped to be in the location more than six months ago, but supplies and finishing-touch work have delayed that target.

In addition, a $237,000 ambulance was placed on order in September with American Response Vehicles, of Columbia, Mo., and could be delivered late this year. Also, a $584,546 fire engine was unanimously OK’d by the Bradley Village Board with Alexis Fire Equipment and delivery of the department’s third engine could happen in December. The village will pay for the new engine prior to delivery, the village will receive a modest $9,000 discount, and the fire department was able to find an existing new chassis in stock at Alexis which saved another $20,000.

The new engine and ambulance will be stationed at the Newtown fire station.

Fire Chief Don Kaderabek said the department had been somewhat neglected in previous years and for a village with growing areas of business and residences, these are needed resources for the community’s protection.

Currently, the village has two fire engines. One is 21 years old and will remain part of the fleet as a back-up.

thanks Dennis

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New engine for the Fox River & Countryside FPD (more)

More on the New engine for the Fox River & Countryside FPD

Found at




MAKE:Alexis Fire Equipment



BODY STYLE:Side Control Pumper

PUMP SIZE:Hale DSD 150 Split Shaft 1500 GPM

TANK SIZE:1000; #Alexis; #firetruck; #Spartan; #MetroStar; #FoxRiverCountrysideFireRescue;

Alexis Fire photo; #Alexis; #firetruck; #Spartan; #MetroStar; #FoxRiverCountrysideFireRescue;

Alexis Fire photo; #Alexis; #firetruck; #Spartan; #MetroStar; #FoxRiverCountrysideFireRescue;

Alexis Fire photo

thanks Martin

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New engine for the Fox River & Countryside FPD

Sneak peak; #FireTruck; #Spartan; #AlexisFireEquipment; #FoxRiverCountrysideFPD;

more to come

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Ambulance remount for Dwight EMS

From Crossroads Ambulance sales and service LLC Facebook page:

Village of Dwight EMS Medwerks Ambulance Remount from Alexis Fire Equipment Company has been converted to a Type I and is back from paint. Now receiving graphics and electrical upgrades while we wait for the black wheels to come back from paint!; #ambulance; #remount; #Medwerks; #CrossroadsAmbulance; #DwightEMS;

Crossroads Ambulance photo; #ambulance; #remount; #Medwerks; #CrossroadsAmbulance; #DwightEMS;

Crossroads Ambulance photo; #ambulance; #remount; #Medwerks; #CrossroadsAmbulance; #DwightEMS;

Crossroads Ambulance photo

thanks Martin

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New rescue squad for Des Plaines (more)

This from Chi-Town Fire Photos:

Des Plaines has placed a new unit in service at Station 63. Rescue 63 is a 2021 Ford F-550 Alexis 12′ Response Rescue. Des Plaines is using this unit to run on non emergency calls, follow the ambulance instead of the squad, fire calls, and is also the jump company for their 4th ambulance. Station 63 staffs (2) on Ambulance 63, (3) on Squad 63, (2) on Rescue 63/Ambulance 64.; #chi-townfirephotos; #DesPlainesFD; #Alexis; #FireTruck;

Chi-Town Fire Photos

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New squad for Des Plaines FD

Seen on Alexis’ website:

Des Plaines Rescue 63, a 2022 Ford F-550/Alexis 12′ response light rescue; #AlexisFire;#DesPlainesFD;

Alexis Fire Equipment photo


thanks Mathew

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As seen around … Kirkland

From Larry Shapiro:

Kirkland Community Fire District Engine 1 – HME/Alexis; Engine 2 – Peterbilt/Alexis; and Tanker 1 – GMC Topkick/Walker/Stuart.

#larryshapiro;;; #FireTruck; #KirklandCFD; #HME; #Alexis;

Larry Shapiro photo

#larryshapiro;;; #FireTruck; #KirklandCFD; #Peterbilt; #Alexis;

Larry Shapiro photo

#larryshapiro;;; #FireTruck; #KirklandCFD;

Larry Shapiro photo

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