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Bridgeview Fire Department Station 1

As a followup to a previous post HERE, Martin Nowak has submitted images now from Bridgeview Station 1 to allow readers an insight into the rest of the department’s apparatus.The Bridgeview Fire Department in Mabas Division 21 has not yet been added to the site.

Apparatus at Station 1 includes the following:

  • Engine 416: 1997 HME Luverne
  • Battalion Chief 40: 2005 Ford Expedition
  • Car 401: 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Ambulance 417: 2008 GMC 4500/Horton
  • Car 400 (Chief) 2005 Ford Expedition
  • Not Pictured is Engine Co. 425 1993 Pierce Dash
Bridgeview Fire Department

Martin Nowak photo

Bridgeview Fire Department Engine 416

Martin Nowak photo

Bridgeview Fire Department Ambulance

Martin Nowak photo

Bridgeview Fire Department

Martin Nowak photo

Bridgeview Fire Department

Martin Nowak photo

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FDNY Rescue 4 in Des Plaines – update

Karl Klotz visited Denny G’s Automotive Repair in Des Plaines and took several shots showing the current state of X-FDNY Rescue 4. Evidently, they are working around the clock to meet deadlines to show the rig next week on 9/11/11. Previous posts about this rig can be found HEREHERE, and HERE which includes a photo showing what the rescue looked like a week ago.

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

X-FDNY Rescue 4 (Queens) was assigned to Rescue 3 (Bronx) after 9/11/01. The decals on the body depict Rescue 4 and the faint outline of a number '3' can be seen as well. Karl Klotz photo

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

The door to the body enclosure lists names of several members who lost their lives on 9/11/01. Karl Klotz photo

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

Names of the deceased were also placed on the cab below the windshield. Karl Klotz photo

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

The stripes and decals were covered with primer prior to releasing the unit. The primer has been removed and the decals and stripes are all clearly visible now. Karl Klotz photo


more photos of the work being done can be seen HERE.

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East Dundee FPD is added to the site

East Dundee Fire Protection District

The East Dundee fire station had an addition built in 2006. Bill Friedrich photo

In MABAS Division 2 which incorporates Kane County, The East Dundee Fire Protection District has been added to the site. Bill Friedrich submitted the images to create the page for the current department. Their fire suppression apparatus is all by Alexis and their ambulances are from Medtec. Two of their current suppression units are on HME 1871 series chassis and the pumper/squad was built on an American LaFrance Eagle chassis.

East Dundee Fire Protection District HME Alexis pumper tanker

In addition, Bill also submitted his images representing East Dundee’s past apparatus. These were combined with submissions from Larry Shapiro to build the East Dundee historic gallery that features several images including a 1934 antique.

East Dundee Fire Protection District antique brush truck

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Chicago new apparatus assignments – update

The fifth new Spartan/Crimson 103′ rear mount aerial in Chicago will be assigned to Truck 59. That makes Truck Companies 9, 31, 51, 56, & 59 the recipients of the five aerials that have been delivered to date. Each of these companies currently runs with a 1996 Seagrave except Truck 51, which has a 1995 Seagrave, the oldest ladder in front line service in Chicago. After these new rigs go into service, there will be two remaining 1996 Seagrave trucks that are assigned to Trucks 61 and 62.

As a side note, there are three 1996 HME 1871/Simon-LTI 100′ tower ladders currently assigned to Tower 21, Tower 37, and Tower 39. Due to an accident with their 2002 Pierce Dash Tower Ladder, Tower 34 is running again with their 1988 E-ONE Hurricane 95′ tower ladder.

Chicago Fire Department Truck 59 1996 Seagrave

Chicago Truck 59 and Truck 31 at the Quinn Fire Academy yesterday. All three shifts of the five companies receiving the new Spartan/Crimson aerials are rotating through the academy to receive training on the new apparatus before getting the rigs. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 31 2010 Spartan Crimson

The rear of Truck 31 shows that all ground ladder storage is within the center of the truck. A first for Chicago is full compartmentation on both sides of the rigs. Steve Redick photo

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New Oak Park engines

The first of two new HME Ahrens Fox engines received by Oak Park (MABAS Division 11) has been lettered for Engine 602 and is currently having the equipment mounted. Engine 603’s new rig will be lettered soon. These new engines will replace a pair of 2001, HME 1871 Penetrator/Central States engines which are going to an apparatus broker. Until the 2001 units leave, there are currently six rigs in Oak Park with HME chassis. (that would make a nice photograph)

Oak Park Fire Department HME Ahrens Fox engine

Oak Park Engine 602's new 2010, HME 1871, Ahrens Fox, 1,500-GPM engine has a 500-gallon water tank in addition to two, 30-gallon foam tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Park Fire Department HME Ahrens Fox engine

Engine 603 will be lettered now that the lettering has been completed on Engine 602. This is how the engine cam from HME. Larry Shapiro photo

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