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Winnetka’s new quint

The new Quint 28 in Winnetka is expected to go into service in two weeks. This 2010 unit has a Smeal Sirius cab and chassis (Spartan cab and chassis branded specifically for Smeal) with a 2000-GPM pump and a 350-gallon water tank.  It has a Smeal, 75′ steel ladder. Ground ladders are nested inside the body and are accessed from the rear of the unit as is Smeal’s EHL (Ergonomic Hose Load) system. The hose bed slides out for easy loading of the LDH while firefighters stand on the ground. This is the first unit in Winnetka that has air conditioning.

Winnetka Fire Department 2010 Smeal quint

Winnetka Quint 28 shown with the new black over red color scheme. The equipment mounting is not yet complete and the cab is missing decals and numbering. This unit will sport a brand new decal for Winnetka when it goes into service. Larry Shapiro photo

Truck 28, the 1990 Pierce Arrow 75′ rear mount has been sold and will leave as soon as the new quint is in service.

** When this post was originally published, it said that the water tank was 600 gallons. Karl Klotz sent in corrected information that the tank actually holds 350 gallons.

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Carol Stream Fire District Open House

On Saturday, October 2, Carol Stream will host their Fire Department Open House

Carol Stream Fire Department Open House

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More on Oak Brook

A letter to the village president from the Associate Fire Fighters of Illinois.

Oak Brook Fire Department Union letter to mayor

Oak Brook Fire Department union letter to the village manager

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Oak Brook FD

Firegeezer posted the following:

AFFI Brothers and Sisters, Illinois Fire Service members and the family of Hinsdale Deputy Chief Mark Johnson:

The members of IAFF Local 4646 are ashamed of the irresponsible behavior and comments made by officials and citizens at a recent Oak Brook Citizens Financial Advisory Committee meeting.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for your support. Some of you alerted the media, others created websites, and even more expressed their desire to attend Tuesday’s Oak Brook Board of Trustees meeting to express your outrage directly.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could delay attending a trustee meeting until our local finishes consulting with our executive board, Local 4646 membership, the AFFI and the IAFF on the proper course of action.

Thanks again brothers and sisters. We’ll keep you informed of further developments.


George Grodek, President
IAFF Local 4646


If you have not already seen the original Firegeezer article, it has an in depth look at the committee and those who spoke. Check it out HERE

The Firegeezer article has a link to a Daily Herald article about the library issue HERE involving the person who does all of the talking on the FD issue. Note in that article how the city needs to provide police and firefighters and building inspectors as a primary obligation.

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Winnetka receives new quint

The Winnetka Fire Department has recently accepted their new Spartan/Smeal quint … rumored to be black over red! As soon as we have more information and photos we’ll post an update.

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MABAS Division 3 bi-annual training

Deputy Chief Drew Smith from Prospect Heights tells us that …

MABAS Division 3 is holding their annual fall company drills at NIPSTA.  Sessions ran 0900-1200 and 1330-1630 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this past week September 21, 22 and 23 and will continue on the same schedule for the next two weeks September 28, 29, 30, October 5, 6 and 7.  Each session has 10 companies and three chiefs (plus about 10 instructors) participating in three evolutions:

1) Live fire multi-company operation;

2) Pitched roof ventilation skills on prop;

3) Classroom session on “taking care of our own.”

In these three weeks, 34 engine companies and 16 truck companies (times three shifts) with more than 500 firefighters will participate.  Division 3 has been performing this type of division-wide company training each spring and fall for 20 years.

Lockport updates

Lockport Lt. John Matthews keeps us current and up-to-date with his department. He recently sent us pictures of Lockport‘s new 2010 IHC/Medtec ambulance at station1 and the new brush unit as well. John informs us that the old ambulance 1 has become reserve ambulance 1 now at station6, and the previous reserve unit is gone.

Lockport Township FPD ambulance 1 Medtec

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Plainfield and Naperville updates

Lt. Andy Hilk of Naperville provided the following information:

  • Plainfield FPD has a new St.2 and Admin campus under construction on 135th St. just east of Rt.59, behind the Menards.  They also have 2 new rigs at St.2.  (Not a good place for rig photos right now with all the construction going on.)
  • Naperville’s new E-4 is still at the dealer for prep work but hopefully we will get it next week.
  • Earlier this month Naperville shuffled some rigs around again.  I will let you know … where everything ends up.

Editors note: We can hardly wait to rearrange the apparatus that we have posted throughout the 10 Naperville stations!

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Fire Museum of Greater Chicago Fundraiser Reminder!

Don’t forget that Sunday is the date for the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago Fundraiser!

Greater Chicago Fire Museum


New home for Oak Lawn truck

Karl Klotz has informed us that Anne Arundel County Maryland has purchased the former Oak Lawn E-ONE truck 3.  It will be assigned to Truck Co. 31.

Oak Lawn FD EONE truck

Former Truck 3 from Oak Lawn, a 2008 Cyclone II CR100 rear mount aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Lawn firefighters spec’d out this truck during the term of an interim chief. When a permanent chief was hired, a decision was made that a 75′ quint would better serve the fire department’s needs.  This unit was taken out of service along with the 1991 Pierce Lance HDR and both were offered for sale. Truck 3 as it is pictured here was in service for only a few months.

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