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Glenview Engine 8

Glenview engine 8 Pierce Arrow XT

Glenview Engine 8, 2009 Pierce Arrow XT with rescue-style body. Larry Shapiro photo

The new Pierce Arrow XT engine that was assigned to Glenview Engine 8 earlier this year represents several changes from the earlier apparatus for Engine 6 and 7. The heavier Arrow XT cab/chassis is the first noticeable change as compared to the Enforcer models purchased previously. The Arrow XT was also ordered with a heavy steel bumper instead of the chrome bumpers on the others. The next change is in the body design. Engine 8 has larger body with deeper ‘rescue-style’ compartments. The first compartment has a slide-out tool board, the rear compartment has a complete compliment of hydraulic extrication tools and there are ‘coffin-style’ compartments assessable from the top of the body which house the cord reels for the hydraulic tools and haz-mat supplies. Engine 8 is the first response haz-mat unit in town and along with truck 14 is part of the extrication response. Engines 6, 7, and 13 have ‘combi-tools’ for minor pin-ins but only Engine 8 and the truck have the full array of tools.

Glenview FD Engine 8

The body of Engine 8 is taller and features deeper compartments than earlier Pierce engines. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview is said to be in the preliminary stages of ordering two additional engines, one of which will have the standard engine body while the second will replicate Engine 8. This ‘rescue-style’ engine though will not be setup for haz-mat but instead will carry supplies for technical rescue.

Glenview Engine 8 rear chevron

The rear of Engine 8 showing the depth of the right side compartments and the NFPA compliant rear chevron. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview engine 8 Pierce Arrow XT

Engine 8 has a complete set of hydraulic tools and is due village-wide on calls for extrication along with Truck 14 and the still engine. Larry SHapiro photo

Glenview engine 8

This slide-out tool board is made possible with the deeper compartments. Larry Shapiro photo

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Flossmoor is added to Division 24 departments

Another department in Division 24 has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. Minus the brush rig, the entire Flossmoor fleet is now available to view HERE. Flossmoor was one of the first area departments to embrace the maximum height cab extensions beginning in 1990 with an early Pierce Lance followed in 1994 by an even larger cab from HME on a unit built by Luverne. Both of these units featured fully enclosed top mounted pump modules. Their newest engine also features a raised roof cab from HME although it is shorter and lower than the earlier model. This 2000 model year Central States engine also features a top mount pump panel but it is not enclosed within the cab. Rounding out their suppression fleet is a 1996 custom Sutphen 70′ mid-ship tower ladder. All of their apparatus are painted black over red.

Flossmoor Engine 1340 HME Central States

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Gardner is on the site

In Division 15 out in Grundy County, the Gardner Fire Department has been added to the site with images by Karl Klotz and data supplied by Bill Friedrich. Gardner is a volunteer department with a station full of rigs built by Pierce, Alexis and their newest is from Sutphen.

Gardner Fire Department Sutphen pumper

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Naperville is complete

Naperville Fire Department station 8

Naperville Station 8 is a single engine house at 120 Modoff Road. Larry Shapiro photo

All 10 stations in Naperville have been photographed and added to the site with the apparatus as it is currently assigned. This includes the two new Spartan/Crimson quints and the reassigned engine 8 and squad 1. A return trip will be necessary when the next Spartan Crimson engine comes in to replace the Freightliner/EONE currently running out of station 4. Our thanks to Lt. Andy Hilk for making the arrangements for the group to get the photos around town and to the personnel who were very accommodating to a bunch of photographers.

Naperville Fire Department Pierce Dash Tower Ladder Truck 9

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CFD updates

Jack Connors and Karl Klotz have been busy photographing apparatus and stations in the city. They have submitted many updates which have now been added to the site.

Chicago Fire Department engine 28's house

Engine 28's house in it's current state.

Chicago FIre Department Engine 107's house

Engine 107's house as updated with the red doors.

Chicago Fire Department engine 32

Chicago Fire Department engine 65

Chicago Fire Department engine 50

  • 6th District: 625 has been added to Engine 46’s house
Chicago Fire Department chemical unit 625

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5-11 Club/Fire Buffs of Illinois Muster Highlights

CFD muster

Pumping into the antique water tower. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

The water tower getting supplied to flow all three guns. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Century engine

Feeding the water tower from this beautifully restored American LaFrance Century engine. Larry Shapiro photo

boy playing in water spray

Nothing beats getting wet on a hot day! Larry Shapiro photo

Classic Pirsch pumper

Classic Pirsch pumper formally from Kenosha, WI. Larry Shapiro photo

Classic Pirsch engine pumping

Another shot of the Pirsch, this time feeding the water tower. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Ridge Pirsch

A Pirsch Quad from Chicago Ridge. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

The water tower with the skyline. Larry Shapiro photo

FDNY Seagrave engine

The highlight for many was the appearance of this FDNY Seagrave engine that was 'in-cognito' while traveling to NYC for delivery. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD Dodge Monaco

Beautifully restored Dodge Monaco for Battalion 7. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD Fire Academy Muster

A view of the water tower from inside the drill yard. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

The water tower going full force down Taylor Street. Larry Shapiro photo

CFD antique water tower

Another view looking east on Taylor. Larry Shapiro photo

boy playing in water on a hot day

The only way to enjoy the very hot day was to get wet. Larry Shapiro photo

boys playing in the spray of a fire truck

When the wind shifted, it wasn't just the young ones that got wet, everyone ran for cover. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Century pumper

At the day's end, the apparatus was positioned for photos. Larry Shapiro photo

photographers taking pictures of a fire truck

Several buffs waited for the opportunity to photograph the apparatus that was on display. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Century pumper Worthington

This beautiful American LaFrance Century pumper was a favorite for many of the visitors. Larry Shapiro

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Fire Muster and Flea Market in Chicago

Today was the FIre Engine Rally  & Firematic Swap Meet co-sponsored by the 5-11 Club of Chicago & The Fire Buffs of Illinois at the Chicago Fire Academy. Several private collectors brought apparatus and several pieces of apparatus from the CFD were on hand for visitors. Several vendors had goods for sale and a special treat for many was a visit by an FDNY Seagrave engine that was en route to be delivered in New York City.

Another treat was seeing three engines used to supply water to the old CFD water tower as it flowed three master streams.

Tomorrow, photos from the event will be posted.

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Mundelein is on the site

Mundelein FD Sutphen 75' quint

The Mundelein Fire Department in Division 4 has two stations that are packed full of apparatus. Both stations have been added to the site with photos submitted by Jack Connors. The station photos will be added shortly along with the Mundelein patch. As mentioned previously HERE and HERE, their newest rig is a 2009 Sutphen mid-ship 75′ quint which runs out of Station 2 on Lake Street. Other than this Sutphen, their fleet of suppression vehicles are all Pierce, the newest of which is a 2003 pumper/squad.

Mundelein FD Pierce Saber pumper/squad

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Bedford Park updates

All three Bedford Park fire station photos have been updated as well as images of Engine 710 and Truck 705 which are both at Station 2.

Bedford Park Fire Station 1

Bedford Park Fire Station 1 on Archer Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

Bedford Park Engine 710 2010 Pierce Impel

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New engine goes right into service

Buffalo Grove Ferrara Igniter engine

Buffalo Grove 2010 Ferrara Igniter engine (217) on-scene after going into service. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Buffalo Grove extrication

Buffalo Grove firefighters remove the victim from a car that drove into a building on the north end of town. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Engine 26 (217) on-scene at an extrication within hours of being put into service today in Buffalo Grove. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Buffalo Grove put their new Ferrara engine into service just after lunch today and within 3 hours it responded on two medical runs and a car into a building that required extrication.  Reports came in to the police that a car had driven into the Rainbow Cleaners at 482 Half Day Road (at Buffalo Grove Road). When police arrived they reported three injuries including the driver who was unable to get out of the car. Firefighters removed the roof of the Lexus inside the cleaners before pulling out the driver who did not appear to be seriously injured. The other victims signed releases and were not transported.

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