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New ambulances for Chicago (more) posted an article in February about U.S. Ambulance Corporation in Florida:

On February 13, (FL) Governor Rick Scott visited U.S. Ambulance Corporation in Winter Park to meet employees and celebrate the expansion of the facility.  In addition to the 473 employees already in place, the expansion will add 126 new jobs and infuse $2 million in capital to the Central Florida region.

The expansion of the Winter Park facility will solidify U.S. Ambulance Corporation as the largest single site manufacturer of ambulances and rescue vehicles in the world. Allied Specialty Vehicles (ASV), the parent company of U.S. Ambulance, began expanding the Winter Park facility in 2011, and U.S. Ambulance has since acquired several key brands including Road Rescue of South Carolina, and McCoy Miller and Marque of Indiana.   ASV is also the parent company of E-One, a fire truck manufacturer located in Ocala.   When the growth is complete, ASV will employ almost 1,300 team members statewide and report a payroll in excess of $55 million.

U.S. Ambulance now manufactures under the names Wheeled Coach, McCoy Miller, Marque, and Road Rescue.  The expansion will allow U.S. Ambulance to extend their product offerings throughout the U.S. as well as the Caribbean, South America, Middle East and Asia.

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Palos Fire Protection District on the site

Another fire department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Palos Fire Protection District with two stations in Palos Park has 41 personnel on the roster including 12 who are part-time. They are responsible for a district that covers 15 square miles and includes Palos Park, parts of Palos Heights, Orland Park, and unincorporated Palos Township.

Palos Fire Protection District Engine 6303

Karl Klotz photo

Their fire suppression apparatus consists of three E-ONE engines and a 110-foot E-ONE quint. They run Road Rescue ambulances in addition to having a brush rig and an elliptical tanker from 4-Guys.

Palos Fire Protection District Station 2

Palos FPD Station 2 is at 13010 S. 104th Avenue in Palos Park. Karl Klotz photo

Palos Station 2 is also home to the new Haz Mat unit being shared by MABAS Divisions 19 & 22 which was written about HERE and HERE.

Palos Fire Protection District Tanker 6306

Bill Friedrich photo

Images were submitted by Bill Friedrich, Karl Klotz, Dennis McGuire, Jr., and Larry Shapiro.


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Wauconda awaits new ambulance

The Wauconda Fire District in MABAS Division 4 has ordered a new ambulance from Medtec. The new Type I on a Freightliner Business Class chassis is expected in October.

With the arrival of the new unit, two older ambulances will be taken out of service. The 1991 IHC 4700/Road Rescue will be disposed of. The body of the 1997 IHC 4700/Road Rescue will be removed and scrapped but the chassis will become the base for a new joint hose tender with Countryside, and will replace Tender 411 which is a 1978 Peterbilt 1978/1989 Pierce. The body for the hose tender has yet to be finalized.

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New ambulance in Gurnee

The Gurnee Fire Department in MABAS Division 4 has recently received a new ambulance which was donated by one of their fire districts. Ambulance 1343 is a 2010 IHC 4300 Type I built by Wheeled Coach. The unit previously numbered as 1343, a 1998 IHC 4700 with a Road Rescue body, has been traded in.

Gurnee Fire Department new ambulance Wheeled Coach

Gurnee put this new Wheeled Coach ambulance into service at their Station 2. Larry Shapiro photo


Gurnee Fire Department ambulance 1343

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Hillside has been added to the site

Hillside Fire Department

The Hillside Fire Station has been modified since this photo was taken and now has a second floor. Bill Friedrich photo

In MABAS Division 20, the Hillside Fire Department has been added to the site. Hillside operates out of one station at 523 N. Wolf Road, and they house two ambulances, two engines, a truck company, and a light-duty rescue. Apparatus is a mixture of Road Rescue, Medtec, Pierce, American LaFrance, KME, and Grumman. Any day now the Grumman will be retired and replaced with a new Pierce quint as seen HERE.

Hillside Fire Department Grumman AerialCat

This tower ladder is being replaced by a new Pierce 105' ladder.

Hillside Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT PUC

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Fire in Country Club Hills 1-21-11 – update

Karl Klotz also took in the house fire yesterday in Country Club Hills at 4440 W. 183rd Street. The temperature at the time of this fire was -20 degrees including the wind chill. He arrived before Dennis McGuire, Jr who submitted photos that were posted HERE.

Karl submitted the following images and has a full gallery which can be seen HERE.

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

Smoke escapes from the roof at 4440 W. 183rd Street as firefighters get water on the fire inside the house. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire Spartan Crimson Engine 1120

Country Club Hills Engine 1120 was the first suppression unit on the scene. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

Firefighters overhaul the exterior of the house looking for hot spots of hidden fire after the main fire has been controlled by companies inside. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

As firefighters perform overhaul, they remove exterior soffits, siding, and insulation . Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

Hazel Crest Truck 1220, a Pierce Lance 105' quint, was staged in front of the house. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

Country Club Hills Engine 1130, a Pierce Lance, brought additional manpower to the scene. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

Oak Forest Ambulance 162, a 2004 Ford/Road Rescue was on the scene but there were no injuries. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

A Country Club Hills firefighter awaits a new assignment after working on overhaul. Karl Klotz photo

Country Club Hills Fire Department house fire

Homewood's squad, a Country Club Hills engine, an Oak Forest engine, the Country Club Hills tower, and the Hazel Crest truck can be seen parked along 183rd Street at the fire. Karl Klotz photo

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Lake Zurich has been added to the site

Lake Zurich Fire Department patchLake Zurich has now been added to the departments in MABAS Division 4. They have four stations of which one is in Deer Park and another is in North Barrington. This is a 100% Pierce department for suppression apparatus with four Saber engines, a Dash tower ladder, and a squad with a commercial IHC 4400 chassis. The ambulances are a mixture of Road Rescue and Medtec Type I units on IHC chassis.

The four engines are virtually identical though they span being built between 1997-2002. All but one carry 1,000 gallons of water and have foam tanks. The downtown engine has 750 gallons of water on board.

Lake Zurich Fire Department IHC Pierce squad

Lake Zurich Fire Department Road Rescue ambulance

Lake Zurich Fire Station 4

Lake Zurich Fire Station 4 is located at 21970 Field Parkway in Deer Park. This two-bay house is similar to the other outlying stations. Larry Shapiro photo

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Grayslake has been added to MABAS Division 4

The Grayslake Fire Protection District covers 25 square miles in the heart of Lake County. They currently run out of two stations and expect to break ground for Station 3 in the spring of 2011. The new station will be on Peterson Road just east of Route 60. Grayslake has a combination of full-time, part-time and contract personnel. Although their truck and two engines are from Pierce, the newest engine is a 2009 Seagrave Maurauder II top-mount which has been featured HERE, and HERE.

Grayslake FPD Seagrave Maurauder II engine

Ambulances in Grayslake are a mixture of Road Rescue and Medtec and they have a tanker on an R-Model Mack chassis which was featured at a fire in Waukegan HERE.

Grayslake FPD Mack R Stuart tender

Grayslake FPD brush truck

Grayslake FPD Station 2

Grayslake Station 2 is at 1200 Brae Loch Road on the edge of the College of Lake County campus. Larry Shapiro photo

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Manhattan has been added to the site

Another department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Manhattan Fire Protection District covers 72 square miles from two stations. Their staffing consists of 9 full-time personnel, 35 part-time, and 35 POCs. The Manhattan fleet includes three IHC 4300/Road Rescue Type I ambulances and engines from Pierce and Alexis. They just received their newest engine which is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic, Alexis with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 750 gallons of water. Manhattan received a new heavy rescue last year built by SVI Trucks which was also on a Spartan chassis with an extended, super command, Gladiator Classic cab. The old squad was built in 1986 on a Chevy Kodiak chassis by Marion, and is now owned by the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan SVI HDR

The 2009 Spartan Gladiator Classic/SVI heavy rescue/air unit/light unit assigned as Squad 1216 in Manhattan. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District Chevy Kodiak Marion HDR for Manhattan EMA

Manhattan's previous squad 1216 was this 1986 Marion Body unit on a Chevy Kodiak chassis. This rig is now with the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Karl Klotz photo

When the new Alexis engine was put into service, Manhattan donated old engine 1211, a 1984, IHC/Pierce with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank to the Hurst Fire and Rescue Department in Southern Illinois.

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan Gladiator Alexis engine

Manhattan's newest piece is this recently delivered Alexis engine on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic cab. It replaces a 1984 Pierce engine on an International chassis with a four-door cab. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District 1984 IHC Pierce engine donated to the Hurst Fire Department

Old engine 1211 was this 1984 Pierce commercial pumper that was built with an IHC cab and chassis. Members of the Manhattan FPD recently drove this unit to Southern Illinois where they presented it as a donation to the Hurst Fire & Rescue Department. Karl Klotz photo

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Gurnee is on the site

Gurnee Fire Department patch

Fire departments in Lake County, MABAS Division 4, continue to be added to the site. The Gurnee Fire Department is now the latest to be posted. They have two stations covering 33 square miles which includes the Six Flags Great America amusement park and Gurnee Mills, an enormous outlet mall. The Gurnee suppression fleet is made up entirely of E-ONE apparatus and currently all four of their ambulances are Type I models from Road Rescue on IHC 4700 or IHC 4300 series’ chassis. A new Type I ambulance is presently on order from Wheeled Coach.

Gurnee also houses some specialty MABAS assets. They store an interesting 1991 Mack/Volvo roll-off chassis which is used to transport metal storage containers which contain equipment and supplies for MABAS Divisions 4&5. One container is for the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) with tools and lumber and the other is for the Wildland Task Force which carries, among other things, an ATV.

Lake County and McHenry County TRT unit

Gurnee Fire Department Station 1

Gurnee Fire Department headquarters Station 1 on Old Grand Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

An interesting note about the E-ONE apparatus is the wide range of chassis and cab styles that are represented.

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Cyclone II engine

This engine features the newest version of the Cyclone II which is a tilt-cab.

Gurnee Fire Department EONE Cyclone engine

This 1995 engine uses the early Cyclone chassis with a fixed cab.

Gurnee also has two engines with a Cyclone tilt-cab with a previous grille design. The tower ladder is built on a Hurricane chassis which has a fixed cab.

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Hurricane 95' tower ladder

In 1998 when Gurnee received their new E-ONE tower ladder, they arranged to have the unit photographed with one of the main town attractions. At that time, Gurnee Mills was billed as the largest outlet mall in the country. Planet Hollywood was one of the anchor restaurants at the mall. Larry Shapiro collection

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Sentry HDR

Gurnee Squad 1352 was ordered with a four-door Sentry cab and a vista roof. The Sentry is distinguishable by the straight, non-contoured door line of the driver's door. The vista roof was a raised roof that E-ONE offered without full height rear doors. This photo was taken inside Six Flags Great America when the squad was delivered. The graphics are no longer representative of how the squad looks today. Larry Shapiro collection

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