New pumper tanker for Sycamore FPD (more)

From Bill Schreiber:

Sycamore FD Rosenbauer pumper tender update

fire truck body mounted onto chassis

Rosenbauer photo

Rosenbauer Commander pumper/tanker being built for the Sycamore FPD in Illinois

Rosenbauer photo

fire truck body mounted onto chassis

Rosenbauer photo

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Illinois Fire Service news

Excerpts from

Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly and Statewide 911 Administrator Cindy Barbera-Brelle announced Wednesday the state’s intent to move forward with a new 911 system known as Next Generation 911 network.

The announcement of an intent to award a contract to AT&T is expected to lead to a system that will allow for video sharing and text messages to be sent to 911 tele-communicators. The ability to share video could help first responders emergency personnel better prepare for what they’re about to encounter when responding to a 911 call.

Another key upgrade will be the ability of bordering counties to quickly share information with each other.

State officials believe the upgrade will result in greater accuracy, reduced response times, and will be more reliable. The initial cost is expected to be $109 million over 10 years. Work on the project is expected to begin at the end of the 2021 fiscal year.

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New tower ladder for Chicago at O’Hare Airport (more)

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Representatives from E-ONE and Fire Service Inc. were on hand at O’Hare International Airport to help provide in-service training to the Chicago Fire Department as they work with their recently delivered new Tower Ladder 63. This 100’ rear-mount platform boasts Federal Signal LED lighting, a 5” stainless steel aerial waterway, 5” front suction, severe duty interior, and painted ROM rollup doors. In addition to it’s full ladder complement, this custom apparatus boasts many unique storage features that will serve the CFD and Chicago’s international airport for many years.

E-ONE Cyclone HP100 rear-mount platform aerial

Fire Service, Inc. photo

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Pierce Eye Candy … West County, MO

From RB:

Eye candy going to Black Jack Mo. – Dash 75′

new Pierce fire truck for Black Jack MO

new Pierce fire truck for Black Jack MO

new Pierce fire truck for Black Jack MO

new Pierce fire truck for Black Jack MO


Kankakee Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Kankakee Fire Chief Damon Schuldt joined the Milford Fire Protection District in October 1984 starting his journey as a firefighter and paramedic. The journey led him to the Bradley department in September 1989, then to the Kankakee in December 1990, where he retired Friday as the department’s chief.

He was appointed the interim chief in May 2017 and then officially became the department’s 19th chief in August 2017.

He met with Mayor-elect Chris Curtis earlier this week and was informed he would be replaced as chief. Curtis has since announced his choice for fire chief will be Kankakee Fire Capt. Bryan LaRoche.

Schuldt said he thought about retiring last winter since he had reached 30 years of service but decided to stay on as the COVID-19 pandemic lingered.

Now there will be time for Schuldt and his wife, Gayle, to work on their collection of classic vehicles, travel and spend time with their two sons and daughter.

Looking back over the past four years as chief, Schuldt said he was able to get most of his five-year plan in place.

“We were able to purchase two much-needed ambulances, including both being the first-four-wheel drive ambulances in the department’s history,” he said. “We also secured two staff vehicles — one all-wheel drive Explorer for shift commanders and a car for the fire prevention bureau. We recently ordered a new pumper with great assistance from our apparatus committee, and laid the groundwork for the refurbishment of an engine.

“I strived to stand up for my department and at times had to go up against some aldermen to accomplish that.”

Helping the department get an ISO 1 rating for the city is another achievement he is proud to have obtained during his tenure.

In October 2020 he became one of 1,400 fire chiefs to achieve the Chief Fire Officer designation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence Commission on Professional Credentialing.  

As he looked back over the past four years, he said he tried his best guiding the department during his tenure.

thanks Dennis

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University Park Fire Department news

University Park FD Engine 76

thanks Dennis

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Evanston Fire Department news

From the City of Evanston:


Evanston Fire Department Deputy Chief William Muno

Evanston Fire Department Deputy Chief William Muno

EVANSTON, IL – Chief Muno has served the residents of Evanston with pride and distinction over the past 34 years. Battalion Chief Muno’s promotion to deputy chief will be effective May 10, 2021. 

Chief Muno’s leadership in the department has been extensive, having served as a captain for 16 years and battalion chief for the last 9 years.

Bill has proven to be a dedicated member of the department, working tirelessly to improve the department’s day-to-day operations. He has provided training opportunities for fire department staff through his participation in the training committee for nearly ten years, helped our members operate more safely through his involvement with the safety committee since 1996, and has shaped departmental guidelines by serving on the Standard Operating Guideline Committee since 2016. Bill served as a paramedic preceptor, a role proven vital to helping newer paramedics develop the skills necessary to be effective in the field. Additionally, Chief Muno served as an active member of the department’s hazardous materials team for five years.

Bill’s commitment to professional development is evident in the numerous training courses, certifications, and college credits completed. Chief Muno completed the Fire Officer I and II certifications, attended numerous command classes, and completed various special operations training. Chief Muno currently holds an Associate’s Degree from Oakton College. 

Deputy Chief Muno’s vision for the fire department is to “have every member trained to the degree necessary to effectively manage the challenges presented and to benefit from modern-day advancements in the field.” 

“Chief Muno is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the fire service,” said Fire Chief Paul Polep. “Everyone in this organization will greatly benefit with Chief Muno in this senior leadership role.”

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Multiple fires in Gary, 5-1-21

Excerpts from

There were 15 to 18 suspicious fires Saturday night in Gary, forcing them to call at least a dozen different fire departments for assistance. All of the structures were vacant and no injuries were reported.

Arson was suspected in previous fires. Gary fire officials have not provided additional information about whether the incidents were related.

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A request for assistance

From a reader:


I have an amazing friend who lost her father due to a rescue accident when she was young, ever since she has held firefighters to a high respect as a way to remember her late father. 

She is soon to be getting married to the perfect man that of course is firefighter, her dream man! So I’m writing this message with hopes that I can create a very special gift for the two, as I know a big part of their wedding will also be showing a celebration of firefighters. 

I’m hoping maybe I can get some well wishes for the bride and groom, maybe patches, or just a photo and signature of the fire house and team. If interested I will pay for whatever materials and stamps needed to have this mailed so I can work on putting together a gift that the soon to be Mr & Mrs will truly be able to appreciated!

Thank you for your time and all that you do,


(contact the webmaster who will provide the email address to anyone that wishes to communicate with Courtney)


New ambulance for the Plainfield FPD

From the Foster Coach Sales website:

new Type 1 Horton ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

new Type 1 Horton ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

thanks Martin

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