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Rosenbauer/Sentinel ES Power Tour 2021 in Bartlett

Rosenbauer/Sentinel ES Power Tour 2021From Sentinel Emergency Solutions:

The Rosenbauer Power Tour was in the area Tuesday afternoon in Bartlett and will be at the Lemont FPD Wednesday morning from 9AM-12 noon.

Rosenbauer/Sentinel ES Power Tour 2021 in Bartlett IL

Rosenbauer/Sentinel ES Power Tour 2021

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New Lenox FPD history

From Larry Shapiro:

As a follow up to the As seen around … Clarksburg, PA post, here’s a shot of the original unit when it was in service with the New Lenox FPD

New Lenox FPD history

Larry Shapiro photo

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Fire service news

REV Group® Announces Plans to Shift KME® Production to Other REV Fire Group Facilities

MILWAUKEE, WI — September 10, 2021 — REV Group, Inc. (NYSE: REVG), parent company of leading designers and manufacturers of best-in-class specialty vehicle brands, announces the transition of KME Fire Apparatus production to other REV Fire Group facilities over the next year, which will allow improved lead times, quality, and delivery for KME customers.KME has long-served municipal, state, and federal markets across the U.S. with its diverse range of custom apparatus including Aerial, Industrial, Pumper, Rescue, Tanker, and Wildland products. KME is renowned for its quality engineering, custom manufacturing, and dedication to deliver on customers’ specific apparatus needs. From its Tractor-Drawn AerialCat with Steel-Safe technology to the new X-Series Custom Pumper, KME consistently innovates to provide custom configurations based on unique fire department requirements.

“The KME brand has a rich and enduring legacy. Our commitment with this transition is to preserve the legacy by continuing to deliver to our customers and dealer partners what they have come to expect from the KME brand through their many years of valued loyalty to KME,” said Kent Tyler, president, REV Fire Group. “This shift in production locations enables us to better access our broad operational expertise and resources, provide custom engineering, enhance quality and improve delivery times by leveraging the advanced manufacturing capabilities that we have through the REV Fire Group network.  New and current KME customers can be assured that our commitment to manufacturing excellence will continue to bring quality and value to KME fire apparatus.”

Orders currently in progress will be manufactured at the KME facilities in Nesquehoning, PA and Roanoke, VA, with production expected to be completed by April 2022. Orders not yet in production and new incoming orders will be transferred to other REV Fire Group manufacturing facilities. Each order will be reviewed with the respective KME dealer and end-user customers immediately following today’s announcement. In addition, KME is meeting with employees from the Nesquehoning and Roanoke facilities to discuss options and reassignments.

“The transition of production has a significant impact on KME employees and is not a decision we take lightly,” said Tyler. “We are grateful to our teams at both locations, who have worked with us over the years to build the KME brand. We also thank the local communities for their ongoing support, and we would like to thank our dealer partners for their outstanding efforts in servicing our mutual customers over the many years and thank them in advance for their efforts in supporting this transition.”



NESQUEHONING, Pa. — A plant in Carbon County that makes custom firefighting vehicles is closing.

Kovatch Mobile Equipment is a landmark in the town of Nesquehoning, producing top-of-the-line custom fire apparatus for more than 50 years. KME’s parent company REV Group has decided to move production elsewhere.

Some KME employees who wished to remain anonymous told Newswatch 16 they were called into a meeting Friday morning and were blindsided when they were told that the plants in Nesquehoning would be closing. Their last day of work will be March 31, 2022.

In a statement, REV Group said the plants will complete orders already in production, but new orders will be sent to other facilities in the company.

Doug Budziak left KME in May. He wasn’t surprised by the news.

“I knew it was coming. I’m not going to lie. I told a lot of people when I left there, I was like. ‘Listen, this place is going to go down, and it’s going to go down fast.’ Look at the stock markets, and you see their production levels; it’s just going down. With labor costs going up, it’s just more sensible to go overseas and make more money that way.”

Residents say the plant’s closure will be a big blow to the small town.

“I’m not from here, but I know it matters to these people,” Budziak said. “I know one guy, he works there, his name is Dave. He’s worked there his entire life. He’s going to lose it all.”

Despite massive layoffs in recent years, current and former employees estimate 300 to 400 people still work at the plant. Budziak says many of them can find new jobs fast, as he did, but they might have to relocate.

“Some other company is going to come in and maybe do something with it, by all means. But by that time, it’s going to be two or three years deep. The next generation’s going to be good, but you’re screwing these 300 people out of a life for the next two or three years, if not more. You don’t know what that is going to do to this kind of community.”

REV Group says it will meet with employees to discuss possible reassignments within the company. If they’re let go, employees tell Newswatch 16 the company will pay a week of severance for every year they worked at the plant.

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Illinois fire service news

Excerpts from

Nearly 70 firefighters from about 30 different departments will be leaving Tuesday morning and heading to Louisiana to help after Hurricane Ida. They are part of a strike team that will help fill in for other fire departments in Louisiana.

On Tuesday night, about 50 area firefighters returned after spending six days in the New Orleans area. They were part of the Illinois Urban Search and Rescue Team and spent about a week in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida hit.

While they were on the ground they helped people get food, water, and oxygen. They also did a lot of surveying of damage so FEMA and the Red Cross would know where to focus their help. They said damage was widespread and the heat was suffocating.

It could be weeks before power is restored in some areas.

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Westmont Cruisin’ Nights & Street Fair of 2021

This from Asher Heimermann:

The annual Westmont Police Car Parade was held during the Westmont Cruisin’ Nights Police Squad Night in Westmont, Illinois on Thursday, September 2, 2021. Several suburban Chicago law enforcement agencies participated in the parade.

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REV Group announces electric fire truck

From the REV Group:

REV Fire Group, part of REV Group Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services, announces it will introduce the first fully electric North American-style fire apparatus.

Developed with technology partner Emergency One Group LTD – maker of the world’s first EV fire truck – this new electric fire truck packs 316 kW of proven automotive-grade batteries to deliver the longest electric pumping duration in the industry. This enables departments to drive and pump on electric only.

“Our superior battery storage solution allows us to complete a fully electric NFPA pump test, while maintaining a safer, lower center of gravity,” said Roger Lackore, Senior Director of Product Development, REV Fire Group Engineering. A range-extender diesel engine is used for backup when pumping beyond three to four hours on a hydrant or for extended operation in blackouts and natural disasters.

“Our new fully electric fire truck reflects our continued drive to innovate industry-leading fire apparatus built with strength and durability specifically for the fire service vocation,” said Kent Tyler, President, REV Fire Group. “As we all focus on working and living in a more sustainable way, it will help fire departments throughout North America protect not only their citizens but the environment as well.”

Available for delivery in 2022, this rig features a North American design and is completely customizable to every department’s unique needs. It is built utilizing locally stocked components, making replacement parts readily available so customers can keep their equipment maintained and in top condition. This new product is available for preorders now through any E-ONE, KME, Ferrara or Spartan ER dealer sales representative.

To learn more, contact your authorized dealer today and schedule an exclusive virtual session with engineers from REV Fire.

REV Fire Group announces first fully electric North American-style fire apparatus

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Fire service news – Small Equipment Grant Program

OSFM Announces Open Application for FY22 Small Equipment Grants
Applications have opened for the Small Equipment Grant Program. All interested departments should send an application to the OSFM, which must be postmarked no later than Friday, October 22nd. The OSFM will award $2.5 million to eligible fire departments and ambulance services during this application period.
For more information and to find the application, visit the grants and loans page on the OSFM webpage.

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Interdivisional Box Alarms for the industrial fire in Rockton, 6-14-21 (more)

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The Boone County Local Emergency Planning Committee is hosting its annual Lunch and Learn next month to focus on responding to a large chemical fire.

The lunch will be on Tuesday, Sep. 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Community Building Complex on 111 W. First St. in Belvidere.

Rockton Fire Department Fire Chief Kirk Wilson, along with Boone County EMA Coordinator Dan Zaacard and Rockford Fire Department Division Chief Michele Pankow will go into detail about the response to the chemical fire in Rockton. They will also discuss how residents can prepare for this kind of emergency in the future.

The lunch is free, but a reservation is required to attend.

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The Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund

This from Waukegan Police Department Lt. Greg Zahn

The Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund (a 501c3 organization) was founded in 2017 by several Waukegan Police and Fire Department members.  The idea for the fund was born from the desire to financially assist the surviving spouses and children of our department’s members that die either on or off duty while active sworn members.  The fund will, in the event of the death of one of our members, provide immediate financial assistance to the family.  Longer term, the fund will provide a small birthday and Christmas gift to the surviving children.  We will also give a larger gift to each child upon their 8th grade and high school graduation.  We felt the gifts would be nice, but the main goal is to make sure the family knows that they are still a part of our police and fire family.

After a hiatus last year due to the pandemic, the Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund would like to invite you out to a night of comedy.  Our fundraiser this year will host Michael Winslow (Sgt. “Motor Mouth” Jones of Police Academy) and Friends at the Genesee Theatre on September 9th at 7:30pm.  In addition to the ticket sales benefiting the fund, we are selling custom Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund patches the night of the show as well.  Each $10 patch also gets you 1 raffle ticket for a chance to win a stay in a Lazy Haven Cabin in Gatlinburg, TN.  The winner will have several cabins to choose from.  Available dates are as follows: Jan 10-14, Jan 17-21 or Jan 24-28.

Here is a flyer and what the patches look like.  Please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested or print out the flyer and post at your respective departments.  If you are interested in tickets, see the flyer below for purchase information.  Thanks in advance for your support, stay safe.


Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund patch

Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund patch

Waukegan Police and Fire Memorial Fund fundraiser

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Fire Service news

Excerpts from

Pritzker signed a package of legislation on Thursday, aimed at protecting the physical and mental health of police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel. Some of the legislation signed into law include Senate Bill 1913, House Bill 3656, and Senate Bill 1575. 

The legislation signed on Thursday aims to strengthens Scott’s Law to help keep first responders safe on the roads and improves mental health resources.

The governor was joined by legislative and administration leaders as well as Lauren Frank, wife of State Trooper Brian Frank, in critical condition following a Scott’s Law violation.

Under Senate Bill 1913 courts will be allowed to order community service as a form of punishment for violating Scott’s Law, in addition to other penalties.

Since 2002, Scott’s Law says that drivers approaching a vehicle with their hazard lights on must slow down and move over. Earlier this year, ISP reported a total of 1,340 violations of the law during the 19-day period between February 18 and March 7. 

This new and enhanced law will protect the workers who shouldn’t have to put their lives in danger pulling over on the highway to do their jobs. The law takes effect January 1, 2022.

House Bill 3656 will further clarify a driver’s duty for how to respond to an emergency scene on the road, so that the protections of Scott’s Law can be wielded to their fullest extent.

It also establishes the Move Over Early Warning Task Force, which will study how to use 21st century technology to better help drivers safely navigate an emergency zone.

Findings are due to the General Assembly in early 2023. Finally, the legislation adds that it is a factor in aggravation if a person commits a Scott’s Law violation while using a handheld cell phone. The law takes effect January 1, 2022. 

Senate Bill 1575 requires the creation of an online resource page with a comprehensive collection of mental health resources specifically geared toward first responders.

It will include crisis services, wellness, trauma information, nutrition, stress reduction, anxiety, depression, violence prevention, suicide prevention and substance use. 

The Illinois Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health will lead the effort to build this resource, with a target launch date of January 2022. The law takes effect immediately.

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