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Greensboro Fire Department Capt. CJ Woody earned the city’s Innovator of the Year award for designing and creating a decontamination shower head that attaches to fire trucks.

Firefighters are at a high risk of exposure to cancer-causing toxins. So, keeping their gear clean is crucial to their protection. The idea came to him after battling cancer.

His homemade shower head is helping firefighters wash off all their gear without any help. Isolating this pivotal decontamination practice to one person reduces exposing anyone else to dangerous toxins.

Greensboro’s 26 engines are all fitted with a shower head that attaches to a port on the back of the engine to create an outdoor shower.


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House fire in Buffalo Grove, 2-1-21 (more)

Additional images of the House fire in Buffalo Grove, 2-1-21 from John Kleeman

flames and smoke from roof of a house

John Kleeman photo

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New engines for the Bartlett FPD (more)

From Bill Schreiber:

Bartlett FPD Commander chassis update

fire engine being built for the Bartlett FPD

Rosenbauer photo

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Of interest … Rosenbauer ACP-55

From the Sentinel Emergency Solutions- Chicagoland FaceBook page:

Just another one of the many great options Rosenbauer has in their aerial line up! 
Let our apparatus specialists help with your next truck purchase!

The Rosenbauer Articulating Cobra Platform (55′ ACP) is part of Rosenbauer’s elite aerial family. With its 55′ articulating boom, the ACP is built for departments who operate in the tightest streets and alleyways. Did we mention it has an overall jack spread of 11’9” and wheelbase options as short as 170″? You can also make it a quint with a 2000-GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank, a 216” wheelbase with an outside turning radius of 36.52°, and an inside turning radius of 44° left & right. There’s so many things to like!!!

What 55′ ACP model is your favorite? A,B,C, or D?

drawings of different styles of the Rosenbauer ACP-55 platform aerial

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Illinois Fire Service news

Excerpts from advantage

To help ensure safe working conditions for firefighters, state Rep. Katie Stuart is highlighting the availability of new training materials for fire departments, including a comprehensive safety and health compliance guide from the Illinois Department of Labor. 

The Illinois Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (IL-OSHA) recently issued an Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Guide for Fire Departments, which covers the fire department inspection process, training requirements, frequently asked questions and realistic best practices to enhance firefighter safety. There is also a three-part video series available on IDOL’s YouTube channel designed to accompany the guide.

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New engine for Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD (more)


New engine for the Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD

  • Job Number: 34688
  • Chassis: Dash® CF
  • Body: Pumper
  • Actual Overall Height: 11? 5?
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel DD13
  • Horsepower: 505 hp
  • Front Suspension: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension: Air
  • Electrical System: Command Zone™
  • Foam System: Husky™ 12
  • Pump: Pierce PUC™ Midship
  • Pump GPM: 1,250 gmp
  • Tank: Water/Foam
  • Tank Size: 750 gallons
Pierce Dash CF PUC engine

Pierce composite

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Evanston Fire Department news

Excerpts from the City of Evanston:

Evanston Fire Department Deputy Chief Paul Polep

Evanston Fire Department photo

Evanston City Manager Erika Storlie announced the appointment of Deputy Chief Paul Polep as interim chief of the Evanston Fire Department.

Polep, a 24-year veteran of the department with 30 years of fire service experience, will assume his new role following the retirement of Fire Chief Brian Scott on Friday, January 15.

Polep began his service with the Evanston Fire Department in 1996 and has risen through the ranks serving as captain, division chief of emergency medical services, and most recently as deputy chief of operations. As deputy chief, Polep has managed the day-to-day operations of the Evanston Fire Department while also implementing key upgrades to the department’s Computer Aided Dispatch and National Fire Incident Reporting systems.

He previously served as lieutenant and as a firefighter/paramedic with McHenry Township Fire Protection District. Polep holds an associate degree in Applied Fire Science from McHenry County College, and has achieved Chief Fire Officer Designation from the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal. He is a resident of Evanston.

For more information, please call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents may simply dial 311 in Evanston.

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Of interest … Firefighter owner/operator

Firefighter themed Mack Bulldog ornament

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A 19-year-old owner/operator, Dylan Mercier is waiting to get his unique Mack Vision tractor and accompanying grain trailer out on the road. He is a firefighter in  St. Anne, IL and purchased a 2005 truck with his dad a little over a year ago. 

“I purchased a firefighter costume for the Mack bulldog on the hood, and after that, I knew what needed to be done,” Mercier said.

The rig has numerous aftermarket accessories and the truck and grain trailer are wrapped in a vinyl visual that pays tribute to fallen firefighters.

“As a firefighter, I drive this truck with pride and joy,” Mercier said. “The insurance for hauling with for-hire authority was too high for us to make any money because I’m under 21,” Mercier said. “For now, the truck is a show/parade truck until I can get reasonable insurance.”

Dylan Mercier owner/operator with Firefighter themed truck and trailer

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Huntley Fire Protection District news (more)

Huntley FPD Deputy Chief Albert W Schlick III

Huntley FPD Deputy Chief Albert W Schlick III

the passing of Huntley FPD Deputy Chief Albert W Schlick III

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Chicago Fire Boat – Engine 2 (more)

This from Chi-Town Fire Photos:

Here are some shots of CFD Engine Co. 2 while it was being rehabbed in Lemont

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