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Waukegan Fire Department news

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A video on TikTok shows flames shooting above an aisle inside a Waukegan Walmart on Sunday and the investigation into the fire now includes a search for an arsonist.

There was no visible damage when looking at the outside of the store.

The Illinois Fire Marshal is investigating the fire. 

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Chicago Fire Department news

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Amid warnings that Chicago Fire Department paramedics are literally taking a beating at the hands of their patients, the Committee on Public Safety unanimously approved an ordinance at the behest of the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2.

It would create a special category of crime for assaulting CFD paramedics, private ambulance workers, American Red Cross, or any other emergency medical services and disaster response personnel in Chicago. If convicted, an offender would face up to 180 days in jail and fines as high as $1,000.

A 10-1 for a police incident goes out on the radio band heard by every police officer in Chicago – but a 10-1 involving a paramedic or firefighter is handled very differently. A single police car responds.

With 1,700 police vacancies in the Chicago Police Department, paramedics increasingly find themselves on the scene without any backup during overnight hours.

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Waukegan Fire Department news

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Waukegan firefighters fought flames at an apartment complex at 520 North Genesee Street in Waukegan in the early morning hours of 1/31/23.

They encountered two frozen hydrants. Three people were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are not known.

Officials said the four-story building has approximately 50 units, with about four of the units damaged.

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Of interest … Toronto Fire Department (more)

This from Bill Post:

The 230-foot Bronto Sky-Lift on a Mack triple-axle chassis which was delivered to the Toronto Fire Department in December 2021 was first put to use (for lighting purposed) about 5 months ago.
It is a special-call rig cross manned by the crew of  Tower 333 a 116-foot Bronto Sky-Lift.
I don’t know if  any attempts have been made to sell Bronto Sky-Lifts to Chicago. I am aware of some of their shortcomings, however I have long thought that this would be a great special-call apparatus for Chicago. A Bronto Sky-Lift is still better for rescue work than a straight 137-foot aerial ladder such as Aerial Tower 8.
This is especially relevant at the moment given the 4-11 alarm at 4850 S Lake Park Avenue.
This is now the tallest aerial platform in North America and seeing how it performs in Toronto would make sense in Chicago.


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CFD sells surplus tower ladder

This from Martin Nowak:

Recently sold at auction for $8,500 on January 27th. 
Auction #3193351 – 1996 PIERCE AERIAL LADDER FIRE TRUCK; #firetruck; #ChicagoFD; #Pierce;Final Price $8,500.00
(Reserve has been met)

Time Left Closed
Auction Extended

High Bidder
# of Bids 29 
First Offer $1,600.00

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New tower ladder for the Geneseo FPD (more)

Found at


Body/Material EXT
Chassis Commander
Engine/HP Cummins / 500
Rear Axles Tandem
Pump Manufacturer Waterous
Pump Model/GPM CSUC20
Pump Control Panel Mid
Tank Capacity 535
Electrical System IC
Warning Lights Whelen LED; #KingCobra; #RosenbauerAmerica; #Commander; #GeneseoFPD; #firetruck;

Rosenbaue photo; #KingCobra; #RosenbauerAmerica; #Commander; #GeneseoFPD; #firetruck;

Rosenbauer photo

thanks Martin

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Of interest … “Stop The Bleed” training in bars

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Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS) and firefighters explained how to help save a life during mass casualty situations through a recent “Stop The Bleed” course. 

According to the Gun Violence Archive, last year, the U.S. saw more mass shootings than days, with 647 occurrences. Its data also shows that this year we’ve seen nearly 40 mass shooting before January is over.

The department is force multiplying by training people to be immediate responders, through its “Stop The Bleed” course. After-action reviews of many mass casualty incidents have consistently determined that some fatalities could have been prevented using simple and effective bleeding control techniques immediately following the injury.

At the Pulse nightclub shooting, 49 people lost their lives day and 14 were deemed survivable by the ME’s office. 

The life-saving training can get graphic. If someone has a life-threatening hemorrhage and is bleeding out through a penetrating injury like a stab or gunshot wound in the extremities, medics say first apply pressure. If the person is still bleeding out after continuously applying pressure, use a tourniquet but make sure to continue to apply pressure. 

Without a tourniquet, they said to pack the wound with gauze or something like a clean shirt. Once the cavity is full, keep the pressure on until help arrives. Releasing pressure too early will cause the wound to start bleeding again. 

ATCEMS held its first “Stop The Bleed” course recently with LGTBQ bar owners and community members. Medics hope to expand the training to other bars as well as mount “stop the bleed” kits on business walls for easy access – and then eventually train the community. 

They are working on getting a grant to make it all possible.

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New ambulance for the Wilmington Fire Protection District



Wilmington Fire Protection District

Reference #: 5168
Model: Superliner Type I
Dealer: Jefferson Fire & Safety
Module Size: 171″
Headroom: 74″
Chassis Make: F-Series
Chassis Type: F550
Wheel: 2WD
Air Ride: Liquid Spring; #ambulance; #WilmingtonFPD; #LifelineAmbulance;

Lifeline Ambulance photo; #ambulance; #WilmingtonFPD; #LifelineAmbulance;

Lifeline Ambulance photo; #ambulance; #WilmingtonFPD; #LifelineAmbulance;

Lifeline Ambulance photo; #ambulance; #WilmingtonFPD; #LifelineAmbulance;

Lifeline Ambulance photo

thanks Martin

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As seen around … O’Hare Airport (more)

This from Colton Latham:

On you still have Rehab 5-7-3 located at Rescue 1. I was at Rescue 3 the other day and noticed that 5-7-3 has been moved there.; #ChicagoFD; #ColtonLatham; #FireTruck;

Colton Latham photo

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New tower ladder for Brookfield (more)

From RB:

Sneak peek Brookfield Il. #37741 – 110′ Enforcer; #Pierce; #Ascendant; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #BrookfieldFD;

Brookfield FD Tower 419; #Pierce; #Ascendant; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #BrookfieldFD;

Brookfield FD Tower 419

From the Pierce Flickr site:

Pierce, Brookfield, IL, 37741-1; #Pierce; #Ascendant; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #BrookfieldFD;

Pierce composite

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