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Mt Prospect units train in Elk Grove

Scott Peterson submitted images of several Mount Prospect units that were at Elk Grove Station 8 utilizing the training tower.

Mount Prospect Fire Department Tower 13

Mount Prospect Tower 13 was at Elk Grove Station 8 last week. Scott Peterson photo

Mount Prospect Fire Department Ambulance 12 Medtec

Ambulance 12 is one of three Medtec ambulances in Mount Prospect. Scott Peterson photo


Mount Prospect Fire Department Ambulance 14 Medtec

Ambulance 14 is one of the newer ambulances in Mount Prospect. Scott Peterson photo


Mount Prospect Fire Department Tower Ladder 13 Pierce Velocity

Another view of Tower 13 with the main extended. Scott Peterson photo


Mount Prospect Fire Department Medtec ambulance

A rear view of Mount Prospect Ambulance 12. Scott Peterson photo

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Cicero garage fire 10-30-11

Josh Boyajian submitted images taken with his phone of an early morning garage fire today in Cicero. The fire was in the 3400 block of 61st Avenue.

Cicero Fire Department garage fire 10-30-11 6400 block of 61st Avenue

Cicero Fire Department garage fire 10-30-11 6400 block of 61st Avenue

Cicero Fire Department garage fire 10-30-11 6400 block of 61st Avenue
Cicero Fire Department garage fire 10-30-11 6400 block of 61st Avenue
Cicero Fire Department garage fire 10-30-11 6400 block of 61st Avenue

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Peotone buys Snorkel

Bill Friedrich provided the following information about the Peotone Fire Protection District

Fire Chief Bill Schreiber is pleased to announce the arrival of his newest vehicle in the fleet. They purchased this vehicle from the Normal FD in McLean County. Bill expects this vehicle to go in service some time during November. He also reports this vehicle is not replacing anything.
Peotone Fire Protection District Snorkel Normal Fire Department

Peotone purchased this 1979 Seagrave P-Series 50' Snorkel from the Normal Fire Department in central Illinois. It has a 1,250-GPM pump and carries 500 gallons of water. The cab enclosure and other bodywork was done by RPI in Tipton, IN. Bill Friedrich photo

Normal Fire Department Seagrave 50' Snorkel

Prior to the refurb and cab enclosure, this is how the Snorkel looked originally. Bill Friedrich photo

Chief Schreiber sent a few images of the unit when it arrived and Peotone personnel tried it out.
Normal Fire Department Snorkel

The Snorkel when it arrived in Peotone. Bill Schreiber photo

Peotone Fire Protection District Snorkel

Members of the Peotone Fire Protection District tested their 'new' Snorkel. Bill Schreiber photo

Peotone Fire Protection District Snorkel

Another view of the 'new' Snorkel being worked. Bill Schreiber photo

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MABAS in the news

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found a summary article HERE from a downstate Bloomington publication about MABAS.

BLOOMINGTON — Mutual aid for fires or a variety of other disasters is just a single call away with a statewide system called Mutual Aid Box Alarm System.

MABAS, headquartered in Wheeling, has 68 divisions and includes all but one county in the state, said Greg Peters, finance section chief.  The organization also has relationships with other states and is hoping eventually to provide mutual aid across state lines, Peters said.

Peters said the MABAS system was created in 1968 to provide the Cook County area with an emergency box alarm system.

After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, a terrorist task force was created by Illinois’ governor. MABAS already had a system in place, so it became a charter member of the task force.

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Niles puts ‘new’ used truck in service

Niles Fire Department Truck 2 is now running with the 1997 Pierce 105′ Quint that was purchased by the department last year. After a series of repairs and upgrades, the X-Trotwood, OH truck which was mentioned HERE is replacing the 75′ Quint 2 (X-North Maine FPD) which returns to reserve status.

Niles Fire Department Pierce Lance quint Trotwood Fire Department

Niles Truck 2 is running with this 1997 Pierce Lance 105' rear mount quint. It has a 1,500-GPM pump with a 300-gallon water tank and carries Pierce job #EB201. Larry Shapiro photo

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Carol Stream gets new Tower

The Carol Stream Fire Protection District has taken delivery of a new tower ladder. They are currently undergoing an administrative change which entails renumbering their fleet. As such, the new tower is Tower 28 which replaces Tower 217. Tim Olk submitted images of the new tower ladder as well as the 2-piece squad company which is now Squad 27 and 27A.

Carol Stream Fire District Tower 28

Tower 28 is a 2011 E-ONE Cyclone II. Tim Olk photo

Carol Stream Fire District Tower 28

Another view of the new tower showing great similarities to Truck 217 with the exception of roll-up doors.. Tim Olk photo

Carol Stream Fire District Truck 217

When the new tower goes into service, this unit will stay with the department as a reserve piece.

Carol Stream Fire District Squad 27

The Squad Company has been renumbered as Squad 27 and 27A. Tim Olk photo

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Older engines leave the area

Bill Friedrich informs us of two area departments that have sold older engines that are no longer in services.

  • A 1993 E-ONE Cyclone engine from the Addison Fire Department has been sold  and will be going to Argentina. Specs include: Detroit Series 60, Allison HD740, Hale 1,250-GPM/ 750-gallon tank
Addison Fire District E-ONE Cyclone engine

This 1993 E-ONE Cyclone engine was recently sold and will be shipped to Argentina. Bill Friedrich photo

Flossmoor Fire Department HME Luverne engine

X-Flossmoor Engine 1320 was sold to the Soldier Township Fire Department in Kansas. Bill Friedrich photo

Both sales were handled by B&P Fire Apparatus.

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Ferrara recall

Ferrara is recalling certain model year 2009-2011 units with Inferno and Igniter chassis that are equipped with Meritor Wabco Electronic Stability Control (ESC) that were manufactured from April 2009 through October 2011. The ESC module may cause the ESC system to activate unnecessarily when the vehicle is driven in a particular manner on certain unique road conditions and may adversely affect the slip angle calculation by the ESC module.

Complete details can be found HERE and HERE. from the NHTSA. (NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 11V507000)

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Chicago Inspector General Attacks Fire Department Again has an article this morning about the Chicago Inspector General commenting on changes he proposes for CFD staffing. Firegeezer writes:

THE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, INSPECTOR GENERAL Joseph Ferguson has it in his mind that he should be running the fire department, even though his office has no responsibility for it at all. In fact, he doesn’t run any department. According to the Office of Inspector General’s own website, his mission is:

…. to root out corruption, waste, and mismanagement, while promoting effectiveness and efficiency in City government. The IGO is a watchdog for the taxpayers of the City, and has jurisdiction to conduct investigations and audits into most aspects of City government. He’s an auditor. That’s it. He doesn’t manage anything (except his own office) and he doesn’t plan anything. He audits.

Well, I.G. Joe is back and telling the City Council that they should reduce staffing levels on fire engines and ladder trucks from five to four.  He told the council that the cash-strapped city could save $57 million annually if they follow his advice.

Fire Commissioner Robert Hoff fired back yesterday (Tuesday) telling the council and everybody else, in no uncertain terms, what would happen if this were done.  The Chicago Tribune reports:

Fire Commissioner Robert Hoff said Tuesday that fire-related fatalities would rise if the city reduces the number of firefighters per truck.

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Fireground audio from Grant Park FPD submitted this

Exceptional fireground traffic from the fire in Sollitt in the Grant Park FPD

Watch live video from Radioman 911 on

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