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Box alarm fire in Palatine, 3-19-23 (more)

Part 1 of a video by Larry Shapiro from the Box alarm fire in Palatine, 3-19-23


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New engine and truck for Glenview (more)

From the macqueenemergency Facebook page:

llinois Sales Rep, Dan Rudnicki and Glenview Fire Department are on their last day of a 3 day marathon to design a Pierce pumper and aerial.; #GlenviewFD; #Pierce; #FireTruck;; #GlenviewFD; #Pierce;

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2-Alarm fire in Barrington Hills, 3-18-23 (more)

long video from Larry Shapiro of the 2-Alarm fire in Barrington Hills, 3-18-23

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New Engine for Decatur

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce, Decatur Fire Department, IL, 37339-1; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #DecaturFD; #Sky-Boom;

Pierce composite

thanks Martin

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New engine for Buffalo Grove FD (more)

This from Andy Russell:

Pics from the final inspection of our new engine. Once it leaves the factory it will head to FSI in St John for graphics and equipment mounting. Expecting it to be ready April-May ish.  (so 145034); #BuffaloGroveFD; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength; #e-MAX; #Typhoon;

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New engine for Park Ridge (more)

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce, Park Ridge Fire Department, IL, 37726-1; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #ParkRidgeFD;

Pierce composite

thanks Martin

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Box alarm fire in Palatine, 3-19-23 (more)

More of the Box alarm fire in Palatine, 3-19-23 from Steve Redick and Jimmy Bolf; #JimmyBolf; #PalatineFD; #mansardroof; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #PalatineFD; #mansardroof; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #PalatineFD; #mansardroof; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter;

Jimmy Bolf photo

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Where are they now … Former Oak Lawn squad (more)

This from Keith Grzadziel:

I found this online. Looks like a movie set contractor owns this now.; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Lance; #OakLawnFD;; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Lance; #OakLawnFD;; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Lance; #OakLawnFD;; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Lance; #OakLawnFD;

Previous news about this is HERE

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Multiple fatal fire in Chicago, 3-7-23 (more)

Excerpts from

In the last hours of her life, Summer Day-Stewart’s family held on to one consolation. Plans were made to donate her organs and those of her three young children who died in a house fire last week. Doctors said at least eight life-saving transplants would be performed.

Summer’s husband Walter, a Chicago firefighter, gave his wife CPR, but fire officials said her injuries and those of their children were too severe. 

Ezra, the middle child, had been diagnosed with autism and did not speak. But he always had a smile on his face.

Emory, the youngest, was just a toddler but already loved fire trucks and wanted to be just like his father.

Day-Stewart had close friends across the country, and memorials to the family are in the works in Chicago, Oregon, and California. 

The Chicago firefighters union is collecting donations for the family as well.

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Multiple fatal fire in Chicago, 3-7-23 (more)

Excerpts from

A house fire has claimed the lives of all four family members of Chicago Firefighter Walter Stewart. The fire broke out just after 9 p.m. in the 2500-block of North Rutherford Avenue on Tuesday night. Everyone inside the home suffered severe smoke inhalation.

The blaze claimed the lives of Stewart’s wife, 36-year-old Summer Day-Stewart, who died on Friday, as well as the couple’s 7-year-old son, Ezra Stewart, who died on Wednesday. The two remaining children, a 2-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl — who have been hospitalized since the fire — passed away Friday night.

Ignite the Spirit, a Chicago Fire Department charity, has established a fund to support the family.

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