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Chicago Fire Department history, 1-10-82 (more)

This from Steve Redick:

This recording made by Jim Regan seems to pick up on the evening of January 10, 1982. Suburban mutual aid was called in as they were battling a conflagration on Junior Terrace. Art Benker is on the radio in the FAO and the chief was Joe Brichetto. Amazing how calm and matter of fact he was as he described how they were gonna lose another apartment building. You can also hear Louis Galante a few times as a second responding deputy chief. These recordings don’t do justice to the horrible cold and fire conditions members faced that day

more is HERE and HERE and HERE


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Vintage 5-11 Alarm in Chicago, 1-10-82 (more)

This from Steve Redick:

You can hear a young Steve Redick in parts of this one.

previous recording is HERE

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Chicago Fire Department history, 1-10-82

This from Steve Redick:

here’s another recording of January 10-11 1982, as recorded by Jim Regan. This is the Englewood radio and I believe it is after midnight to shift change on the 11th. They were not transmitting extra alarms and were very short companies. Some off the wall responses and some classic radio comments to be heard. Some of the voices heard: Tim Byrnes, John Kilkenny and even a little Bob Fleckenstein. What a day this was, well worth a listen.

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