This from Steve Redick:

I was due to work in the FAO this day and my boss Jack Turner called me at 0430 hours to tell me to try and get my car started due to the 26 below temps. In those days you showed up to work no matter what. On the way in we stopped by the fire at 1244 N. Wells and it was so cold I could barely stand it. No photos, took a quick look and on to work. Some of the voices you will hear on this recording: FAO Ken Little, George Mazurek, Joe Pavlik, Jeff Rodrigues, and Phil McMahon. On Truck 10 the late Ray Hoff, driving the 3rd Battalion Bob Welch, and Tom Wagner as Battalion 27A. 744 Dennis Goralski and 477 Ed Karas. Interesting to note there was a 2-11 prior to the start of the recording at 2930 Broadway. This was the start to an unbelievable fire day.