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New ambulance for Newport Township FPD

This from Rob Schreiner:

Here is an image of our new 2013 Horton on the F450 4X4 chassis.
It was ordered through Steve Foster at Foster Coach.
Thank you,
Lt. Rob Schreiner
Newport Township FPD

New Ambulance 1441 for the Newport Township FPD. A 2013 Ford F450/Horton Type I. Rob Schreiner photo

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Newport Township’s new squad ready for service

Newport Township FPD Mack MR Saulsbury heavy rescue with crane

Newport Township is nearing completion of the work required to place this 1985 Mack MR/Saulsbury heavy rescue into service. Lt. Rob Schreiner photo

The Newport Township FPD purchased a used 1985 Mack MR/Saulsbury heavy rescue with an 8-ton, 33-foot, National Crane from the Lutherville VFC in Maryland in March. The previous post is HERE with photos of the original black and white color scheme. Newport Lt. Rob Schreiner has supplied us with photos and information about the new Squad 1455.

It will be housed at Station 2 on Delaney Road, as it is too tall for the headquarters station. The new squad will replace both of the R-Model Mack units at Station 2, Squad 1455 and 1456, and will be utilized as a second rig for extrications, fires, and SRT responses.  Squad 1455 will provide additional support  to their structure fire responses which the previous units could not fulfill.  The new unit has air-packs and appropriate squad items for fires, plus the 30-KW generator, and an extensive amount of ground lights.

Newport Township FPD Mack MR Saulsbury heavy rescue with crane

Newport Squad 1455 was purchased from the Lutherville VFD in Baltimore County Maryland who retired this unit in 2008. Lt. Rob Schreiner photo

Along with the new paint scheme, Squad 1455 had some minor mechanical issues which were corrected,  corrosion was repaired, radios and an opticom were installed, and work is underway to outfit the tools from the existing rigs.  Some additional striping and decal work needs to be completed as  well. The trench box that was stored on the old squad will be moving to a small trailer and will be pulled by a pickup truck. The new squad, including paint, lettering, and repairs to present, has been donated to the department by two generous people, with no cost to the department for this upgrade.

Newport Township FPD Mack MR Saulsbury heavy rescue with crane

Mounted amidship on this squad is a National Crane with a lifting capacity of 8 tons and a reach of 33 feet. Lt. Rob Schreiner photo

Both of the R-Model Mack squads will be declared surplus and sold.

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Gurnee & Newport change radio frequency

Rob Schreiner has informed is that the radio frequency for the Gurnee and Newport fire departments has changed to 151.325 as of 3/1/11.

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