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Working fire in Schaumburg, 1-12-23 (more)

More of the Working fire in Schaumburg, 1-12-23 from Larry Shapiro:; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #firescene; #flames; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength;

Firefighters battle a commercial building fire. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #firescene; #flames; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength;

Firefighters battle a commercial building fire. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #firescene; #smoke;

Firefighters battle a commercial building fire. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #firescene; #flames;

Firefighters battle a commercial building fire. Larry Shapiro photo

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Working fire in Schaumburg, 12-4-22

This from Larry Shapiro:

Schaumburg firefighters were dispatched to a commercial building fire in an auto body repair shop shortly after 6PM on Sunday evening (12-4-22) at 841 W Wise Road, a block from Schaumburg Station 53. Police reported 20-foot flames in the rear of the building which firefighters confirmed on arrival. The alarm was upgraded to a Code 4 working fire bringing all of the Schaumburg companies to the scene in addition to an engine and ambulance from Roselle. Change of quarters companies from several area departments were sent to Schaumburg stations.

The fire was actually in a dumpster/garbage area in the rear of the building which resulted in some communication into the building’s roof. Companies had the fire out within 10 minutes but worked for over an hour checking for extension and hitting hotspots. The corrected address was 857 W Wise Road.

The Hanover Township Emergency Services also responded to the scene with support units and lighting.; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #FireTruck; #Pierce;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #Firefighter;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #Firefighter;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #SchaumburgFD; #FireTruck; #Pierce;

Larry Shapiro photo

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House fire in Elgin, 3-12-22

Images from a house fire at 277 Gifford Place in Elgin, 3-12-22; #ZacharyCox; #ElginFD; #FireTruck

Zachary Cox photo

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Bartlett first department posted in Division 2

Bartlett FPD patchThe Bartlett Fire District covers the Village of Bartlett as well as unincorporated Hoffman Estates and portions of Wayne Township. As such, their district is within two different counties; Cook and DuPage. Bartlett is dispatched via DU-COMM, but is a member of MABAS Division 2. Bartlett has three stations, two of which staff an ambulance and an engine, while the third station has a jump company responsible for a tower ladder, 3,000-gallon tanker (tender), and a brush truck. The rigs have been painted black over red for a number of years now, but previously they were bright yellow. Bartlett currently has a 1993 Seagrave engine that has been decommissioned which was originally delivered yellow and is now black and red.

The newest apparatus are three Pierce Velocity units. Prior to that are two E-ONE units which were preceded by a pair of Seagrave engines. In the 1980s and prior years, Bartlett (known then as the Bartlett and Countryside FPD) purchased Howe and Grumman engines.

Barltett FPD Pierce Velocity engine

Bartlett FPD Seagrave engine

A 1993 Seagrave TB30DF 1000/750 TM (sn 78589) which has been decommissioned and is reportedly for sale. This unit was originally painted yellow. Larry Shapiro photo

Bartlett FPD Seagrave engine

Engine 612 was the original name for this unit when it was delivered to Bartlett in 1993. This was the second of two similar units in Bartlett, the first of which was delivered in 1991. Larry Shapiro collection

Bartlett FPD Ford Grumman engine

Engine 618 was one of two twin units delivered in 1982. These were both built on Ford C8000 chassis with 1,000-GPM pumps and 750-gallon water tanks. Grumman had purchased Howe and these were labeled as Grumman FireCat units. Larry Shapiro colection

Bartlett FPD Hendrickson Howe engine

Prior to the two Ford/Grumman engines, Bartlett purchased a pair of these Hendrickson 1871S/International/Howe TM engines. Each carried 750 gallons of water and had a 1,000-GPM pump. This unit was delivered in 1977 and the sister unit was delivered in 1973. Pictured here is Bartlett's old fire station which was across the railroad tracks from the main station. The building is now home to the Hanover Township Emergency Services. Larry Shapiro collection

Bartlett FPD Hendrickson Howe engine

Shown here at Station 1 on Oak Avenue, Engine 612 was a 1973 Hendrickson 1871S/International/Howe 1,000-GPM TM unit with 750 gallons of water. Unlike Engine 613, this unit had high side compartments. Larry Shapiro collection

Bartlett FPD Ford Howe engine

Going back even further is this classic 1963 Ford C950/Howe engine #616. Like the units that were purchased later, this had a 1,000-GPM pump and carried 800 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro collection

Another interesting unit is the 1997 HME/US Tanker 3,000-gallon tender. This is one of three area tankers on HME chassis. The other two belong to the Palatine Rural FPD and the East Dundee FPD. All three of these worked the same fire in Barrington during September of 2008.

Bartlett FPD US Tanker

Bartlett Tender '2' on-scene in 2008 at a 2-11 Alarm fire in Barrington. Larry Shapiro photo

East Dundee FPD Palataine Rural FPD HME US Tanker

Two HME/US Tanker units (East Dundee FPD and Palatine Rural FPD) working side-by-side at a 2-11 alarm fire in Barrington during the summer of 2008. Larry Shapiro photo

Bartleet FPD HME US Tanker

Seperated by one tanker (a Freightliner/US Tanker from South Elgin) are the three area HME/US Tanker units in staging at the Barrington 2-11 in June of 2008. Larry Shapiro photo

One final note of interest is the 8,000-gallon, tractor-trailer tanker that preceded the 3,000-gallon HME/US Tanker unit in Bartlett. The tractor was an L-Series Ford.

Bartlett FPD 5,000-gallon tanker

The 8,000-gallon Bartlett tanker is shown here operating at a 3-11 alarm fire in Barrington's district at Pepper Road and Route 14 on the 10th of November, 1994. Larry Shapiro collection

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