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Historic 3-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 2-25-79

This from Steve Redick:

This is the radio traffic from a 3-11 alarm with a disaster plan 3 at the notorious 6531 Lowe. This occurred while my dad was chief in the 12th battalion … first thing in the morning. The chief he normally relieved, Bill Foran was acting in the big buggy and had not yet been relieved so he was responding as the division marshal. The captain of truck 20, who had some classic radio replies was Richard Fitzpatrick. The voice of the englewood office was Harry Haddon back in his heyday. This building had super long hallways, masks were barely in use at this time and the people were hanging out all over the place. This was a real dandy.

historic Chicago fire scene photo

Steve Redick photo

historic Chicago fire scene photo

Standing in the window are Bill Conroy Lt Eng 84 and Dave Bukiema Lt t51. Steve Redick photo

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3-Alarm fire and EMS Box Alarm in Cicero, 9-19-16 (more)

9/19/16 CICERO – 3rd Alarm/EMS Box Alarm apartment fire w/ communication 1913-1915 S. Cicero Ave. – Cicero Central fire radio traffic via Broadcastify/Video by Radioman911

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