Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

If all goes as planned early next month, a 15-year-old Addison Fire Protection District ambulance will be headed to Ukraine to help medical workers care for those wounded in Russia’s ongoing invasion. The district’s board is expected to retire the ambulance at the Aug. 3 meeting and donate it to the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, which will then ship it to Ukraine along with several other donated ambulances.

Before it’s shipped, this ambulance will be on display at the village’s Rock ‘n Wheels car show Aug. 4, when visitors can write greetings and well wishes on it to those who will receive the vehicle in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America said they’ll fill an ambulance with medical supplies and send it on a 747 to Ukraine. The donated ambulances come with information translated into Ukrainian to help the medical workers understand how things work in the vehicles they might not normally be accustomed to. 

About 20 ambulances have been donated since March. An ambulance donated last month by Naperville is already on its way to Ukraine.

Any agency looking to donate an ambulance should contact Christopher.M.Manson@osfhealthcare.org.

thanks Rob