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Chicago Fire Department news

Chicago to upfit ambulances for keyless idle. 

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Surveillance video from April 25 shows a Chicago Fire Department ambulance turn onto Cermak, coming to a stop in front of the Chinatown firehouse at 4:30 p.m. Both paramedics walk into the firehouse, leaving the ambulance idling for roughly 12 minutes before a man walks up, first passing the firehouse then circling back around to the front of the vehicle.

At 4:44 p.m., the man opens the driver’s side door – which appears to be unlocked – and climbs inside. Just five seconds later, the ambulance pulls away.

Another 12 minutes pass before the paramedics can be seen walking back outside, stopping in their tracks and turning to one another in shock as they realize the ambulance is gone.

During the more than 70-mile police chase, the driver – who authorities later identified as 45-year-old Chicago attorney Benjamin Herrington – delivered an incoherent and at times disturbing rant via the ambulance’s radio before he was eventually taken custody in the far southwest suburbs. Herrington was charged in Grundy County with possession of a stolen vehicle and damage to government property, both felonies. Herrington has not posted bond and remains in custody in the Grundy County Jail. There is a status hearing in his case next week, with a trial date set for September.

But when it comes to the theft of the ambulance itself, the Chicago Police Department said it closed the case without an arrest of its own, and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said the matter was never referred to them for charging.

The Chicago Fire Department said at times, they need to leave ambulances running for the purposes of electronics, charging batteries and cooling. But the department is currently in the process of outfitting its more than 90 ambulances each with a new anti-theft device that allows the ambulances to idle without the keys, and if someone breaks into the vehicle or tries to force the ignition, would turn the ambulance off.

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Peoria Fire Department news

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An explosion at the BioUrja Renewables grain facility in May led to long days and long nights for Peoria Firefighters for over a week after. BioUrja Renewables plans to donate five proximity firefighting suits to the hazardous incident response team for all their effort.

These suits typically cost about $2,000 a piece and can withstand fires as hot as 2,000 degrees.

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Addison Fire District news

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If all goes as planned early next month, a 15-year-old Addison Fire Protection District ambulance will be headed to Ukraine to help medical workers care for those wounded in Russia’s ongoing invasion. The district’s board is expected to retire the ambulance at the Aug. 3 meeting and donate it to the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, which will then ship it to Ukraine along with several other donated ambulances.

Before it’s shipped, this ambulance will be on display at the village’s Rock ‘n Wheels car show Aug. 4, when visitors can write greetings and well wishes on it to those who will receive the vehicle in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America said they’ll fill an ambulance with medical supplies and send it on a 747 to Ukraine. The donated ambulances come with information translated into Ukrainian to help the medical workers understand how things work in the vehicles they might not normally be accustomed to. 

About 20 ambulances have been donated since March. An ambulance donated last month by Naperville is already on its way to Ukraine.

Any agency looking to donate an ambulance should contact

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