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Of interest … ambulance donated to Ukraine

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As Ukraine continues its counteroffensive against Russia, the war-torn country is getting some medical help from Illinois, thanks to new ambulances and fire trucks heading to the front lines.

A shipment of 12 vehicles left on Wednesday as part of an effort by U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine, a central Illinois group founded by OSF HealthCare vice president of government relations Chris Manson.

While some of the ambulances donated to Ukraine have been destroyed in combat, the life-saving benefits are clear. 

In all, the organization has sent more than 30 donated ambulances to Ukraine.

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Of interest … ambulance donated to Ukraine

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“Hey dad, is there anything we can do to help?”

That was the question Chris Manson’s 9-year-old daughter Lilly asked this time last year that lead him to the creation of U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine.

In the ensuing months, Manson has built partnerships with Chicago’s Consulate General of Ukraine, UA Resistance, and several other medical organizations, leading to what will be their eighth shipment of ambulances and fire engines to Ukraine, set to depart from Valparaiso recently.

According to Manson, the most memorable part of organizing these donations is when they reach their final destination.

“You come up to the border, the Ukrainian border guard looks at what you got and he just says ‘thank you’ and ‘good luck,’” Manson said. “And you get in there and you start delivering that stuff. It’s incredibly meaningful.”

If you are interested in making a donation or finding a way to help, donations can be made on UA Resistance’s website, or you can follow Manson’s efforts on Twitter.

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Addison Fire District news

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If all goes as planned early next month, a 15-year-old Addison Fire Protection District ambulance will be headed to Ukraine to help medical workers care for those wounded in Russia’s ongoing invasion. The district’s board is expected to retire the ambulance at the Aug. 3 meeting and donate it to the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, which will then ship it to Ukraine along with several other donated ambulances.

Before it’s shipped, this ambulance will be on display at the village’s Rock ‘n Wheels car show Aug. 4, when visitors can write greetings and well wishes on it to those who will receive the vehicle in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America said they’ll fill an ambulance with medical supplies and send it on a 747 to Ukraine. The donated ambulances come with information translated into Ukrainian to help the medical workers understand how things work in the vehicles they might not normally be accustomed to. 

About 20 ambulances have been donated since March. An ambulance donated last month by Naperville is already on its way to Ukraine.

Any agency looking to donate an ambulance should contact

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Of interest … ambulance donated to Ukraine

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The El Paso Emergency Squad in Woodford County posted on its Facebook page that a former El Paso EMS ambulance was delivered and crossed the border into Ukraine.

The ambulance has more than 200,000 miles on its odometer, and it’s filled with donated donated medical supplies.

EMS crews in Ukraine will decide where and how to use the El Paso ambulance.

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