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Used ladder for McHenry County College

Sold to: McHenry County College Fire Academy – IL
Illinois; #Pierce; #firetruck; #Pierce; #firetruck

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Former Chicago fire truck for sale (more)

From Martin Nowak:

Former Chicago fire truck still up for sale.; #CFD; #firetruck; #Seagrave

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New engine for Tinley Park (more)

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Tinley Park board members voted to chip in 80 percent of the cost for a new fire engine for Tinley Park Fire Department at last week’s village board meeting.

The new engine costs $830,000 total of which the village will pay $637,989 and $159,497 will be paid for by the Tinley Park Fire Department Association. Officials did not immediately respond to questions on who will pay the remaining $32,514.

According to trustees, the engine runs a high price due to the newness of the machine and the special design. The fire association formed a committee of firefighters to determine which features they would need most on a new engine before purchasing.

The average cost of a new fire engine ranges from $600,000 to $1 million, officials said.

The engine is being bought through the Houston Galveston Area Council Purchasing Cooperation, an inter-governmental sales program. The resolution approving the purchase noted the purchasing cooperation’s prices were subject to a competitive bidding process.

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Chicago Fire Department news

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New technology will help the Chicago Fire Department give a drowning victim a better chance of survival.

Firefighters showed off the AutoPulse Tuesday morning at Burnham Harbor.  It automatically sizes to the patient’s chest, then performs CPR, squeezing to keep the blood flowing. This means firefighters can work on airway issues. 

Assistant Deputy Commissioner of EMS Juan Hernandez said  that someone who is a drowning victim has been deprived of oxygen to brain and heart. Once they are out of the water and on a boat,  firefighters will start effective CPR. This device  then begins effective CPR and this gives patients the best chance for survivability.

The AutoPulse is also helpful in small spaces like a boat and will keep providing CPR while a patient is being moved on a boat, down stairs or into an ambulance.

A grant paid for the units, which will be on fire rescue boats at the start of the season.

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