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Clarendon Hills Fire Department news

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Clarendon Hills needs paramedics, but the fire department can cover its shifts the chief said.

Every month, Fire Chief Brian Leahy releases the monthly schedule more than a couple of weeks ahead of time. Many shifts, often during weekends, are open. For March, the fire department put out the original schedule Feb. 11. Nearly two weeks later, about four dozen shifts remained unfilled.

“That’s pretty normal,” Leahy said in an interview. “The firefighters, EMTs and paramedics put in their shift requests. Some don’t put in any until they get their schedules for their full-time jobs.”

Except for Leahy, the department’s members are part time.  He said the department has looked at how other departments with paid, on-call models handle scheduling.

On the open shifts, he said that 99.9 percent of the time, someone will pick up a shift. At the same time, he acknowledged staffing can be difficult.

“We’ve been struggling through this all through COVID,” Leahy said. “McDonald’s can’t get enough employees. It’s the same thing.”

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Peoria fire engine for sale

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2000 Pierce Saber pumper.

Engine: CAT 3126L V330 diesel. Odometer is broken and reads 120,000 miles.

Starts with a boost and runs.

Apparatus maintained every 60 days.

Engine is operable but does leak oil and water.

4,536 hours on the pump – 1250 GPM. Last tested 1/12/21.

500 gallon fiberglass tank.

Taken out of service 2021.

Peoria FD 2000 Pierce Saber pumper for sale

Peoria FD 2000 Pierce Saber pumper for sale

Peoria FD 2000 Pierce Saber pumper for sale

Peoria FD 2000 Pierce Saber pumper for sale

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New engine for South Holland; #SouthHollandFD; #SpartanER; #FireTruck; #drawing

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As seen around … Gary, IN

From Chi-Town Fire Photos:

Here are some shots from some old Gary, IN fire trucks sitting in their graveyard. 

#Chi-TownFirePhotos; #abandoned; #Seagrave

Chi-Town Fire Photos

#Ferrara; #Chi-TownFirePhotos; #abandoned

Chi-Town Fire Photos

#Chi-TownFirePhotos; #abandoned; #Pierce

Chi-Town Fire Photos

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