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Chicago Fire Department news (more)

Excerpts from

Chicago aldermen and Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday paid tribute to retired Chicago Fire Department Lt. Dwain Williams, who was gunned down last month during a carjacking attempt in Morgan Park. Four people have been charged with his murder.

Lightfoot, who attended Williams’ funeral, said she was particularly moved by his nephew, who said that if the four young men who tried to steal Williams’ car had given him just five minutes, “he would have talked them out of the actions that they were taking that day,” and even offered to mentor them. 

Williams’ eldest daughter, Tarmarcea Humphrey, said the family has started a charitable foundation in his honor, and that Williams’ family is praying not only for other families, but for the four young men now charged with his murder.

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New quint for the Carpentersville Fire Department (more)

From Randy Buttliere:

Delivered today 1-29-21
Pierce Impel 107′ Ascendant
450 Cummins
1500 PUC pump
500 water
3 in 1 life safety harness system on ladder.
 2021 Pierce Impel PUC quint

Randy Buttliere photo

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New battalion buggy for the Crystal Lake Fire Department

From the Eby Graphics Facebook page:

Incident command van we striped for Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department

Crystal Lake FD 330

Eby Graphics photo

Crystal Lake FD 330

Eby Graphics photo

thanks Danny and Tyler

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Of interest … Rosenbauer ACP-55

From the Sentinel Emergency Solutions- Chicagoland FaceBook page:

Just another one of the many great options Rosenbauer has in their aerial line up! 
Let our apparatus specialists help with your next truck purchase!

The Rosenbauer Articulating Cobra Platform (55′ ACP) is part of Rosenbauer’s elite aerial family. With its 55′ articulating boom, the ACP is built for departments who operate in the tightest streets and alleyways. Did we mention it has an overall jack spread of 11’9” and wheelbase options as short as 170″? You can also make it a quint with a 2000-GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank, a 216” wheelbase with an outside turning radius of 36.52°, and an inside turning radius of 44° left & right. There’s so many things to like!!!

What 55′ ACP model is your favorite? A,B,C, or D?

drawings of different styles of the Rosenbauer ACP-55 platform aerial

click to download

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