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Fire service news – Coronavirus COVID-19

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Recently published results of a survey of EMS providers from across the U.S. revealed inconsistent protocols, policies, and training related to COVID-19 response could be contributing to the spread of the virus.  

Researchers published preliminary results of their study this week, with the goal to investigate available resources, PPE availability, sanitation practices, institutional policies and opinions of EMS providers through a self-reported survey.  

The results, which reflect provider responses from all 50 states, revealed: 

  • Limited access to N95 respirators 
  • Little or no benefits for COVID-19-related work 
  • No institutional policy on social distancing practices 

For those who did report having access to N95 respirators, 31% reported using the same mask for one week or longer.   In addition, the survey revealed that one-third of those responding were unclear as to when a COVID-19 patient is infectious, as well as a lack of decontamination consistency across agencies.  

The research team concluded from the study that the industry would benefit from a nationally established COVID-19 EMS response protocol, as well as further investigation on whether current EMS practices are contributing to the spread of infection. 

For information about COVID-19 policies and protocols that can be adapted for any fire or EMS department, visit the Lexipol COVID-19 Learning and Policy Center.  

Read the full results of the study here.  


Of interest … overseas visitors

From an overseas visitor:

My dear,
 Exactly a year ago I was at your place in Chicago.
 I was with my wife and brother.
 We gave you a book about firefighters from Warsaw published on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the Warsaw Fire Service.
 We have been very kindly received by you.  We’ve got souvenir T-shirts that I proudly wear for special occasions like today’s.  We received commemorative medals from your commander (unfortunately I don’t remember my name).
 A young firefighter from Poland showed us everything.  His name was probably David.
 I remember that time very nice.  I am very grateful to you.
 On the occasion of your holiday, which falls in Poland 4, I wish you first of all health.  All good and may God lead you only along the paths of good. Marek ?ukowski (
Marek ?ukowski and friends

Marek ?ukowski


New aerial for Joliet Fire Department

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Congratulations Joliet Fire Department of Illinois on their purchase of a 2020 E-ONE HR100 aerial quint!

We are proud to provide your department with yet another E-One product your community can depend on!

drawing of E-ONE HR100 quint for the Joliet Fire Department

click to download


drawing of E-ONE HR100 quint for the Joliet Fire Department

click to download

thanks Ron

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Wheeling Fire Department news

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new fire chief in Wheeling Illinois

Wheeling Fire Department Fire Chief Mike McGreal. Larry Shapiro photo

Mike McGreal was sworn in Monday as Wheeling’s new fire chief, minus the public ceremony that typically occurs for such milestones in a village hall packed with supportive friends, family, and colleagues. Due to the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, McGreal was sworn in by Wheeling’s clerk near the flagpole outside village hall. McGreal, 57, replaces Keith MacIsaac, who retired last week after 30 years as Wheeling’s fire chief.

McGreal previously was with the Wilmette Fire Department, retiring as chief there in 2017 before joining Wheeling later that year. He was Wheeling’s deputy fire chief before his elevation to the top post Monday. He came to Wheeling in 2017 to assist MacIsaac in a succession plan.

McGreal’s credentials include certification as a chief fire officer by the National Fire Academy, the Illinois state fire marshal, and the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Mike spent 29 years with Wilmette, working his way up to deputy fire chief and then chief for 3½ years before deciding the time was right to retire and hand the department to new leadership. A second-generation firefighter, McGreal’s father served with the Chicago Fire Department for 36 years. 

McGreal is an avid sailor who has made four solo crossings of Lake Michigan. 

Wheeling has had only three fire chiefs since 1969. That’s when Bernie Koeppen became the village’s first full-time fire chief, followed by MacIsaac 30 years ago, and now McGreal.

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