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Garden Homes Fire Protection District news

Garden Homes FPD receives ISO Class 3 rating

From the Garden Homes FPD Facebook page:

Over the weekend the Garden Homes Fire Protection District (GHFPD) received our results from the Insurance Service Office (ISO) concerning our Public Protection Classification (PPC) otherwise know as our ISO Rating.

We are proud to announce that our ISO Rating has improved from Class 5 to Class 3. This places the GHFPD in the top 11% of all fire departments in the United States and should produce insurance savings for the Garden Homes community we serve.

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As seen around … Highland Park, MI

Dan Jasina photo of the former Westmont Pierce tower ladder in it’s new home in Highland Park, MI

new fire truck for Highland Park MI

Former Westmont tower ladder now in service in Highland Park, MI. Dan Jasina photo

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Elgin Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Four Elgin fire stations are set to get new electrical systems equipment to replace antiquated or failing items.

The city council on Oct. 25 unanimously approved awarding a $65,290 contract to replace the generator and transfer switch at Fire Station 2 along Big Timber Road.

Fire Chief Dave Schmidt said there have been issues with the generator at the northwest side station for at least the last three to four years.

Council members also unanimously approved awarding a $127,000 contract for the installation of uninterrupted power supply systems and transfer switches in three fire stations and at the public works building.

Fire Station 3 along Royal Boulevard, Station 4 along South McLean Boulevard and Station 5 along Villa Street were built in 1991, long before the electrical demands of current technology. The three stations each have a generator that must be manually started during power outages, and the buildings’ electrical loads must be manually transferred.

Installing automatic transfer switches will allow the generators to start automatically when power to the buildings is lost. They will also be able to start without firefighters present.

The current uninterrupted power supply at the three stations can only maintain reserve power for about 15 to 20 minutes. That means it takes several minutes to manually restart computers, phone and station dispatch equipment. The new system is designed to operate along with the generator.

The funding for the new equipment will come from the city’s share of Grand Victoria Casino revenue.

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Of interest … The PulsePoint Respond app

Excerpts from the

The PulsePoint Respond app was launched Monday in Champaign County by Presence Regional EMS and METCAD, the local emergency dispatch agency. It works by alerting users trained to administer CPR to the locations of nearby cardiac-arrest victims and where to find the nearest automated external defibrillators.

About 57 percent of U.S. adults have had CPR training, but only about only 11 percent have actually used it in a cardiac-arrest emergency, according to PulsePoint.

Fast treatment for cardiac arrest is so critical, the chance for survival drops 10 percent for every minute that passes without CPR.

Presence officials said it has taken about a year to launch PulsePoint in Champaign County, and they’re preparing to make it available in Vermilion County in upcoming months.

Not every PulsePoint app user in the county is alerted for every cardiac-arrest case. The system generally gets alerts to those within a half-mile radius of the patient, though the vicinity is adjusted depending on how many potential responders are nearby. If there aren’t enough within a half-mile, for example, the alert would go out in a wider area, he said.

PulsePoint is free and available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It currently has more than 1 million users in 2,500 communities across the U.S.

Naperville implemented this in June of 2016

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