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Evanston Fire Department news

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The Evanston Fire Department announced at a Tuesday meeting that it is considering the implementation of mobile healthcare as part of its community outreach program.

In its first ever community meeting, the fire department sought input from Evanston residents for a review of their 2014 strategic plan, which remains in effect until 2020. Division Chief Paul Polep said though EFD primarily interacts with community members at their worst moments, the department is trying to expand its outreach.

But four police department officials were greeted Tuesday night by an empty room at the Levy Senior Center.

In a discussion of their strategic plan, Fire Chief Brian Scott said the department was considering investing in a cutting edge mobile integrated healthcare program to Evanston.

The mobile healthcare program would allow residents to be treated in their own home instead of at the hospital. Under the new model, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant capable of making diagnoses and writing prescriptions would be sent to the patient’s home.

“It’s a better way to better serve the community,” Scott said. “It’s a better way to address people who have chronic health issues because sometimes 911 is all they have.”

This program could also be used by residents who suffer from serious illnesses like diabetes.

The mobile physician assistants and nurse practitioners would be provided by Presence Saint Francis Hospital and NorthShore University HealthSystem.

Scott said he looked to the Rockford Fire Department for inspiration after it implemented the program in 2014 through a partnership with SwedishAmerican. The fire department saw a 54 percent decrease in emergency department visits, a 38 percent drop in ambulance runs and a 28 percent reduction in hospital admissions by patients enrolled in the program.

The department’s goals extend beyond the mobile healthcare program. Scott said he also foresees the potential use of drones in future operations.

Scott, himself a recreational drone owner, said the drones could be used for extended operations including lakefront rescues and surveillance of buildings damaged by large disasters.

There will be two more community meetings on Nov. 4 and Nov. 15 where residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the strategic plan, Scott said. There is also an online survey where residents can express their expectations for the department.

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New squad for Sandwich FPD

From the AlexisFire website:

fire truck being built

Alexis Fire Equipment photo

fire truck being built

Alexis Fire Equipment photo

fire truck being built

Alexis Fire Equipment photo

fire truck being built

Alexis Fire Equipment photo

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Chicago Fire Department news

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The Chicago Fire Department’s 75 advanced life-support ambulances will be equipped with powered electric cots to minimize paramedic injuries and speed patient treatment.

Three years ago, the cots were field-tested on Chicago ambulances with mixed results. When paramedics complained that the motor made the cot too heavy, the city decided not to go through with the purchase.

Paramedics continued to place patients on standard stretchers and lift them into the ambulance, despite the risk of shoulder, neck, and back injuries.

Now, the city is prepared to try again.

“Beginning in late 2017 and into 2018, CFD will replace all ambulance cots with motor-elevated units,” the city’s 2018 budget overview states.

Joe Davilo, EMS Director for the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2, said he was indifferent to the upgrade.

Last year, the Chicago Fire Department spent $50.5 million on overtime – 66 percent over its allotted budget for 2016 – with the largest totals going to paramedics.

This year, the fire department got off to another record start, with $13.9 million in first-quarter overtime spending. That was up 12 percent from the $12.4 million in overtime spending during the same period last year.

A retired Chicago paramedic, who asked to remain anonymous, predicted that electric cots would eliminate as much as 30 percent of all paramedic injuries suffered on the job and overtime triggered by those absences.

The veteran paramedic said, “Putting more ambulances on the street would be even better. What’s killing us is running from one call to another all day and all night.”

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Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District news

Barn destroyed by fire at night

Photo by Ashley McFall

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A fire that ignited overnight in a vacant barn at 42W600 block of Route 64 off Mary Drive near St. Charles in Campton Hills quickly turned into an inferno. The initial call for the structure fire came in at 2:05 a.m.

Horses were scheduled to move into the stables the next day and the blaze completely destroyed an indoor riding arena.

The Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District received assistance from 20 fire departments. Damage to the equestrian center was estimated to be $570,000.

The main barn and the attached arena plus a storage and residential building were completely destroyed.

The fire was brought under control by 3:50 a.m., but units were still on the scene at noon Oct. 20, addressing numerous hot spots.

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