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Huntley Fire Protection District news (more)

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Former Fire Chief Ken Caudle continues to earn a salary while the Huntley Fire Protection District conducts an ongoing investigation into something officials won’t talk about.

Huntley Fire Protection District board members did not share any information about Caudle’s status at Tuesday’s board meeting. Trustees met in closed session where attorney Joe Miller gave updates. 

Miller said the board is looking into some matters, and when it is an appropriate time for things to come out, it will be known to the public at that time. He advised the board to not speak about any current or former employees.

Caudle continues to receive a salary of $119,240 while on leave, Acting Chief Scott Ravagnie previously told the Northwest Herald.

Caudle submitted a letter of resignation as chief to the board Aug. 11. He returned to his last commissioned rank of battalion chief and was placed on paid administrative leave “pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation,” according to Huntley Fire Protection District documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In Caudle’s letter of resignation, he wrote that after a long discussion with his family, he set a retirement date for Nov. 10, 2019. Caudle’s current contract expires April 30, 2020. Caudle has been with the district since 1998 and served as chief for five years.

Former Trustee Joseph Mahoney of Algonquin asked whether Caudle still was on the payroll, which Miller would not answer.

Former Deputy Chief Keith Mallegni asked whether Caudle was being paid while sitting at home and whether there was an investigation ongoing.

“How long is this process going to take? Because the way I understand it is they are trying to wait for the next two years so he gets his 20-year pension,” Mallegni said.

The next scheduled meeting is Nov. 28.

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New ambulance for Crestwood

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Here are a few pictures of the Crestwood Fire Departments new 2017 Wheeled Coach Type 1 ambulance. These pictures were taken during their final inspection at the factory earlier this week. This new unit is on its way to Fire Service Inc. in St. John Indiana, where it will get a few finishing touches including lettering, striping, full rear chevron, and lighted front bumper guards. We will be sure to post additional pics once the unit is completed and ready for final delivery. A big Thank You to Chief Jon Bruce and the Crestwood Fire Department on this purchase. This is their second new Wheeled Coach this year.


Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance

Crestwood Fire Department – 2017 Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

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Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department news (more)

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The Crystal Lake firefighters union’s lawsuit against the city has been amended to include new allegations that city officials retaliated against the union and one of its members after he tried to alert authorities to illegal activity.

The amended complaint in McHenry County Circuit Court alleges that the city refused to release money from the Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Fund to the Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board, which is comprised of firefighters union members.

According to the complaint, FFIT Board Treasurer Brian Marino disclosed the city’s alleged conduct to the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office in November and to the Crystal Lake Police Department in December, believing the city violated a state law on criminal theft and civil conversion.

The new allegations are part of a lawsuit that the Crystal Lake Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board and the city’s firefighters labor union filed Aug. 2 against the city and numerous city officials, alleging that they violated state laws when they zeroed out the foreign fire insurance tax imposed on out-of-state insurance companies. The tax collected more than $60,000 a year.

The amended complaint alleges that the city retaliated against the FFIT Board and union members because of Marino’s whistleblowing by revising its foreign fire insurance tax ordinance in January and August, intending to curtail the FFIT Board’s spending and rule-making authority, as well as eliminating the board’s funding.

The complaint also alleges that Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Chief Paul DeRaedt earlier this year reduced Marino’s performance score and removed any language that reflected positively on Marino’s work with the FFIT Board. It also claimed Marino’s score on a promotional exam was reduced.

On Monday, the city requested more time to respond to the additional claims made by the union in the second amended complaint, which was filed in October.

The city was expected to file a response by Nov. 1, but on Monday, the request for more time was granted.

Crystal Lake City Attorney Vic Filippini said Tuesday that the firefighters’ attorneys asked for time to file a second amended complaint, which was granted, but noted the union didn’t indicate the amended complaint would be materially different.

But when the complaint was filed in October, it presented a “series of new and legal allegations, which raise complicated legal issues that require additional time for defendants to properly address,” according to McHenry County court documents.

In August, the City Council voted to repeal the city’s foreign fire insurance tax and use the remaining $150,000 in the Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Fund until it is depleted, according to city documents and fire officials.

“It was the belief of the Crystal Lake City Council that at this point in time, those funds were not being used for appropriate purposes,” Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley said in August. “Therefore, in order to protect the best interest of the people of Crystal Lake, we zeroed it out until we can get to a point where we reach an agreement with the foreign fire insurance board where they will return to the good practices that were in place for decades as opposed to the current desire on the part of the board to use the funds for the personal benefit of firefighters.”

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Elk Grove Village Fire Department news (more)

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Renderings and preliminary floor plans for two new village fire stations, part of the village’s Elk Grove 2025 $110 million infrastructure plan, were on display at the Elk Grove Fire Department Open House Oct. 15.

Artists rendering of a rebuilt Fire Station No. 10 at 676 Meacham Rd.

A new station on property recently purchased at 700 Fargo Ave. would combine two fire stations — the larger station at 1000 Oakton St. and a smaller one-engine station at 1655 Greenleaf Ave. — into one location in the Elk Grove Business Park. Fire Chief Richard Mikel said that new station would be given the designation of Station No. 8 or 9.

The other station at 676 Meacham Rd. would be completely rebuilt on the site of the existing Fire Station No. 10 and would keep that name.

With the final design being completed with technical drawings, bids on the two projects are expected to go out in November or December for the anticipated March groundbreaking. The new stations are expected to be completed in 2019.

Rendering for a new combined Elk Grove Fire Station, either designated 8 or 9 to be built at 700 Fargo Ave.

Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson was hesitant to provide an estimate for a range in price for the two new fire stations until after bids come back from construction firms, citing volatility in the construction market.

Preliminary plans for both stations show four truck bays, training rooms and a new approach to decontamination for firefighters returning to the station after a fire, reducing the amount of contaminants, including some carcinogens tracked into both the fire stations and returning trucks. Mikel said the idea is to keep used turnout gear on one side of truck bays across from where firefighters live and work until it is cleaned. Mikel said that “dirty” side of the house also includes showers.

Station 10 would have eight bunks, a larger training room and training tower, Mikel said. Station No. 8 or 9 would have 11 bunks and a smaller training room.

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