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Elk Grove Village Fire Department news (more)

Rendering of new fire station for Elk Grove Village IL

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Elk Grove Village is ready to start work on two new fire stations. Demolition of the existing fire station at 676 Meacham Rd. is expected to begin Monday, Feb. 19. A new Fire Station No. 10 will be built at that site. Demolition of a building on recently purchased property at 700 Fargo Ave., a site which will serve as the new firehouse for firefighters from stations at Oakton and Lively and 1655 Greenleaf Ave., is expected in late February.

Both stations are expected to break ground in late March or early April and be completed in summer 2019.   The Fargo station is expected to cost $12 million. The Meacham station is expected to cost $12 million. 

Firefighters from the Meacham station will soon move into temporary trailers on the grounds of the newly renovated west side public works facility on Biesterfield Road. Firefighters at the Oakton and Greenleaf stations will remain at those houses until the new Fargo station is completed.

At the (Jan. 23 village board meeting, trustees awarded a contract for $1,008,500 for a new Pierce aerial ladder quint. The new truck would be stationed at the Fargo firehouse.

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Elk Grove Village Fire Department news (more)

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Renderings and preliminary floor plans for two new village fire stations, part of the village’s Elk Grove 2025 $110 million infrastructure plan, were on display at the Elk Grove Fire Department Open House Oct. 15.

Artists rendering of a rebuilt Fire Station No. 10 at 676 Meacham Rd.

A new station on property recently purchased at 700 Fargo Ave. would combine two fire stations — the larger station at 1000 Oakton St. and a smaller one-engine station at 1655 Greenleaf Ave. — into one location in the Elk Grove Business Park. Fire Chief Richard Mikel said that new station would be given the designation of Station No. 8 or 9.

The other station at 676 Meacham Rd. would be completely rebuilt on the site of the existing Fire Station No. 10 and would keep that name.

With the final design being completed with technical drawings, bids on the two projects are expected to go out in November or December for the anticipated March groundbreaking. The new stations are expected to be completed in 2019.

Rendering for a new combined Elk Grove Fire Station, either designated 8 or 9 to be built at 700 Fargo Ave.

Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson was hesitant to provide an estimate for a range in price for the two new fire stations until after bids come back from construction firms, citing volatility in the construction market.

Preliminary plans for both stations show four truck bays, training rooms and a new approach to decontamination for firefighters returning to the station after a fire, reducing the amount of contaminants, including some carcinogens tracked into both the fire stations and returning trucks. Mikel said the idea is to keep used turnout gear on one side of truck bays across from where firefighters live and work until it is cleaned. Mikel said that “dirty” side of the house also includes showers.

Station 10 would have eight bunks, a larger training room and training tower, Mikel said. Station No. 8 or 9 would have 11 bunks and a smaller training room.

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Elk Grove Village Fire Department news (more)

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Elk Grove Village trustees approved a $45,000 contract with ModSpace of Elgin to provide temporary quarters for firefighters while the Meacham Road fire station undergoes a major renovation.

Although renovations for the firehouse at 676 Meacham are in the design phase, the building could be raised as early as January. Exact costs for the approximate 18-month projects are not yet known, according to Fire Chief Richard Mikel.

The Meacham firehouse sits on the same campus as the public works facility on Biesterfield Road, which is currently being renovated. As soon as that facility is complete, work should begin on the firehouse.

The ModSpace trailer firefighters would live in as temporary quarters, is 24 feet wide, about twice the width of a typical residential trailer. Firetrucks and ambulances would operate out of the adjacent public works facility.

Niles firefighters used the same trailers when they renovated one of their fire stations in late 2016 and early 2017.

The renovation of the Meacham firehouse, consolidation of two other fire stations, renovation of the Biesterfield public works facility and construction of a new west side public works facility are all part of the Elk Grove 2025 Plan, which is investing $106 million into village infrastructure.

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Elk Grove Village Fire Department news (more)

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Elk Grove Village approved plans this week for a $10 million loan to kick-start work on a new public works building and fire station, which are major parts of a long-term infrastructure overhaul in the community.

Trustees voted unanimously to authorize the village to take out the loan to acquire land and perform architectural and engineering for the projects. The money will also fund remodeling at village hall, road improvements, pedestrian paths and street lighting.

In February, the village unveiled the eight-year, $105 million infrastructure plan. The village plans to also issue about $30 million in bonds, seek grant funding, and tax increases to pay for the improvements.

A resident with a $300,000 house would pay an additional $36 in village property taxes, $53 more in a natural gas tax, and $7.20 more a year in a telecommunication tax.

The new 10,000-square-foot fire station would replace and combine two current stations on Greenleaf Avenue and Oakton Street, respectively. It would be located near the Busse Road corridor. The new public works building would replace the James Petri Public Works Facility at 600 Landmeier Road.

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