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River Forest Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Jim Eggert will step down this summer after 13 years as chief of the River Forest Fire Department, but he’ll remain on a consulting basis to mentor his replacement, finish projects and serve as the department’s institutional memory.

As part of the responsibilities spelled out in a post-employment agreement approved unanimously by the River Forest Board of Trustees on April 24, Eggert will continue to provide Deputy Chief Kurt Bohlmann guidance in the areas of budgeting and human resources and other departmental operations and concerns after he becomes chief sometime this summer.

Eggert also will handle the post-delivery tasks for a new fire truck and provide some assistance with the West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center, which serves River Forest, Oak Park, Elmwood Park and Park Ridge. Forest Park will soon join the agency as well.

The 62-year-old Eggert, who has served as River Forest fire chief since 2004, will do 40 hours of in-person work annually and unlimited telephone conversations through December 2019.

In exchange, the village will pay for Eggert’s medical insurance and his wife’s Medicare supplement. He will not get sick leave or a departmental pension; he did not apply for a departmental pension. Cost of the agreement over the two-and-a-half years is estimated at $25,000.

The contract will allow Bohlmann to transition effectively into his new role and give him the time to also manage both roles while he also delegates the authority of the deputy chief’s position to the lieutenants.

Bohlmann’s current job will be eliminated in next year’s budget as a cost-cutting measure, saving the village an estimated $150,000. Discussions about cutting the deputy chief’s job and Eggert’s retirement were going on simultaneously. 

Eggert has been a firefighter his entire adult life. The son and brother of firefighters, the Hinsdale native worked a little more than six years for the department in his hometown and went to the Tri-State Fire Protection District in 1978.  He rose in the ranks during his 26-year career there, serving as chief for about 10 years until his retirement in 2004. He gets a pension from that district.

River Forest has a 22-member fire department with 18 firefighters, a chief, deputy chief, fire marshal, and a lieutenant to coordinate departmental training.

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New CFD Autocar replica model (more)

From Fire Replicas:

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Fire Replicas models - Chicago FD Autocar Squads 3 and 4

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CFD Autocar Squad 4 replica model

CFD Autocar Squad 4

CFD Autocar Squad 4 replica model

CFD Autocar Squad 4

Squad 4 … Pride of the Northside

Squad 4 includes the MARS Aurora Borealis light on the cab roof as well as an accessory pack for optional display of a stokes basket and rear water cannons.
Fire Replicas models - Chicago FD Autocar Squads 3 and 4

Fire Replicas models – Chicago FD Autocar Squads 3 and 4

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Streamwood firefighter earns Red Cross Award

Excerpts from RedCrossStories:

Early in the morning on March 25, 2016, off-duty Streamwood firefighter/ paramedic Chris Tierney, was headed across Elgin on the Jane Addams Tollway during rush hour when he saw that a limousine was suddenly airborne in front of him. It then crashed in the middle of a median in a construction zone.

Without hesitation Chris pulled over, knowing his emergency skills were needed.

“I heard screaming inside the limo from the trapped passengers,” he said. “The car was on fire at that point, and the driver had managed to get out.” Chris yelled to a nearby construction worker to get a fire extinguisher while he ran to his truck for a hammer to break the windows open in hopes of reaching the six passengers trapped inside.

Once Chris successfully broke the limousine windows, he was able to assess the passengers’ injuries. “The first thing I thought was just to get these people out as fast as I could,” he said. Oil and gas quickly accumulated around the scene, surrounding everyone inside.

The passengers were severely injured and at least one woman was unconscious. Disregarding his own safety, Chris pulled the first passenger out of the fiery vehicle and helped the other passengers escape. Running back and forth between the limousine and injured passengers, he tended to an unconscious woman who was hardly breathing, regularly checking for a pulse, and began administering CPR.

Within minutes, ambulances and fire engines arrived on scene. Chris worked alongside Elgin paramedics, grabbing the necessary equipment from the back of ambulances and helping to perform emergency aid on the accident victims.

A member of the firefighter training committee and firefighter of 13 years, Chris noted, “This is what we train for all the time. I don’t know that I was feeling at all – it was just automatic,” he said. “We train for the one percent. I know this was the one percent.”

The Firefighter Award is presented to a professional, volunteer firefighter(s), or medical personnel related to dispatch operations at a fire department who acted above and beyond the call of duty, exhibiting heroism either in response to an emergency situation or through an ongoing commitment to the community.

Follow #RedCrossHeroes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates about the 2017 Heroes. For more information about the 2017 Heroes Breakfast, click here.

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Lisle-Woodridge and Darien-Woodridge FPD news (more)

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