This from Steve Redick:

I dipped into my vault for a friend and I came up with a great piece of firefighting history. I imagine many of you may have never heard of the documentary The Noble Breed. It was produced by the Kemper Insurance Company in the late 1960’s. They spent quite a bit of time riding with SS3 with some footage of my dad, Warren Redick and a young Bill O’Boyle. They also spent time in Skokie and have some footage of the well known George Trier. My grandfather, not shown in the film was chief in Skokie at that time. They also spent time with other FD’s including LA and San Francisco as well as some volunteers. For it’s time this was probably one of the best FD documentaries ever produced. It was narrated by Rod Serling, a classic voice of the time. Due to size limitations it is in 2 parts.. take a look. Be sure to expand the viewing window to a larger size.

The videos can be viewed HERE: