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Grayslake FD wins tax hike

The Lake County News-Sun reports that the Grayslake FPD was successful in passing a tax hike

In a recession-fueled funding pinch, the Grayslake Fire Protection District asked its residents for a tax increase through a referendum and they were rewarded Tuesday with a yes vote. With all 30 precincts reporting at 9 p.m., the unofficial “yes” vote totaled 5,003 or 54 percent of the vote. The “no” votes totaled 3,979, or 44 percent.

“We’re up by 54 percent so I think we feel pretty comfortable with that,” said Fire Chief John Christian, referring to the absentee and provincial ballots yet to be counted.

“I’m grateful to the voters,” he said.

The referendum was needed, he said, to ensure the department’s equipment and staffing keeps pace with service demands in the multi-community district.

The ballot question — requesting a tax rate increase of .16 percent per $100 of assessed valuation — was voted on by roughly 32,000 voters in Fremont Township, Grayslake, Gages Lakes, Wildwood, Third Lake and parts of Round Lake Park and Round Lake Beach.

According to the fire district, the increase would mean the owner of a home that has a market value of $100,000 would pay $53.32 more per year. The owner of a home with a market value of $300,000 would pay $159.96 more a year, officials said.

The district has operated on 9 percent less funding during the last five years, officials said. Expenses, however, have not gone down. The district operates three stations, the newest located near Saddlebrook Farms in Grayslake. Without a revenue increase, district officials indicated that a station may have to close in 2015 or 2016.

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Car fire in St Charles, 11-6-14

This from John Tulipano:

Yesterday (11/6/14) at approximately 09:00 St Charles dispatched Eng 103 to an automobile fire at 208 S. 15th. Caller reported a Buick on fire close to the garage with some small explosions. I was about 7 blocks to the east and headed that direction. I arrived about 30 seconds before Engine 103.

After the fire was extinguished the engineer pointed out that the hood shocks had embedded themselves into the garage door. (See last photo)
Fire under the hood was extinguished in a few minutes.
car fire in driveway

John Tulipano photo

car fire in driveway

John Tulipano photo

John Tulipano photo

John Tulipano photo

car fire explodes shocks

John Tulipano photo

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Medal of Valor awarded to Glen Ellyn firefighter

The Daily Herald has an article about a Glen Ellyn firefighter being honored for bravery:

Chris Guare, a Glen Ellyn volunteer firefighter, received a Medal of Valor from The 100 Club of DuPage County for his attempt to save a man’s life during a May 10 apartment fire in Glen Ellyn.

Guare and other members of the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Department responded to an early morning Duane Street fire that was confined to a single apartment of a three-story building. Once the door to the apartment was forced open by firefighters, oxygen flooded the apartment and the [room] became [fully-involved.] Guare, who had been using a thermal imaging device to scan the apartment, saw the occupant identified as Abdullah Rantissi, lying on the floor and rushed in to save him. Members of Guare’s crew used hoses to battle the fire in order to give [him] time to reach the occupant and drag him out of the building, Guare said.

“Chris crawled in on his belly, got the victim and was able to remove the victim from the apartment and out to the paramedics,” Chief Jim Bodony said. “Single-handedly, he was the one who went in. It was pretty difficult and he put his life on the line for this guy.”

In addition to pulling the resident out of his apartment, the married father of three drove the victim to the burn unit at Loyola University Medical Center while paramedics treated his injuries. The victim later succumbed to the injuries sustained in the fire, Guare said.

Although Guare was the one to rush into the burning apartment, he said he could not have done so if he did not have the support and assistance of the other firefighters on his truck. Guare said he was honored to receive the award, but added he would not be considered for it without the assistance of the other firefighters on his engine.

While Guare was singled out for the Medal of Valor, Lt. Craig Eldridge, the public information officer for the volunteer fire department, said the other three firefighters who fought the apartment fire, Assistant Chief Jeff Buccola, Lt. Leigh Mikolajczyk and Firefighter Matt Andris. Along with Guare, will each receive a departmental honor for their efforts during a Glen Ellyn Village Council meeting later this month.

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