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Oak Lawn Central Farewell Dispatches 1/21/14

This from

Oak Lawn Central Farewell Dispatches 1/21/14

Oak Lawn Central’s farewell dispatches on their last night of service prior to being outsourced.

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New area apparatus on order

This from Josh Boyajian:

Hinsdale – 2014 Pierce Saber pumper 1500/750/20

Hanover Park – 2014 Pierce 18-foot walk-around rescue on an International 4400 chassis


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New engine for Broadview

This from Josh Boyajian;

I stopped by Broadview yesterday to get a picture of their new engine. It is marked Engine 7. Throughout the week, all of their rigs will get remarked identical as the Engine, with the Division 20 logo on the back door and 7 on the front door. Broadview will be all 7s. Here are a couple shots of it inside the firehouse. I’ll have a follow up with some staged shots in the near future.

They also have a new 2013 Ford Explorer for the fire chief.

Thanks Josh

new fire engine for Broadview FD

Josh Boyajian photo

new fire engine for Broadview FD

Josh Boyajian photo

new fire engine for Broadview FD

Josh Boyajian photo

This from Scott Peterson:

Sent to me by a Friend. I have no info other than an E-one and it will be "Engine 7".

A new fire engine for the Broadview FD.

Broadview FD photo

A new fire engine for the Broadview FD.

Broadview FD photo

And from Tim Olk:

photos from the chief

A new fire engine for the Broadview FD.

Broadview FD photo

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Double LODD in Toledo, 1/26/14

Tragic news from Toldedo on Sunday. Two firefighters died battling a fire in a small apartment building. This from The Blade:

Two Toledo firefighters were killed on Sunday while battling an apartment complex fire in North Toledo — the city’s first firefighter fatalities from an active blaze since 1981. Stephen A. Machcinski, 42, and James Dickman, 31, died of injuries sustained while fighting a fire at 528 Magnolia St.

Private Machcinski had more than 15 years of service. Private Dickman was appointed to the department in September. His fire class of 51 recruits, sworn in on Sept. 3, has not yet had its graduation ceremony. Privates Machcinski and Dickman were among the firefighters who went into a six-unit apartment building after a blaze was reported at 2:47 p.m.

Stephen A. Machcinski, 42, left, and James Dickman, 31, right, of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department died in the line of duty Sunday.

A despondent Fire Chief Luis Santiago, at a news conference Sunday night at the downtown headquarters, said that inside the burning building the two — who were both assigned to Engine 3 — suffered fatal injuries.

Firefighters went into the building to look for Privates Machcinski and Dickman, who were lost in the fire for several minutes, according to radio traffic.

“After what could be described as valiant efforts” the two were pulled from the still-burning building and other firefighters “began immediate … life-saving’’ attempts, Chief Santiago said. The two were then taken to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center where they were pronounced dead.

Mayor D. Michael Collins, at the news conference, said firefighters and police officers are different in that “they run into harm’s way instead of running away” from it.

After the news conference, Mayor Collins said Mr. Dickman’s parents, who live in Mansfield, Ohio, were escorted to Toledo by the Ohio Highway Patrol on Sunday.

A firefigher is taken down the stairs as smoke pours from the building in North Toledo. Attempts to revive both firefighters were made at the scene.Firefighters could be seen removing the second firefighter from the back part of the building still engulfed in smoke around 3:30 p.m. The firefighter, laid on a stretcher, was taken away by Lucas County EMS.

Over the next two hours, firefighters doused the smoking structure with water. Flames occasionally erupted from the roof.

Lucas County records show the two-story, mixed residential and commercial building has been owned by Ray and Mariam Abouarab since 1992, when the sale price was $36,000. Its current value is $101,500. The primary structure was built in 1877, according to county records.

Several fires have been reported at the 137-year-old North Toledo building several times over the past two decades — including in December, 1996, December, 1998, and September, 2002.

Firefighters and other emergency personnel try to resuscitate a firefighter as he is being taken to get help at the rear of the building at 528 Magnolia. The two firefighters went missing inside during the blaze.

Six residential units are located adjacent to and behind the Huron Market carryout. The owner, who watched firefighters work to put out the fire, said seven people lived in the units and none were injured. He said he recently spent about $2,500 to fix the plumbing on the residential side after this month’s deep freeze caused problems.
Another apartment building Mr. Abouarab owned caught fire twice within in a six-month period a decade ago. That five-unit complex at 809 North Huron St. — which Mr. Abouarab sold in 2007, according to county records — was on fire in August, 2002, and again in January, 2003.


thanks Chris

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Worker killed & ISP trooper injured on I-88

From The Chicago Tribune:

A tollway maintenance worker was killed and an Illinois State Trooper suffered serious injuries when a semi truck ran into their vehicles Monday night on Interstate 88. The crash happened about 9:45 p.m. near Eola Road in Aurora.

The state trooper and the maintenance worker were stopped to assist a disabled semitrailer about a quarter mile east of Eola Road when a semitrailer hit all three vehicles and they burst into flames, Illinois State Police Spokeswoman Monique Bond said.

The maintenance worker was pronounced dead at the scene and the trooper taken to an area hospital before being transported to Loyola University Medical Center, Bond said.

The Illinois Tollway identified the worker as 39-year-old Vincent Petrella, who started his career in 2001 as a toll collector and has been an operator laborer since 2005. He was a father of two, according to the agency.

“Our roadway maintenance workers are on our roadways 24/7 to serve customers across our 286-mile system of tollways,” Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur said in a statement from the agency. “They plow snow, maintain our roadways and, most importantly, are the first ones on the scene to help drivers in need. It was during what should have been a routine job that things went horribly wrong.”

Tollway Spokeswoman Wendy Abrams said the tollway truck that was hit was a stake-body truck with a crew cab, portable signs and an arrow on the back to direct traffic, she said.

Two dozen Illinois State Police cars took part in a procession escorting the injured trooper from the west suburban hospital to Loyola medical center in Maywood. Two Maywood police vehicles blocked traffic on Roosevelt Road as the procession sped by about 2:10 a.m. Tuesday.

State police closed eastbound Interstate 290 while escorting the ambulance.

The Illinois Tollway opened one lane of traffic by 5:30 a.m.

thanks Chris

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