As posted previously HERE and HERE, the Glenview Fire Department took delivery of a new quint for Truck 14. The web site has been updated to show the new truck, though it’s not expected to be in service until June. Here are some additional images of the new Truck 14 and a comparison shot of the previous Truck 14, which will become Truck 14R/Truck 29.

Pierce Arrow XT truck for Glenview FD

Glenview Truck 14 will be assigned this 2013 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/450/10/40 105′ rear mount quint. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview FD Truck 14

2003 Pierce Dash 1500/450/30/30 105′ quint. Larry Shapiro photo


The Village of Northfield reportedly contributed $100,000 towards the purchase of this new unit. In return for that investment, Truck 14R will be housed at Northfield Station 29. It will run as Truck 29 for responses where Northfield is due out of town with a truck. Glenview will respond into Northfield for alarms and fires. When Glenview Truck 14 is out of service for any reason, the older unit will return to Glenview as Truck 14.

There are a few differences between the new unit and it’s predecessor. They include:

  • a slightly longer wheelbase due to an elongated pump panel which now incorporates the Smart Power 10-KW generator and a XRT power system for the Hurst tools
Pierce Arrow XT truck for Glenview FD

The new truck is slightly longer than the previous unit. Larry Shapiro photo

  • an extended front bumper with a Hurst high pressure cutter and spreader with 100′ reels
bumper mounted hydraulic rescue tools on fire truck

The extended front bumper houses the Hurst high-pressure cutter and spreader. Larry Shapiro photo

  • all LED lighting
  • small tool compartment behind the cab
  • Northfield’s name on the sign board
fire departments share ladder truck

The sign board on the new truck has decals for both GLenview and Northfield. Larry Shapiro photo

  • Arrow XT instead of Dash cab and chassis
  • short barrier clearance doors
Pierce Arrow XT truck for Glenview FD

Arrow XT cab. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview also recently put a new ambulance in service at Station 6. Having purchased one of the last Medtec units prior to the shutdown, they have a 2013 Type I Medtec on an IHC 4300 chassis similar to the rest of their ambulances. The new unit has LED lighting and a slightly different paint scheme on the box that features black near the roof. This replaces the 2007 IHC/Medtec from Station 6 which has become the spare ambulance. The previous spare, a 2001 Freightliner FL60/Road Rescue has been disposed of.

Glenview FIre Department ambulance 6

Glenview Ambulance 6 received this 2013 IHC 4300/Medtec with a black border on the box which required a change in the lettering. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview FD Ambulance 6

Rear view of the new Ambulance 6 in Glenview showing the chevron striping. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview FD ambulance

The unit previously assigned to Ambulance 6 is now the spare. This shows the design of the other ambulances in Glenview with an all-red body. Larry Shapiro photo