The Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD has several apparatus news items;

  • The new Pierce Arrow XT quint is now in-service at Station 53
  • Utility 51 has a new Ford F450 with a Knapheide body in-service at Station 51
  • A new Ford E450/Illinois Bus Sales unit which will serve the dive team and as a rehab unit.
  • Squad 51 has had the graphics finished with black stripes

Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD new and old Trucks 53 at the headquarters Station 51. Larry Shapiro photo

Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD Pierce Arrow XT quint

This new unit is now in service.

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD Squad 51 Pierce Dash

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Squad 51 with new colors and completed graphics. Larry Shapiro photo


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