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Elk Grove Township FPD update

Bill Friedrich photographed Elk Grove Township Squad 11 which was missing from the site. This unit was recreated by members of the fire department. Now a technical rescue and haz mat squad, the unit previously had a 600-GPM pump and carried 300 gallons of water with 20 gallons of foam.

Elk Grove Township Fire District Squad 11

Squad 11 is a 1999 Ford F-550 with a Fibre Body that was installed and painted by members of the department. Bill Friedrich photo

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Western Springs department updates

The following changes in numbering and current station assignments for the Western Springs Fire Department was supplied by Lucas Knudsen, a member of the Western Springs Fire Department MRC/Emergency Management and FIre Explorer post

1711 is now 1722 (old 1711 1982 Pierce Arrow)
1712 is now 1711 ( 1712 2002 Spartan Gladiator) 
1713 is now 1721 (1713 2006 Spartan Advantage)   

1714 and 1715 along with 1719 have not changed 

Station one has: 
Engine 1711 
Truck 1719 
Ambulance 1714 
Ambulance 1715 
Car 1781 (department duty officer/ MABAS team member car)

In addition our 2nd station has opened and has the following units:
Engine 1721 
Engine 1722 
Car 1783 (2nd Duty/MABAS team member car)

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