Josh Boyajian submitted photos of Berwyn’s two new ambulances that went into service this week. Both are 2011 Medtec, Type III units on Ford E-450 chassis. These are assigned to Ambulance 905 and Ambulance 907.

Berwyn Fire Department Ambulance 905 2011 Medtec

Berwyn Ambulance 905 went in service this week with a new 2011, Ford E-450 Medtec Type III unit. Josh Boyajian photo

Berwyn Fire Department Ambulance 907 2011 Medtec

Berwyn Ambulance 907 also received a 2011, Medtec Type III unit on a Ford E-450 chassis identical to Ambulance 905. Josh Boyajian photo

Ryan Wyckoff sent this note: ‘The ambulances are Wheeled Coach, not Medtec. ¬†All ambulances in Berwyn are identical and are all Wheeled Coach.’

thanks for the correction Ryan