Winnetka Fire Department decal

The Winnetka Fire Department in MABAS Division 3 has placed their new quint into service which ushers in a new look for the department. The 2010 Smeal was delivered with a black roof and the department designed a new door seal. The design is a maltese cross in gold and black which incorporates both the Winnetka and Kenilworth names. Engine 28, the 2000 Pierce Saber received a black top, the new decal, and new striping. Ambulance 28 also has the new decal and striping. As of now, Engine 28R and Ambulance 28R both have the original look and the previous door decal.


Winnetka Fire Department Truck 28 2010 Smeal Sirius quint

Winnetka Fire Department Truck 28

Winnetka recently disposed of this 1990 Pierce Arrow 75' quint. Larry Shapiro photo

This is how Truck 28 looked when it was retired. It had their most recent door seal and two-tone striping.

Winnetka Fire Department Truck 28 Pierce Arrow

Winnetka Truck 28 had a 1,250-GPM pump and carried 300 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro photo

When Winnetka received Truck 28 in 1990, the original graphics were much simpler and the door seal featured the sun rising on at the lake.

Winnetka Fire Department American LaFrance mid-mount aerial

Winnetka ran this American LaFrance 900-Series mid-mount aerial prior to receiving the Pierce in 1990. Larry Shapiro photo

Before Winnetka changed their numbering to Station 28 as part of MABAS Division 3, their rigs carried unit numbers in the ’70s’. Truck 70, shown here, preceded Truck 28 as one of Winnetka’s two aerial devices. They also had a 55-foot Snorkel in the house.

Winnetka Fire Department Engine 28 Pierce Saber

Winnetka Engine 28 now sports a black roof plus a triple stripe with the new door seal.

Winnetka Fire Department Engine 28 Pierce Saber

Engine 28 formerly had a white roof and blue door seal. Larry Shapiro photo

The previous design for Engine 28 had lettering on the rear door listing both Winnetka and Kenilworth. These names were included in the new door seal leaving more room for a nice graphic showing the unit number.

Winnetka Fire Department Engine 28 Pierce Saber

Engine 28 as it was delivered from Pierce in 2000. Larry Shapiro photo

When Engine 28 was purchased, it had the rising sun door decal matching the truck shown above.

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